Redeeming Love Redeeming Love – Hymn Lyric

Experience the power of Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love Redeeming Love – Hymn Lyric

“Redeeming Love: A Song of Hope and Salvation” is a powerful hymn that celebrates the theme of Redeeming Love. This hymn resonates with saints in heaven and believers on earth, inviting everyone to embrace God’s everlasting love and grace. Through this hymn, we are reminded of the redemptive power of love and encouraged to share this message with the world. Redeeming Love, a beacon of hope, shines brightly for all who are willing to embrace it.


Redeeming Love Redeeming Love – Hymn Lyric

Redeeming Love! Redeeming Love!
This is the theme of saints above;
Array’d in heaven’s own spotless white,
Chant they this song with pure delight.

Redeeming Love!
Redeeming Love!
Redeeming Love!

The angel hosts all wond’ring see,
But fail to solve the mystery;
They hear, entranc’d, this noble song
Of souls redeem’d-a mighty throng.


And here on earth the pow’r is giv’n
To sing this sweetest song of heav’n,
And our poor voices e’en to raise
In notes of loud and joyous praise.


Oh, shout aloud, ye sons of men!
Tell the glad tidings o’er again;
From east to west, from south to north
Still let the sound go reaching forth.


Meaning of Redeeming Love Redeeming Love

Redeeming Love: A Song of Hope and Salvation

In the realm of heavenly saints above, there is a central theme that resonates throughout their existence. It is a theme that brings joy, peace, and everlasting love. That theme is none other than Redeeming Love! This hymn beautifully captures the essence of this theme and invites us to join in the celebration.

To be arrayed in heaven’s own spotless white is a dream we all long for. It symbolizes the purity and righteousness that come from embracing God’s love and grace. The saints, adorned in this heavenly attire, rejoice and chant this song with pure delight. Their voices blend harmoniously, resonating throughout the heavenly expanse. Redeeming Love, they proclaim, Redeeming Love!

Even the angel hosts, who have witnessed countless wonders, are left in awe and wonderment by this inexplicable mystery. They listen, entranced, as the noble song of redeemed souls fills the air. It is a mighty throng, a chorus that transcends time and space. The very essence and power of redemption are encapsulated in this majestic hymn. Redeeming Love, they sing, Redeeming Love!

Here on earth, we too are blessed to partake in the power of this redeeming love. We have been given the remarkable gift of joining in this sweetest song of heaven. Though our voices may be feeble and imperfect, we are invited to raise them in notes of loud and joyous praise. A chorus of gratitude and adoration rises from our souls, merging with the heavenly voices. Redeeming Love, we echo, Redeeming Love!

Let us not keep this glorious news to ourselves, for it is too good not to be shared. Oh, shout aloud, you sons and daughters of humanity! Declare with exuberance and fervor the glad tidings of Redeeming Love. Let these tidings resound from east to west, from south to north, reaching every corner of the earth. Redeeming Love must be proclaimed, sung, and celebrated by all. Redeeming Love, we proclaim, Redeeming Love!

In a world that often seems so bleak and troubled, the message of Redeeming Love offers hope and salvation. It is a beacon of light in the darkest of times, reminding us that we are not alone. God’s love is constant and unwavering, a love that reaches even the most broken and lost among us. It is a love that redeems, restores, and transforms. Redeeming Love, we embrace, Redeeming Love!

So, let us raise our voices in unison, embracing the theme of Redeeming Love. Let us sing this hymn with all our hearts, knowing that in doing so, we join the saints in heavenly joy and praise. May this song serve as a reminder of God’s immense love for us, a love that surpasses all understanding. And may this love be our guiding light as we navigate through the trials and tribulations of life. Redeeming Love, we cling to, Redeeming Love!

In conclusion, the timeless hymn “Redeeming Love” encapsulates the essence of hope, salvation, and eternal love. It is a song that unites saints in heaven and believers on earth, celebrating the redemptive power of God’s love. Let us raise our voices, proclaiming this theme with joy and gratitude, and sharing the message of Redeeming Love with the world. For in doing so, we not only honor God but also inspire others to embrace their own redemption. Let Redeeming Love be our anthem, our source of strength, and our eternal hope. Redeeming Love, we sing, Redeeming Love!


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the power of Redeeming Love, a song that captures hope and salvation. Join in the celebration as saints above chant this hymn of eternal love and share the message with the world. Find solace and inspiration in the grace of Redeeming Love.


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