Savior Canst Thou Love A Traitor – Hymn Lyric

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Savior Canst Thou Love A Traitor – Hymn Lyric

The hymn titled “Savior, Canst Thou Love A Traitor” explores the depth of God’s love and forgiveness for even the worst sinners. It reflects on the struggle of a repentant heart, questioning if the sacrifice of Jesus’ death can truly redeem a wretched sinner like oneself. The hymn serves as a reminder of the incredible love and mercy that God offers to each one of us, no matter how undeserving we may feel.


Savior Canst Thou Love A Traitor – Hymn Lyric

Saviour, canst thou love a traitor?
Canst thou love a child of wrath?
Can a hell-deserving creature be the purchase of thy death?

Is thy blood so efficacious, as to make my nature clean?
Is thy sacrifice so precious, as to free my soul from sin?

Sin on every side surrounds me, I can hear of no relief;
Pangs of unbelief confound me, help me, Lord, to bear my grief.

This is now my resolution, at thy dearest feet to fall;
Here I’ll meet my condemnation, or a freedom from my thrall.

If I meet with condemnation, justly I deserve the same;
If I meet with free salvation, I will magnify thy name.


Meaning of Savior Canst Thou Love A Traitor

“Savior, Canst Thou Love A Traitor”

Oh, how comforting it is to know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, loves even the worst of sinners. The hymn, titled “Savior, Canst Thou Love A Traitor,” beautifully expresses the inner thoughts and struggles of a repentant heart. In these poignant verses, the songwriter ponders the depth of God’s love and questions if a wretched sinner like themselves can truly be redeemed through the sacrifice of Christ’s death.

The words of the hymn start by acknowledging the reality of our fallen nature. We are depicted as traitors, deserving of hell and God’s wrath. This acknowledgement of our sinfulness is crucial because it lays the foundation for understanding the incredible grace and mercy that God extends toward us.

The songwriter wonders if the precious blood of Jesus Christ can really cleanse them from their sin. They ponder the efficacy of His sacrifice – can it truly set their soul free from the bondage of sin? This internal struggle is one that many of us can relate to. In the face of sin’s pervasive presence, it can be difficult to believe in the power of Christ’s atonement. The songwriter reveals the doubts and pains of unbelief that confound them.

But even in the midst of this struggle, the hymn expresses a resolution to fall at the feet of Jesus. Regardless of the outcome, whether it be condemnation or freedom, the songwriter is determined to meet it with humility and trust. There is a recognition that if condemnation awaits, it is just and deserved. However, if salvation is granted, it becomes an opportunity to magnify the name of the Savior.

These verses beautifully capture the tension between the justice and love of God. The songwriter understands the gravity of their sin and the need for justice, yet also clings to the hope that God’s love will prevail. It is a profound reflection on the nature of God’s redemptive plan.

As we reflect on this hymn, it reminds us of the incredible love and mercy that God offers to each one of us. It may be tempting to think that our sins are too great or that we are undeserving of forgiveness, but this hymn assures us that God’s love knows no bounds. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins so that we might be reconciled with Him.

No matter how deeply sin may have surrounded us, there is hope in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He offers freedom from the guilt and shame that sin brings. It is through His blood, shed on the cross, that we can find cleansing and redemption. This truth is what gives us the strength to bear our grief and continue on our journey of faith.

When we fully grasp the magnitude of God’s love for us, it becomes a transformative force in our lives. It compels us to humbly seek His forgiveness and surrender our lives to His will. We are no longer defined by our past mistakes or shortcomings, but rather by the love of a merciful Savior.

So, let us embrace the beautiful message of this hymn. Let us remember that no matter how great a traitor we may have been, our Savior’s love is greater still. May we never cease to magnify His name, both in times of trial and in times of joy. For it is through His love and sacrifice that we find true freedom and eternal life.


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