Shepherd Of Love – Hymn Lyric

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Shepherd Of Love – Hymn Lyric

The hymn titled “Shepherd of Love” reminds us of the unwavering love and care of our Savior, who relentlessly seeks His lost sheep. The Shepherd knows us personally, leads us through life’s challenges, and offers salvation freely. In response to His call, we can surrender to His love, trust His guidance, and share His love with others. The Shepherd of Love is calling us back into His embrace, and it is up to us to answer His call today.


Shepherd Of Love – Hymn Lyric

The Shepherd of Love is seeking the lost
In paths that are rough and steep;
He’s calling the lambs that have gone astray,
He’s calling, calling His sheep.

Out of your darkness of sin and shame,
Into His love, forever the same,
Come to Him now, believe on His Name,
O answer the call today.

The Shepherd of Love knows His sheep by name,
And tenderly leads the way;
O weary one, come to the Shepherd’s fold,
He’s calling, calling today.

The Shepherd of Love our ransom hath paid,
And offers salvation free;
He’s patiently waiting for thee to come,
He’s calling, calling for thee.

The Shepherd of Love now seeketh His sheep,
He seeketh whate’er the cost;
Behold, He is calling the wand’rer home,
He’s calling, calling the lost.


Meaning of Shepherd Of Love

Shepherd of Love: Guiding Us through the Rough and Steep Paths of Life

In this beautiful hymn titled “Shepherd of Love,” we are reminded of the unwavering love and care that our Savior extends to His sheep. The verses speak to the deep longing our Shepherd has for His lost lambs, and the persistent call He extends to them to return to His embrace.

The hymn begins by highlighting the Shepherd’s relentless pursuit of those who have gone astray. It portrays the Shepherd as One who seeks lost sheep even in rough and steep paths. Just like a shepherd would leave the safety of the fold to find a lost lamb, our Savior goes to great lengths to bring His children back to Him. It is a comforting thought to know that even in our darkest times, there is a Shepherd who cares enough to search for us.

The next verse emphasizes that the Shepherd of Love knows each of His sheep by name. This portrayal speaks to the intimate relationship that Jesus desires to have with each one of us. He knows us personally and intimately, and it is this special connection that allows Him to tenderly lead us on the right path. When we feel weary and lost, we can trust that He will guide us back to His loving arms.

The hymn goes on to remind us that the Shepherd of Love offers salvation freely. He has paid the ransom for our sins and patiently waits for us to come to Him. This imagery reminds us of the immense price Jesus paid on the cross to reconcile us to God. His sacrifice demonstrates His unfathomable love for us, and His desire for us to be with Him forever.

The final verse captures the urgency of the Shepherd’s call. The Shepherd of Love is not willing to leave anyone behind. He seeks His sheep at whatever cost. No matter how far we have wandered, we can be confident that He is still calling us back home. The lost are not forgotten; they are cherished and constantly sought after by the Good Shepherd.

Now, let’s explore how these ideas of the Shepherd of Love can guide us in our own lives. Just as the hymn describes, each of us can find ourselves in the shoes of the lost sheep. We may have wandered off the path of righteousness, gotten entangled in the darkness of sin and shame, or simply lost our way through the trials and tribulations of life. But here’s the beautiful truth – no matter how lost we are, our Shepherd of Love is always there, calling us back into His loving embrace.

When we find ourselves lost in the darkness of sin, weighed down by the mistakes we have made, the Shepherd of Love extends His hand to us. He beckons us to come out of our darkness and step into His love, which remains forever the same. It is an invitation to leave behind the shame, guilt, and regret and enter into a life of forgiveness, grace, and redemption. We need only to believe in His saving power and turn to Him for the answers we seek.

This message is particularly significant for those of us who are feeling weary and burdened. Life can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, filled with rough and steep paths. But the Shepherd of Love is ready to guide us through every obstacle. Just like a shepherd who painstakingly leads his sheep, our Savior walks alongside us, ensuring that we do not stumble or fall. He provides comfort, strength, and direction when we need it the most.

Moreover, the Shepherd of Love wants to bring all His lost sheep back into His fold. He does not discriminate or play favorites; His love is all-encompassing. Whether we have strayed for a short while or spent years wandering aimlessly, He is eagerly calling us home. He seeks after us, leaving no stone unturned, because each one of us is precious to Him.

So, how can we respond to the Shepherd of Love’s call in our daily lives? It starts with acknowledging our need for Him and recognizing that He alone holds the answers to our deepest longings. We can respond by surrendering our lives to Him, trusting Him to lead us on the right path. We can seek to deepen our relationship with Him through prayer, reading His word, and engaging with a community of believers who can encourage and support us.

Furthermore, let us remember that the Shepherd of Love’s call is not just for us. As we experience His love and find healing in His presence, let us also extend this love to others. Just as He sought us out, we can reach out to those who are lost and hurting, sharing the hope and redemption we have found in Jesus. Let us become instruments of His love and grace, reflecting His compassion and guiding others back to the Shepherd’s fold.

In conclusion, the hymn titled “Shepherd of Love” beautifully captures the heart of our Savior and His relentless pursuit of His lost sheep. The Shepherd seeks us in the roughest, steepest paths of life, knowing us each by name. He paid the ultimate price to bring us salvation and patiently waits for us to respond to His call. Let us open our hearts to His love, trust in His guidance, and share this love with others who are still lost. He is calling us, calling us back into His loving arms – the Shepherd of Love is calling, let us answer His call today.


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