Shine In My Heart Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Shine In My Heart Lord Jesus: Find Light

Shine In My Heart Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“Shining In the Darkness: Finding Light and Love in Jesus” is a hymn that reflects the longing for Jesus to shine in our hearts and guide us through life’s challenges. It emphasizes the importance of having faith, keeping His commandments, and cultivating a deep love for Jesus. As seventh-graders, we can find comfort and strength in Jesus’ presence and trust that He will lead us through any darkness we may face.


Shine In My Heart Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus;
And lead me into light.
Dispel each cloud and shadow,
And chase away my night.

Shine on my soul, O Jesus,
And warm me with Thy love.
Oh, help me when I need Thee,
Thy faithfulness to prove.

Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus;
I need Thee every day.
To help me keep Thy statutes,
To walk the narrow way.

Oh, leave me not, my Savior,
Or else I faint, I fall.
Come in Thy might and help me,
When Thou dost hear me call.

Increase my faith, Lord Jesus,
May Thy dear precious blood,
Of sin completely cleanse me,
And make me pure and good.

Increase my love, O Jesus,
And bind my heart to Thee.
So when my days are numbered,
Thy smile of love I’ll see.

And when the king of terrors,
Shall stand across my way.
Oh, help me to go forward,
Regardless of his sway.

Thy rod and staff to help me,
My safety will ensure.
And with the Father’s favor,
I’ll rest in love secure.


Meaning of Shine In My Heart Lord Jesus

Shining In the Darkness: Finding Light and Love in Jesus

In this beautiful hymn, “Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus,” the singer expresses their desire for the presence of Jesus to illuminate their life. Throughout the verses, they plead for guidance, faith, love, and strength, knowing that with Jesus by their side, they can overcome any darkness that may surround them.

“Shine on my soul, O Jesus, and warm me with Thy love,” the singer prays, understanding that it is through the love of Jesus that they can experience true inner warmth and comfort. They recognize that in times of need, Jesus is always there to help and remain faithful. As a seventh-grader, it is important to develop a strong foundation of faith, knowing that Jesus is a constant source of support and guidance.

The hymn also highlights the importance of walking the narrow path and keeping Jesus’ statutes. As a seventh-grader, it can be challenging to navigate the pressures and temptations of everyday life. However, the singer acknowledges their need for Jesus to help them stay on the right track. They understand that without Jesus, they may falter and lose their way. Jesus’ presence strengthens their resolve to keep His commandments and live a life that is pleasing to Him.

The singer continues to ask for an increase in faith and love. They understand that faith is essential in their journey with Jesus. By relying on His precious blood, they believe that their sins can be cleansed, making them pure and good. As a seventh-grader, it is important to cultivate a growing faith in Jesus, understanding that His sacrifice on the cross is what allows us to have a relationship with Him.

Alongside faith, the singer also desires an increase in love for Jesus. They long to have their heart bound to Him, knowing that the more they love Him, the more they will experience His love in return. As a seventh-grader, fostering a deep love for Jesus not only brings a sense of peace and joy but also motivates one to live a life that pleases Him.

The hymn takes us through various aspects of the Christian journey, including the inevitable encounter with death. The singer acknowledges that when the “king of terrors” stands in their path, they need Jesus to empower them to keep going regardless of fear. They trust in the guidance of Jesus’ rod and staff, finding safety and security in His presence. As a seventh-grader, it is important to understand that Jesus’ love and protection are always available, even in the face of difficult or scary situations.

Ultimately, the singer looks forward to the day when their earthly journey comes to an end, and they can rest in the love of God. They envision a future where they will see Jesus and be embraced by His loving smile. This longing for eternal joy and peace can offer solace and hope, especially during challenging times.

In conclusion, “Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus” is a heartfelt hymn that seeks to express the deep desire for Jesus’ presence and guidance in our lives. As seventh-graders, it is essential to develop a personal relationship with Jesus and seek His light in the midst of darkness. By embracing His love, walking in faith, and following His commandments, we can experience a life filled with purpose, peace, and the assurance that Jesus will lead us forward, no matter what challenges we may face. So, let us invite Jesus to shine in our hearts and illuminate our lives with His eternal light.


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