Prophets Spoke The Coming Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Prophets Spoke the Coming Jesus: A Joyous Hymn of Celestial Celebration. Explore the significance of Jesus' birth

Prophets Spoke The Coming Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“Prophets Spoke The Coming Jesus” is a joyous hymn that celebrates the birth of Jesus. It highlights the significance of the prophets’ prophecies, the chants of angels, and the shouts of praise from children. The hymn reminds us of the importance of welcoming Jesus into our lives and worshiping him with songs of love and devotion.


Prophets Spoke The Coming Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Prophets spoke the coming Jesus,
Angels chanted at his birth.
Children shouted in the temple,
Heav’n had stoop’d to kiss the earth.

Children throng’d him, children prais’d him,
Caught his smiles and touch’d his hand.
Cast their garlands in his pathway,
Welcom’d him thro’ all the land.

Sing his praises, shout Hosanna,
Let the heavenly arches ring.
Sing his praises, shout Hosanna,
Songs of love to Jesus sing.

Glad was he to see their faces,
Glad to hear their happy songs.
Glad to pour his blessings on them,
Lov’d to have them come in throngs.

Now as then, he loves the children,
Loves their singing, loves their praise.
Let us gladden earth and heaven,
By the songs of love we raise.


All the gladness of our young hearts,
Richest garlands we can bring.
All we have, or hope, or wish for,
At the Savior’s feet, we fling.

He who trod the way of sorrow,
He who drank the cup of death,
We shall praise and love and worship,
Praise him with our latest breath.


Meaning of Prophets Spoke The Coming Jesus

Prophets Spoke the Coming Jesus: A Hymn of Joy and Celebration

In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of the joyous moments surrounding the birth of Jesus. From the prophecies spoken by the prophets to the shouts of praise from children in the temple, the arrival of Jesus on earth was a momentous occasion that caused even the angels in heaven to chant.

The hymn begins by acknowledging the profound significance of the prophets’ words. These holy men foretold the coming of Jesus, and their prophecies serve as a testament to God’s plan for salvation. Their voices echoed through time, reassuring humanity that a savior would be born.

Angels, too, played a role in heralding Jesus’ birth. They chanted in the heavens, acknowledging the divine miracle taking place on earth. Their celestial voices added to the already overwhelming sense of wonder and anticipation surrounding the arrival of the Messiah.

But it wasn’t just the prophets and angels who recognized the importance of Jesus’ birth. Children, in their innocent hearts, felt a deep connection to the Savior. They saw in him a loving and caring figure, someone who would embrace them with open arms. In the temple, the children shouted with joy and praised Jesus, their enthusiasm and purity of spirit drawing him closer.

Jesus, in turn, delighted in the presence of the children. He loved their singing, their praise, and their unwavering faith in him. As they thronged around him, Jesus poured his blessings upon them, showering them with love and acceptance. His smile and touch were a source of comfort and joy for the young ones.

The hymn implores us to follow the example of those children, to welcome Jesus into our lives and hearts with open arms. Just as they cast their garlands in his pathway, we too should present our gifts and talents to him. We should offer up all our hopes, wishes, and dreams, knowing that Jesus will receive them with love and grace.

As we reflect on the chorus of the hymn, we are reminded of the power of singing praises to Jesus. The heavenly arches reverberate with the joyful sounds of worship, and our voices join the celestial chorus. Singing brings us closer to God and allows us to express our devotion and gratitude.

The hymn also calls for us to gladden both earth and heaven through songs of love. Our praise and worship have the ability to impact not only our own hearts but also the heavenly realms. When we lift our voices in adoration, we contribute to the chorus of believers throughout history, spanning across time and space.

This hymn assures us that Jesus not only loved the children of his time but continues to love children today. He embraces their innocence and cherishes their songs of praise. In a world that may sometimes overlook or underestimate the value of children, Jesus reminds us of their importance and the purity of their souls.

As we grow older, we must never forget the joy and song of our youth. The hymn encourages us to bring our hearts’ gladness and richest garlands to Jesus, laying them at his feet. Just as he once walked the way of sorrow and conquered death, we are called to praise, love, and worship him until our last breath.

In conclusion, “Prophets Spoke the Coming Jesus” is a hymn that fills our hearts with joy and celebration. It reminds us of the profound significance of Jesus’ birth and the role played by prophets, angels, and children in acknowledging his arrival. Through our songs of love and worship, we can continue to glorify Jesus and make the heavenly arches ring with our praise. Let us raise our voices, shout “Hosanna,” and sing his praises, for he is worthy of all our love, devotion, and adoration.


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