Sons Of God Triumphant Rise – Hymn Lyric

Embrace forgiveness

Sons Of God Triumphant Rise – Hymn Lyric



Sons Of God Triumphant Rise – Hymn Lyric

Sons of God, triumphant rise,
Shout th'accomplished sacrifice!
Shout your sins in Christ forgiv'n,
Sons of God, and heirs of Heav'n!

Ye that round our altars throng,
Listening angels join the song:
Sing with us, ye heav'nly powers,
Pardon, grace, and glory ours!

Love's mysterious work is done!
Greet we now th'accepted Son,
Healed and quickened by His blood,
Joined to Christ, and one with God.

Christ, of all our hopes the seal;
Peace divine in Christ we feel,
Pardon to our souls applied:
Dead for all, for me He died!

Sin shall tyrannize no more,
Purged its guilt, dissolved its power;
Jesus makes our hearts His throne,
There He lives, and reigns alone.

Grace our every thought controls,
Heav'n is opened in our souls,
Everlasting life is won,
Glory is on earth begun.

Christ in us; in Him we see
Fullness of the deity.
Beam of the eternal beam;
Life divine we taste in Him!

Him we only taste below;
Mightier joys ordained to know
Him when fully ours we prove,
Ours the Heav'n of perfect love!


Meaning of Sons Of God Triumphant Rise

Sons of God, Triumphant Rise: Embracing Forgiveness, Grace, and Glory

In the hymn “Sons of God, Triumphant Rise,” we find a beautiful testament to the power of Christ's sacrifice and its transformative impact on our lives. The hymn invites us to rise up as sons and daughters of God, celebrating the accomplishment of redemption and forgiveness through Christ.

As we sing this hymn, we join with the heavenly powers, the angels, in praising God for His abundant mercy and grace. We rejoice in the fact that our sins have been forgiven and that we are now heirs of Heaven. It is a joyous proclamation that we are no longer bound by our transgressions but rather set free in Christ.

Love's mysterious work is complete, and we welcome the accepted Son, Jesus Christ Himself. Through His shed blood, we are healed and made whole. Our lives are forever intertwined with His, as we become joined to Christ and one with God. The hymn beautifully describes Christ as the seal of all our hopes, bringing divine peace into our lives.

The forgiveness we receive through Christ's sacrifice is not limited to a select few; it is available to all who believe. The hymn reassures us that Christ died for all, including each one of us individually. His death on the cross breaks the power of sin over our lives, no longer allowing it to tyrannize us. We can now experience the freedom from guilt and shame, knowing that our souls have been pardoned.

With Jesus as the ruler of our hearts, sin loses its grip and power over us. Christ establishes His throne within us, guiding and reigning over our lives. His grace controls our every thought, directing us towards righteous living and aligning us with God's will. This transformative experience opens the gates of Heaven within our souls, making us vessels of God's everlasting life and glory.

Through our union with Christ, we come to see the fullness of the deity. He is the very image of God, and in Him, we taste the divine life. Our experience of God's presence is not limited to what we can comprehend on this earth. The hymn reminds us that our taste of Him here is just a glimpse of the mightier joys awaiting us in eternity. We eagerly anticipate the day when Christ is fully ours, and we fully belong to Him, experiencing the Heaven of perfect love.

“Sons of God, Triumphant Rise” is a powerful hymn that encapsulates the essence of the Christian faith. It speaks to the transformative power of Christ's sacrifice, reminding us of the forgiveness, grace, and glory that are now ours through Him. As we sing these words, we are encouraged to embrace our identity as sons and daughters of God, living in the light of His love and walking in the power of His Spirit.

In conclusion, let us rise up as sons and daughters of God, shouting our gratitude for the accomplished sacrifice of Christ. Let us join the heavenly chorus of angels in proclaiming our forgiveness, grace, and glory. May we fully embrace the love that has been poured out for us, allowing it to transform our lives and radiate through us to the world. And let us eagerly anticipate the day when we will fully know and experience the joy of being one with Christ in the eternal heavenly realms.


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