Say Whither Wandering Stranger – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound message of hope and belonging in the hymn "Say Whither Wandering Stranger." Explore the journey of the wandering stranger towards a true home

Say Whither Wandering Stranger – Hymn Lyric



Say Whither Wandering Stranger – Hymn Lyric

Say, whither, wandering stranger,
Ah! whither dost thou roam?
O’er this wide world a ranger,
Hast thou no friend, no home?”

“Yes, I’ve a Friend who never
Is absent from my side;
And I’ve a home wherever
In peace I shall abide.”

“But want and woe have driven
The roses from thy cheek;
And garments rent and riven,
Thy poverty bespeak.”

“I’ve food with which the angels
Would all delighted be;
And robes of dazzling brightness
Are now awaiting me.”

“Come, then, benign inquirer,
And join me on my way;
I’m journeying to a country
Where beams an endless day;

Where saints and angels, falling
Before the great, white throne,
To you, to me are calling,
Haste, pilgrim, hasten home.”


Meaning of Say Whither Wandering Stranger

Say Whither, Wandering Stranger: A Journey Towards Belonging and Hope

As we embark on the lyrical journey of the hymn “Say Whither, Wandering Stranger,” we are reminded of the timeless truth that no matter how lost we may feel, there is always a beacon of light guiding us back to a place of belonging and hope. In this hymn, the wandering stranger is approached by a concerned passerby who questions the purpose and destination of their journey. Let us explore the profound message encapsulated in the verses and find solace in the notion that even in times of strife, we are never truly alone.

The wandering stranger, initially met with curiosity, responds with a calm assurance that indeed they have a Friend who never leaves their side. This faithful companion provides a sense of comfort and security, acting as a constant source of support in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations. It is this unwavering presence that allows the wandering stranger to find solace and rest, knowing they are never truly alone.

The passerby, observing the visible signs of hardship etched upon the stranger’s face and tattered clothing, expresses concern for their well-being. The stranger’s response, however, reveals a deeper truth. Despite their outward circumstances, they possess an abundance that surpasses earthly possessions. They are nourished by a spiritual sustenance that even angels would delight in. This unwavering faith provides them with a sense of contentment, even in the face of material poverty.

The hymn paints a vivid picture of the contrasting realities experienced by the wandering stranger. While the world may see want and woe, the stranger is able to envision a future filled with splendor and joy. The hymn likens the stranger’s anticipated destination to a country where an endless day beams forth. This alludes to a place of eternal peace, where darkness and sorrow cease to exist. It is within this land of promise that the stranger’s true home lies, awaiting their arrival.

The passerby is invited to join the stranger on their journey. This invitation is extended with a spirit of benevolence, as the stranger understands the transformative power of companionship and shared experiences. Together, they will forge ahead towards a country illuminated by the radiance of an eternal day. The hymn emphasizes the significance of unity and community, as fellow travelers supporting and encouraging one another along the way.

The destination of the wandering stranger is further revealed as a place of heavenly reverence. Saints and angels are portrayed as humble beings, bowing before the great, white throne. In this celestial realm, they beckon the wanderer, as well as the passerby, to join them in basking in the presence of divine glory. It is within this holy context that the hymn invites both the listener and the reader to embrace their inner pilgrim and hasten towards the truest of homes.

The hymn “Say Whither, Wandering Stranger” beautifully encapsulates the universal human experience of longing for a place to call home. It speaks to the innate desire within each of us to find a destination where we are fully seen, understood, and loved. Through its lyrics, we are reminded that amidst the trials and uncertainties of life, there is a guiding light, a steadfast Friend who walks alongside us, offering solace and hope.

So, whether we find ourselves in moments of wandering, searching for a sense of belonging, or compelled to extend a helping hand to those we encounter on their own journeys, let us embrace the wisdom contained within these verses. Let us remember that we are all wanderers in this vast world, connected by our common desire for companionship, meaning, and ultimately, a place to call home.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the profound message of hope and belonging in the hymn Say Whither Wandering Stranger. Explore the journey of the wandering stranger towards a true home, guided by unwavering faith and companionship.


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