Rouse Thyself My Soul And Gather – Hymn Lyric

"Rouse Thyself

Rouse Thyself My Soul And Gather – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Rouse Thyself, My Soul, and Gather,” the author explores the themes of gratitude, protection, forgiveness, and seeking God’s presence. They express appreciation for God’s blessings and His care in times of trial. This hymn resonates with all believers, urging us to reflect on God’s love and guidance.


Rouse Thyself My Soul And Gather – Hymn Lyric

Rouse thy self, my Soul, and gather
All thy Senses from abroad,
To adore thy Heav’nly Father,
And the Goodness of thy God,
For preserving Thee this Day,
Chasing Satan’s Host away,
That their Malice and Delusion
Cou’d not put Thee to Confusion.

Blessed be thy gracious Favour,
Father of Eternity!
That thou’st helpt me in my Labour,
And my great Necessity;
That in all my Care and Grief
Thou hast sent me sure Relief,
And remov’d, on all Occasion,
What might frustrate my Salvation.

None of all the skill’d in Numbers,
Nor the Sons of Eloquence
Can express or count the Wonders
Of thy gracious providence.
O, thy Mercies are too great
For us Mortals to repeat.
Let us then adore in Spirit
What’s above our Sense and Merit.

Now this tiresome Day is finish’d,
Gloomy Night draws on apace;
Chearful Day Light is diminish’d,
And the sun has hid his Face.
Lord, endow me with thy Love,
That the Instances I prove
Of thy Care and thy Protection
work in me a pure Subjection.

Pardon, Lord, each sad Transgression,
Whether open or unknown,
With the Weight of whose Oppression
I all Night in secret moan;
So that Satan’s fiery Dart
Often pierces through my Heart,
And disturbs the blest Intention
Of thy Grace and thy Redemption.

Tho’ I’ve stray’d and thee denied;
As I willingly return,
For his Sake who for me died,
Let thy Wrath no longer burn;
I confess the Guilt of Sin;
But thy Grace can make me clean,
Which exceeds, beyond Expression,
All the Poison of Transgression.

Author of illumination,
Light of Light, eternal Word,
Soul and Body’s Preservation
I commit to thee, O Lord:
My Redeemer, dwell in me,
That I sleep and wake with Thee,
And enjoy thy Consolation
In the Night of Perturbation.

Guard me from the Snares of Satan,
And the Pow’r of Sin and Hell;
Which raise Dreams I never thought on,
And abominate to tell.
Let me never lose the Sight
Of thy good and gracious Light.
Having thee, I can be quiet
‘Midst the Furies-Storm and Riot.

When I close mine Eyes to slumber,
And my Senses fall asleep,
Let my Heart, awake, the Number
Of thy mercies tell and keep.
Fill me with thy sacred Love,
That I dream of what’s above,
And keep close to Thee my Saviour
Even in my Nights Behaviour.

Grant, that under thy Protection,
I enjoy a quiet Rest;
Guard me from Night-Sin’s Infection;
Number me among the Blest;
Soul and Body, Heart and Mind
Keep from harm of ev’ry Kind
Friends and Foes and each Relation
Visit with thy new Creation.

Let no frightful Rumour wake me
From within or from abroad;
Let no Sickness overtake me;
Lord, be thou my sure Abode.
Fire and Water, pestilence,
Death that’s sudden off me fence,
Lest I dye in my Transgression,
And fall short of thy Possession.

Father, hear the Supplication
Of thy poor unworthy Child.
JESU! through thy Meditation,
Make me truly reconcil’d.
Holy Ghost, of equal Praise,
I depend upon thy Grace.
Sacred Three! be pleas’d to say then:
Even so it shall be. AMEN!


Meaning of Rouse Thyself My Soul And Gather

Rouse Thyself, My Soul, and Gather: Reflecting on the Goodness of God


In the hymn “Rouse Thyself, My Soul, and Gather,” the author explores the themes of gratitude, protection, forgiveness, and seeking God’s presence. Through heartfelt verses, they express their deep appreciation for God’s blessings and the assurance of His care in times of trial. This hymn resonates with all believers, urging us to take a moment to reflect on the power of God’s love and the significance of His guidance in our lives. Join us as we delve deeper into the profound messages conveyed by this timeless hymn.

Stanza I: Gratitude and Divine Protection

The hymn immediately calls us to action, urging our souls to awaken and gather our senses to adore our Heavenly Father. It acknowledges the goodness of God in preserving us throughout the day and chasing away the hosts of Satan. The author emphasizes that no matter the malice or deception that we may face, God’s divine intervention will protect us from confusion and harm. With these words, we are reminded to express our gratitude for God’s unwavering support and His ability to shield us from the forces that seek to bring us down.

Stanza II: Help in Labor and Necessity

Continuing the theme of gratitude, the second stanza focuses on God’s gracious favor and assistance in times of labor and necessity. The author recognizes that in their moments of care and grief, God has sent sure relief and removed any obstacles that could hinder their salvation. This acknowledgment encourages us to reflect on our own lives and see the instances where God has stepped in to provide comfort and help during our most challenging times. It is through the grace of God that we find solace, and in turn, we should pay it forward by being a source of support to others around us.

