So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees – Hymn Lyric

Experience the power of prayer and divine love with the hymn "So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees". Reflect on forgiveness

So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees” is a powerful reminder of the impact of prayer and the wonders of God’s divine intervention. From the incredible story of the sun standing still for Joshua to the questions raised about the ability of our humble prayers to change the course of time, this hymn challenges us to reflect on the power of our supplications. As we navigate through life, facing our past mistakes and sorrows, the hymn reminds us that while time may be relentless, love has the incredible power to transform and heal. Let us open our hearts to the Key of Love, allowing His overflowing presence to fill us with charity, forgiveness, and grace.


So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees – Hymn Lyric

’TIS true, of old the unchanging sun
His daily course refused to run,
The pale moon hurrying to the west
Paused at a mortal’s call, to aid
The avenging storm of war, that laid
Seven guilty realms at once on earth’s defiled breast.

But can it be, one suppliant tear
Should stay the ever-moving sphere?
A sick man’s lowly-breathèd sigh,
When from the world he turns away,
And hides his weary eyes to pray,
Should change your mystic dance, ye wanderers of the sky?

We too, O Lord, would fain command,
As then, Thy wonder-working hand,
And backward force the waves of Time,
That now so swift and silent bear
Our restless bark from year to year;
Help us to pause and mourn to Thee our tale of crime.

Bright hopes, that erst the bosom warmed,
And vows, too pure to be performed,
And prayers blown wide by gales of care;—
These, and such faint half-waking dreams,
Like stormy lights on mountain streams,
Wavering and broken all, athwart the conscience glare.

How shall we ’scape the o’erwhelming Past?
Can spirits broken, joys o’ercast,
And eyes that never more may smile:—
Can these th’ avenging bolt delay,
Or win us back one little day
The bitterness of death to soften and beguile?

Father and Lover of our souls!
Though darkly round Thine anger rolls,
Thy sunshine smiles beneath the gloom,
Thou seek’st to warn us, not confound,
Thy showers would pierce the hardened ground
And win it to give out its brightness and perfume.

Thou smil’st on us in wrath, and we,
E’en in remorse, would smile on Thee,
The tears that bathe our offered hearts,
We would not have them stained and dim,
But dropped from wings of seraphim,
All glowing with the light accepted love imparts.

Time’s waters will not ebb, nor stay;
Power cannot change them, but Love may;
What cannot be, Love counts it done.
Deep in the heart, her searching view
Can read where Faith is fixed and true,
Through shades of setting life can see Heaven’s work begun.

O Thou, who keep’st the Key of Love,
Open Thy fount, eternal Dove,
And overflow this heart of mine,
Enlarging as it fills with Thee,
Till in one blaze of charity
Care and remorse are lost, like motes in light divine;

Till as each moment wafts us higher,
By every gush of pure desire,
And high-breathed hope of joys above,
By every secret sigh we heave,
Whole years of folly we outlive,
In His unerring sight, who measures Life by Love.


Meaning of So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees

Oh, how amazing is the power of prayer! The hymn “So the Sun Returned Ten Degrees” reminds us of the incredible story from the Bible where the sun stood still for a warrior named Joshua. Just imagine, the sun pausing in its daily course in response to a mortal’s call! And even the moon stopping in the sky to aid in a battle. It’s truly awe-inspiring to think about the wonders that can happen when we turn to God in prayer.

But the hymn also poses a question – can one tear or one sigh really have such an impact on the world? Can our humble prayers really change the course of time and the movements of the heavens? It’s a thought-provoking idea that makes us consider the power of our own supplications to the Almighty.

The verses in the hymn speak of our desire to command God’s wonder-working hand, to turn back the waves of time and pause to mourn our own sins and failures. We reflect on our broken promises, our unfulfilled vows, and our prayers that seem to be carried away by the winds of life. It’s a reminder of our human frailty and our need for forgiveness and grace.

Yet, even in the midst of our remorse and regret, the hymn tells us that God’s love is always seeking to reach us. His anger may be present, but beneath it lies a sunshine of grace and mercy. He longs to pierce our hardened hearts with His showers of love, to soften us with His light and warmth.

As we journey through life, facing the overwhelming weight of our past mistakes and sorrows, we are reminded that while time may march on relentlessly, love has the power to change everything. Love can turn back the tides, it can soften the hardest of hearts, and it can transform our lives in ways we never imagined.

So let us open our hearts to the Key of Love, to the eternal Dove who fills us with His overflowing presence. Let His love enlarge our hearts until they are bursting with charity and forgiveness. Let us outlive our years of folly with every pure desire, every hopeful sigh, and every moment lived in His unerring sight.

May we, like the sun that returned ten degrees for Joshua, be moved by the power of prayer and the boundless love of God. And may we reflect that love in all we do, shining brightly like motes in the divine light of His acceptance and grace.


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