Seek The Gentle Shepherd Enter By The Do – Hymn Lyric


Seek The Gentle Shepherd Enter By The Do – Hymn Lyric



Seek The Gentle Shepherd Enter By The Do – Hymn Lyric

Seek the gentle Shepherd,
Enter by the door;
All the fold is peaceful,
Sin can come no more;
You shall dwell in safety,
‘Neath His loving care,
Evil cannot harm you there.

Seek the gentle Shepherd,
Ever kind and true,
Who is ever watching
Over me and you;
And He’s gently calling,
Saying: “Come to me!
Children, come, My love is free.”

Seek the gentle Shepherd,
Come, oh, why delay?
Seek the blessed Savior;
Come to Him today;
Seek the gentle Shepherd,
From Him never stray;
Come, oh, come to Him today.


Meaning of Seek The Gentle Shepherd Enter By The Do

Seek the gentle Shepherd, Enter by the door. These words from the hymn remind us of the comforting presence of our Savior and the safety we find in His care. In a world filled with uncertainty and sin, it is reassuring to know that there is someone watching over us, guiding us on the right path. Let us explore these ideas further and draw inspiration from the words of this hymn.

The hymn begins by urging us to seek the gentle Shepherd, inviting us to enter through the door. Just like a shepherd leads and protects his sheep, Jesus, the gentle Shepherd, takes care of us with love and kindness. He is ever vigilant, watching over each one of us. We need not fear the dangers that surround us because under His loving care, evil cannot harm us.

When it mentions that we shall dwell in safety, it means that Jesus provides us with a place of refuge where we can find peace and rest. In a chaotic world, it is comforting to know that we have a haven to turn to, a place where we can find solace and security. The hymn also reminds us that sin cannot enter this fold. By accepting Jesus as our Shepherd, we are protected from the temptations and negative influences that can lead us astray.

As we seek the gentle Shepherd, we discover that He is always kind and true. His love for us is unwavering, and His faithfulness is never-ending. He watches over every aspect of our lives, from the big decisions to the smallest details. It is through His guidance and love that we find joy and fulfillment.

The hymn encourages us to respond to the gentle Shepherd’s call. Just like a shepherd calling his sheep to come to him, Jesus invites us to draw near. He yearns for a relationship with each one of us, desiring for us to experience His overwhelming love and grace. He beckons us to come to Him, assuring us that His love is free and unconditional. There are no prerequisites or conditions; we can come to Him just as we are.

In the refrain, we are reminded not to delay in seeking the gentle Shepherd. It urges us to take action and come to Jesus today. Procrastination can hinder our spiritual growth and rob us of the blessings that come from knowing and following Him. By seeking the blessed Savior, we are choosing a path of righteousness and embracing a life filled with purpose and meaning.

The idea of never straying from the gentle Shepherd is emphasized in the refrain. It serves as a reminder that once we have found Him, we must remain in His care and never wander off on our own. The world may tempt us to pursue other paths or indulge in sinful behaviors, but by staying close to Jesus, we can navigate through life’s challenges with faith and obedience.

As we reflect on the words of this hymn, it causes a stirring in our hearts. It reminds us of the constant presence and unfailing love of the gentle Shepherd. It encourages us to seek Him, to come to Him, and to remain in His care. The message is simple yet profound, resonating with people of all ages and backgrounds.

In conclusion, the hymn “Seek the Gentle Shepherd” invites us to find solace and security in the loving care of our Savior. It assures us that under His watchful eye, we can experience peace and protection. By seeking and responding to His call, we open ourselves to His love and grace. Let us heed the words of this hymn, drawing closer to the gentle Shepherd and embracing the abundant life He offers.


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