Rise And Follow Jesus – Hymn Lyric

"Experience the transformative power of following Jesus. Rise and walk in his light

Rise And Follow Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Explore the beauty and power of rising and following Jesus in this inspiring hymn. It calls us to take his hand, accept his grace, and live a life that reflects his teachings. By walking in his light, we discover purpose, joy, and the unconditional love of our Savior every day.


Rise And Follow Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Rise and follow Jesus; hear his voice today;
To his royal palace follow all the way.
Steps of duty glow with beauty, when the Lord is near;
Light unfailing, help availing, will to thee appear.

Rise, rise, rise and follow Jesus,
Follow ev’ry day.
Rise, rise, rise and follow Jesus,
Follow, follow all the way.

Rise and follow Jesus; still he calleth thee;
Take the hand he offers, take his grace so free.
Still befriending and defending, He will go before;
Peace for sadness, rest and gladness granting more and more.

Rise and follow Jesus, in his pow’r divine,
Walking where the sunbeams of his Spirit shine.
Jewels winning, songs beginning which shall louder swell,
Till, in glory, love’s sweet story all the ransomed tell.

Meaning of Rise And Follow Jesus

Rise And Follow Jesus: A Call to Walk in His Light

In this beautiful hymn, we are invited to rise and follow Jesus, to hear his voice and walk in his path. It speaks of the steps of duty glowing with beauty when the Lord is near, offering light unfailing and help availing. Let us explore the power and significance of these words, and delve into the meaning and relevance they hold for us today.

At the core of this hymn is the call to rise and follow Jesus. Just as Jesus called upon his disciples to leave their old lives behind and follow him, we too are implored to take the hand he offers, to accept his grace so freely given. By accepting this invitation, we enter into a relationship with Jesus, allowing him to be our guide, our protector, and our source of peace.

Following Jesus means more than simply believing in him; it requires action. It is about living a life that is in alignment with his teachings and example. It means treating others with love and compassion, showing mercy and forgiveness, and striving for justice and righteousness.

In the hymn, it is expressed that when we follow Jesus, he goes before us, befriending and defending us. In a world that can often feel overwhelming and uncertain, knowing that we have a loving and powerful advocate by our side can bring a deep sense of peace and rest. Jesus offers us a refuge from sadness and grants us moments of gladness, reminding us that we are never alone.

Walking in the power of Jesus’ divine spirit allows us to experience a transformative journey. The hymn beautifully describes this as walking where the sunbeams of his spirit shine. It is in this light that we are able to find true joy and fulfillment. As we walk in his path, we have the opportunity to win jewels of wisdom and strength, to ignite songs of gratitude and praise within our hearts.

These jewels and songs will continue to grow and swell, creating a beautiful symphony of love and devotion. And as we journey towards glory, we will have a story to tell – a story of redemption, of grace, and of the incredible love that Jesus bestows upon us.

In today’s world, the call to rise and follow Jesus is as relevant as ever. The pressures and challenges we face may differ from those of the disciples who walked alongside Jesus, but the underlying principles remain the same. We are called to be his ambassadors, to bring love, kindness, and light to a world in need.

In a society that can often be divisive and harsh, embracing Jesus’ teachings can lead us to a more compassionate and inclusive way of living. It is through our actions, both big and small, that we can make a difference. From lending a helping hand to a neighbor in need to speaking up against injustice, each act of kindness and every word of encouragement becomes an expression of our commitment to follow Jesus.

So, let us rise and follow Jesus, not just on Sundays or when it is convenient, but every day. May we embrace the call to walk in his light, to radiate his love and grace to all we encounter. As we do so, let our lives become a testament to the power of his transformative love – a love that shines brighter than any darkness and brings hope to a world longing for redemption.

In conclusion, the hymn “Rise And Follow Jesus” beautifully captures the essence of our journey as followers of Christ. It reminds us of the beauty and power found in walking in his light. May we heed this call, rise, and follow Jesus with all our hearts, knowing that in doing so, we will experience a life filled with purpose, joy, and the unending love of our Savior.


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