Redeemed By Love O Hear The Story – Hymn Lyric

Experience the wondrous story of being redeemed by love through Christ. Find peace

Redeemed By Love O Hear The Story – Hymn Lyric

In the wondrous story of being “Redeemed By Love,” we find hope, healing, and joy. Through Christ’s selfless sacrifice, we are saved, forgiven, and lifted up. This tale of redemption through love is a reminder of the enduring grace and mercy that surrounds us each day.


Redeemed By Love O Hear The Story – Hymn Lyric

Redeemed by love! O, hear the story,
Redeemed thro’ Christ, the King of glory!
Thro’ love divine Himself He gave,
A lost and ruined world to save.

Redeemed by love! O, wondrous story!
Redeemed by love! O, glory, glory!
Forevermore, redeemed by love,
Redeemed to reign with Christ above.

Redeemed by love! O matchless kindness
That touched my eyes and cured my blindness!
He healed my wounds and made me whole,
He lifts me up, He saves my soul.

Redeemed by love! O, blessed Savior,
Be Thou my hope and guide forever;
Keep Thou each day close by my side
And in my heart each day abide.

Redeemed by love! O joy supernal!
To know the Christ is life eternal;
To be by Him each day possessed,
To be redeemed, is peace and rest.



Meaning of Redeemed By Love O Hear The Story

Have you ever felt truly loved, like someone cares for you more than anything else in the world? That’s exactly how I feel when I think about being redeemed by love. It’s like a warm hug from above, wrapping me in comfort and security.

When I hear the story of how Jesus, the King of glory, gave Himself out of love to save us, it fills my heart with gratitude. It’s a tale of sacrifice and selflessness that shows just how much He truly cares for us. Through His love, we are redeemed, saved from our sins and given a chance to start fresh.

The chorus rings out with the message of redemption through love, a wondrous story that fills us with awe and wonder. It’s a reminder that no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been, we can still be saved by the unconditional love of Christ. And that love will never fade away – it’s a glory that shines forevermore.

But it’s not just about being saved and forgiven. It’s about being healed and made whole, our wounds mended and our blindness cured. Jesus doesn’t just stop at redemption – He goes above and beyond to lift us up, to save our souls and bring us back to life.

And the joy that comes with knowing Christ is beyond anything we can imagine. It’s a feeling of peace and rest, a sense of eternal life that fills our hearts with gladness. To be redeemed is to be truly free, to be able to live our lives without fear or doubt because we know we are loved beyond measure.

So let us hold on to this blessed hope, this unwavering faith in our Savior who guides us and keeps us close. Let His love abide in our hearts each and every day, a constant reminder of His presence and His grace. And let us never forget the incredible story of redemption through love, a tale that will forever echo in our hearts and minds.

Yes, we are redeemed by love – a love so powerful and all-encompassing that it has the ability to change our lives and our souls. So let us rejoice in this beautiful truth, let us sing out in glory and praise for the love that has saved us all. Redeemed by love, what a truly wondrous story indeed.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the wondrous story of being redeemed by love through Christ. Find peace, rest, and eternal joy in His unconditional love. Redeemed to reign above.


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