Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing A New Song – Hymn Lyric

Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing a New Song - Discover the importance of praising God

Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing A New Song – Hymn Lyric



Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing A New Song – Hymn Lyric

Praise ye the Lord: unto him sing
a new song, and his praise
In the assembly of his saints
in sweet psalms do ye raise.

Let Isr’el in his Maker joy,
and to him praises sing:
Let all that Sion’s children are
be joyful in their King.

O let them unto his great name
give praises in the dance;
Let them with timbrel and with harp
in songs his praise advance.

For God doth pleasure take in those
that his own people be;
And he with his salvation
the meek will beautify.

And in his glory excellent
let all his saints rejoice:
Let them to him upon their beds
aloud lift up their voice.

Let in their mouth aloft be rais’d
the high praise of the Lord,
And let them have in their right hand
a sharp two-edged sword;

To execute the vengeance due
upon the heathen all,
And make deserved punishment
upon the people fall.

And ev’n with chains, as pris’ners, bind
their kings that them command;
Yea, and with iron fetters strong,
the nobles of their land.

On them the judgment to perform
found written in his word:
This honour is to all his saints.
O do ye praise the Lord.


Meaning of Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing A New Song

Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing A New Song


Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing a New Song is a hymn from the Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases. This hymn encourages believers to lift their voices in praise to the Lord. It speaks of rejoicing in the assembly of saints and finding joy in God’s creation. Through music and dance, we can express our gratitude and love for the Almighty. This article explores the themes present in this hymn, emphasizing the importance of praising God in our lives.

Rejoicing in God’s Creation

The hymn begins by urging us to sing a new song and raise our sweet psalms in the assembly of God’s saints. It calls for Israel, God’s chosen people, to find joy in their Maker and offer praises to Him. This verse reminds us of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating God’s creation. The world around us is a reflection of His majesty and power.

Just as a new song brings freshness and joy, this hymn encourages us to find new ways to praise God. Whether through music or other forms of worship, we are called to express our gratitude and reverence to the Lord. As we gather with fellow believers, we strengthen our sense of community and unity in faith. The assembly of saints becomes a place of encouragement and support, where we can lift our voices in harmony.

Expressing Joy through Music and Dance

The hymn emphasizes the importance of using instruments such as the timbrel and harp to advance God’s praise. Music has a unique ability to touch our souls and connect us with the divine. Whether we are playing instruments or singing along, we can express our joy and adoration through the melodies we create.

Additionally, the hymn mentions the use of dance as a way to glorify God. Dancing is a form of physical expression that allows us to showcase our joy and celebration. As we move our bodies in rhythm with the music, we offer our whole selves to God, surrendering to His presence and guidance.

The Pleasure of God in His People

The hymn highlights God’s pleasure in His own people. It speaks of His salvation and desire to beautify the meek. This verse reassures us that God delights in those who follow Him and seek His ways. It reminds us that we are not alone in our journey; rather, we are embraced by the love and grace of our Heavenly Father.

God’s pleasure in His people also extends to His desire for justice. The hymn speaks of executing vengeance on the heathen and deserving punishment on the wicked. This does not mean that God is vengeful or cruel but rather demonstrates His commitment to righteousness and defending His people.


Praise Ye The Lord Unto Him Sing a New Song encourages believers to rejoice in God’s creation, express joy through music and dance, and recognize God’s pleasure in His people. As we come together in praise and worship, we cultivate a deep sense of gratitude and reverence. Our voices and instruments become tools to honor and glorify the Almighty. Let us heed the call of this hymn, both individually and collectively, to continually offer our highest praises to the Lord.


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