Shepherd Of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound love and care of the Shepherd of Israel

Shepherd Of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep – Hymn Lyric



Shepherd Of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep – Hymn Lyric

Shepherd of Israel, keeping Thy sheep-
Never forgetting in slumber or sleep;
Folding them gently when night cometh on,
Going before them at break of the dawn!

Shepherd of Israel! Shepherd of love!
Watching Thy flock from the glory above!
Knowing how weary their wilderness way;
Praying for them-ever living to pray!

Shepherd of Israel, true to Thine own
When the false hireling servant hath flown;
Laying Thy life down their pardon to win,
Shedding Thy blood to redeem them from sin! [Refrain]

Shepherd of Israel, strong is Thine arm;
Shielding Thy flock from each threatening harm;
Gathering the lambs as they falter and fall,
Safe in Thy bosom enfolding them all! [Refrain]

Shepherd of Israel, soon to appear,
Soon to deliver Thy “little flock” here!
Just to behold Thee their richest reward-
Shepherd of Israel, Jesus, their Lord!


Meaning of Shepherd Of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep

In this beautiful hymn, titled “Shepherd of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep,” we are presented with a powerful image of a loving and caring shepherd who watches over his flock with unwavering devotion. Throughout the verses, the hymn highlights the various aspects of this shepherd’s character and the deep bond he shares with his sheep.

The hymn begins by emphasizing the constant vigilance of the shepherd. It reminds us that the shepherd never forgets about his sheep, even in the depths of slumber or sleep. This image showcases the unwavering dedication and commitment of the shepherd towards his flock, never leaving them unattended or unprotected.

As the night approaches and darkness descends, the shepherd gently folds his sheep, ensuring their safety and comfort. This depiction portrays a sense of tenderness and care, as the shepherd takes on the responsibility of providing a peaceful resting place for his flock. It reminds us of the soothing presence that the shepherd brings in times of uncertainty and fear.

The hymn then moves to the imagery of the break of dawn, symbolizing new beginnings and hope. The shepherd goes before his sheep, leading the way and guiding them through the challenges and obstacles they may face. This image represents the shepherd’s role as a source of guidance and direction, someone who lights the path for his sheep in the journey of life.

The refrain of the hymn further reinforces the theme of the shepherd’s watchfulness and love. It reminds us that the shepherd is ever present, watching over his flock from the glory above. This line evokes a sense of divine guidance and protection, as if the shepherd is not only physically present but also connected to a higher power, ensuring the well-being of his sheep.

The hymn then delves into the contrast between the true shepherd and the false hireling servant. It speaks to the shepherd’s faithfulness and loyalty, even in the face of betrayal and abandonment. When the hireling servant flees, the shepherd remains true to his sheep, laying down his life for them and seeking their pardon. This portrayal showcases the sacrificial nature of the shepherd’s love and his willingness to go to great lengths to ensure the redemption of his flock.

The next verse highlights the strength and protective nature of the shepherd. It portrays him as a shield for his flock, guarding them against any harm or threat that may come their way. The image of gathering the faltering and fallen lambs further emphasizes the shepherd’s caring nature, as he gathers them close to his bosom, providing a place of safety and comfort.

The final verse brings a sense of anticipation and longing for the shepherd’s appearance. It speaks to the belief that the shepherd will soon deliver his “little flock” and rewards them with the opportunity to behold him. This verse carries a sense of hope and expectation, affirming the belief in the ultimate deliverance and salvation that the shepherd brings.

In conclusion, the hymn “Shepherd of Israel Keeping Thy Sheep” serves as a profound reminder of the love, care, and protection that the shepherd offers his flock. Through vivid imagery and heartfelt expressions of devotion, the hymn captures the essence of the shepherd’s character and the profound bond he shares with his sheep. As we reflect on the words of this hymn, may we also find comfort in knowing that we have our own Shepherd, Jesus, who watches over us with unwavering love and guides us through the wilderness of life.


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