See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers – Hymn Lyric

"See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers: Launch the Life-Boat

See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers – Hymn Lyric

“See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers”: A stirring call to action amidst the stormy waves. With urgency and determination, we are prompted to launch the life-boat and rescue souls in distress. Despite the raging tempest and rampant sin, the message of hope and salvation through Christ’s love shines through, guiding us on our noble mission.


See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers – Hymn Lyric

See! a sail amid the fearful breakers
Yonder, waving signals of distress;
Haste! make ready at the saving station,
Man the life-boat, praying God to bless!

To the rescue, to the rescue!
Brother, seize the oar!
Launch the life-boat, launch the life-boat!
Pull away from shore!
Speed the life-boat, speed the life-boat!
Brave the wind and wave!
To the rescue, to the rescue!
Precious souls to save!

Higher, fiercer yet the tempest rages,
Can the life-boat live in such a sea?
Yes, for God who rules the storm shall guide it,
Till imperilled souls in safety be.


See the forms unto the old wreck clinging,
Now they beckon to the shore for aid;
Now their cry for help your ears is greeting!
Surely you would not the call evade. [Chorus]

Sin is rampant and its billows raging,
And these human wrecks are everywhere;
Brother, do not lose a single moment!
Heaven’s message to them quickly bear.


Go and tell them Christ has died to win them,
Bid them cast on Him their load of care;
Bid them hope, tho’ ‘neath the wave now sinking;
Tell them Christ can save them even there.


Meaning of See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers

“See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers”: A Call to Rescue Souls in Distress

In the midst of a tumultuous storm, a lone sail emerges, desperately signaling for help. The waves crash and the wind howls, but its distress is not lost on those who witness it. With a sense of urgency, the call to action is clear – launch the life-boat and brave the treacherous sea to save precious souls.

As we gather at the saving station, a chorus of voices rises, echoing the mission ahead. “To the rescue, to the rescue!” we chant, emphasizing the importance of this noble endeavor. Each individual has a role to play in this mission of mercy, symbolized by the command to seize the oar and propel the life-boat towards those in need. With unwavering determination, we push away from the safety of the shore, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The tempest grows higher, fiercer, and with every crashing wave, doubts may arise about the life-boat’s ability to withstand such turmoil. Yet, our faith is anchored in the knowledge that God, the ultimate ruler of the storm, will guide us. With His divine intervention, we can navigate through the treacherous waters and bring hope to those teetering on the brink of despair.

Amidst the chaos, the focus shifts to the forms clinging to an old wreck, their desperate pleas for aid resonating deeply within our hearts. Their cries for help are impossible to ignore, and we must answer their call. The chorus swells once again as we affirm our commitment to the mission – we will speed the life-boat towards them, regardless of the wind and the wave. Our commitment to rescue knows no bounds.

Sin, like a relentless tempest, rages on, leaving human wreckage in its wake. The need for salvation is prevalent everywhere we turn. We must not waste a single moment in sharing Heaven’s message with those who have been battered by the storms of life. Sin’s grip may be strong, but it is our duty as brothers and sisters to offer a lifeline to those lost at sea.

With conviction, we embark on this crucial mission, carrying the life-saving message that Christ died to win them. We urge them to cast their burdens on Him and to find hope even in the depths of their struggles. As we reach out to those sinking beneath the waves, we assure them that Christ’s saving grace knows no bounds. His love can rescue them from the clutches of sin and offer them eternal security.

The title, “See A Sail Amid The Fearful Breakers,” encapsulates the urgency and determination of our mission. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest storms, there is hope and the potential for rescue. From the depths of despair, a single sail can be spotted, signifying the presence of those in need. Heed the call, and together, let us chart a course towards salvation.

In conclusion, this hymn passionately calls us to action, urging us to respond to the distress signals of those in need. It reminds us that despite the overwhelming storms of life, we can find the strength and guidance to save precious souls. Let us launch the life-boat, brave the wind and wave, and make a difference in the lives of those who beckon from the wreckage. May our efforts bring light into the darkness and offer hope amidst the turmoil.


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