Stanza III: Inexpressible Mercies and Adoration

The hymn writer acknowledges the vastness of God’s mercies, stating that none can fully express or count the wonders of His providence. They humbly admit that these mercies are far too great for mortal beings to comprehend fully. Instead, they call upon us to adore and worship the divine in spirit, recognizing that there is something beyond our limited senses and deserving of our reverence. This verse underscores the importance of having faith in God’s plan, even when we may not fully understand or grasp its magnitude.

Stanza IV: Transition to Night and Seeking God’s Love

As daylight gives way to night, the writer invites God to endow them with His love. They acknowledge that the instances of God’s care and protection throughout the day should inspire a pure submission to His will. The transition from day to night prompts us to reflect on the importance of carrying God’s love within us as we surrender to His guidance. It is in this surrender that we find the strength to navigate the uncertainties and turmoil that life often brings.

Stanza V: Confession, Forgiveness, and Redemption

In this stanza, the author acknowledges their transgressions and seeks the Lord’s pardon. Recognizing how the weight of their sins oppresses their hearts and opens them up to Satan’s temptations, they humbly ask for forgiveness. They affirm their desire to turn away from their past mistakes and embrace the grace of God, which has the power to cleanse them from all the poison of transgression. This verse reminds us of the transformative power of God’s forgiveness, offering hope and assurance of redemption to all who sincerely seek it.

Stanza VI: Returning to God’s Grace

Continuing the theme of confession and redemption, the hymn writer acknowledges their past denials and straying from God. However, they express their willingness to return, appealing to the sacrifice of Jesus as the basis for their reconciliation. They seek for God’s wrath to be extinguished and replaced with His grace, recognizing that His forgiveness surpasses all the guilt and pollution of sin. This verse teaches us about the infinite nature of God’s mercy and the opportunity for a fresh start that awaits us when we humbly choose to come back to Him.

Stanza VII: Seeking God’s Presence in Nightly Perturbation

The author implores God, the author of illumination and eternal Word, to dwell within them as they sleep and wake. They desire to enjoy God’s consolation and presence even in the midst of the night’s worries and troubles. This verse reminds us of the importance of seeking God’s comforting embrace and guidance during times of perturbation or inner restlessness. It highlights the transformative power of inviting God to be a part of our lives, even in the most challenging moments when we may feel lost or overwhelmed.

Stanza VIII: Guarding Against Temptations

Protection from Satan’s snare and the power of sin and hell takes center stage in this stanza. The hymn writer pleads for God’s intervention, asking to be shielded from the dreams and temptations that arise unexpectedly. They express a desire to never lose sight of God’s good and gracious light, which serves as an anchor of stability amidst the storms and chaos of life. This verse serves as a reminder of the importance of staying vigilant against the forces that seek to lead us astray, relying on God’s guidance to navigate through the trials and tribulations.

Stanza IX: Nightly Reflection and God’s Love

As the writer prepares to sleep, they ask for their heart to remain awake and recount the number of God’s mercies. They pray to be filled with God’s sacred love to dream and dwell upon the things that are above. This verse underscores the significance of using our sleep as an opportunity to reflect on God’s blessings and seek His presence. It encourages us to allow our thoughts to be guided by His love and the eternal truths found in His Word as we rest and recharge for the new day ahead.

Stanza X: Protection and Blessings for Loved Ones

Extending beyond personal blessings, the hymn writer asks God to extend His protection to their loved ones and all their relations, both friends and foes alike. They humbly seek God’s new creation to visit and touch the lives of those who surround them. This verse serves as a reminder for us to intercede on behalf of others, praying for their safety and well-being. It encourages us to understand that God’s blessings are not limited to our individual lives, but encompass those with whom we share our journey.

Stanza XI: Protection from Fears and Dangers

The hymn writer implores God to guard them from frightful rumors, sickness, and all forms of harm, both seen and unseen. They acknowledge the transient and unpredictable nature of life and seek God’s intervention to prevent them from falling into transgression and missing out on the promise of His eternal possession. This verse reminds us of our dependence on God to shield us from the dangers that may impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It reinforces the faith that God’s protective power extends beyond what our human senses can perceive.

Stanza XII: Supplication and Reconciliation

In the final stanza, the author pleads with the Father to hear their supplication and reconcile through the mediation of Jesus. They express trust in the Holy Spirit’s grace and power, affirming their dependence on the sacred three of the Holy Trinity. This verse reminds us of the importance of seeking reconciliation with God and acknowledging our reliance on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It encourages us to approach God in humility, openness, and trust, knowing that His response will always be according to His perfect will.


In reflecting upon the hymn “Rouse Thyself, My Soul, and Gather,” we are reminded of the significance of gratitude, protection, forgiveness, and seeking God’s presence in our lives. Through its heartfelt verses, this hymn invites us to deepen our understanding of God’s love and invites us to live in communion with Him. May this hymn encourage us all to awaken our souls, gather our senses, and embrace the goodness and guidance of our Heavenly Father in everything we do. Amen!

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