Remember Me The God Who Saves – Hymn Lyric

"Remember Me - The God Who Saves: Embrace the blessings and liberation

Remember Me The God Who Saves – Hymn Lyric



Remember Me The God Who Saves – Hymn Lyric

Remember me – the God who saves –
For back in Egypt you were slaves;
Then by my hand I set you free.
Now keep my law. Remember me.

Remember me in bread and wine
When e’er you share this meal of mine.
I gave my life to set you free.
With thanks and praise, remember me.

Remember me in all you do,
For I’m alive! I walk with you.
I was, I am, and I shall be.
O church I love, remember me.

Our God, we hear! We’re called and freed!
Your Spirit gives us memory.
Now send us out that we may share
Your love’s great story everywhere.


Meaning of Remember Me The God Who Saves

In times of trouble and despair, it can be easy to forget the blessings and liberation we have received. It is essential to remember the past, but also to acknowledge and appreciate the present and the future that awaits. The hymn “Remember Me – The God Who Saves” perfectly encapsulates this sentiment, reminding us of the power and love of our Creator.

The hymn starts by reminding us of our history as people. We were once slaves in Egypt, held captive and oppressed. However, God, in His infinite mercy, saved us from bondage and gave us freedom. It is crucial to remember this monumental event, to never forget where we came from and how much God has done for us. Just as He rescued us from Egypt, He continues to guide us and save us in our daily lives.

The hymn then takes a more intimate turn, focusing on the sacrament of bread and wine. This sacred ritual is a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, where He gave His life to set us free from sin and death. As we partake in this meal, we are urged to remember the love and grace that Jesus displayed, and to offer our thanks and praise to Him. It serves as a physical reminder of the depth of God’s love for us.

God’s presence is not limited to specific moments, but extends to every aspect of our lives. The hymn encourages us to remember Him in all that we do, for He is alive and walks with us daily. Whether we are at school, work, or spending time with family and friends, God is always there, guiding and supporting us. His constant presence should fill us with gratitude and reverence.

The hymn then reminds us of God’s timeless nature. He has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist for eternity. His love and mercy are unchanging, never faltering. This knowledge should bring comfort to our hearts, knowing that we can always rely on God’s faithfulness.

The final verse of the hymn acknowledges the role of the church in remembering and sharing God’s love. As a community of believers, we are called and freed by God’s Spirit. It is our responsibility to remember His teachings and spread His message of love and redemption to others. We must be the vessels through which His story is shared, allowing His light to shine through us wherever we go.

In conclusion, the hymn “Remember Me – The God Who Saves” serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of remembering God in every aspect of our lives. From our past deliverance to our present blessings and future hope, God’s presence is constant and unwavering. He invites us to remember Him in communion, in our daily activities, and in our role as ambassadors of His love. So let us cherish the salvation and freedom we have received, and may it always be at the forefront of our minds and hearts.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Remember Me - The God Who Saves: Embrace the blessings and liberation, and remember God's constant presence in your life. Cherish the salvation and freedom with gratitude and share His love everywhere.


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