Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe – Hymn Lyric

Feeling lost and burdened by sin? Jesus loves you

Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe – Hymn Lyric

Feeling lost and burdened by sin and sorrow? The hymn “Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe” reminds us of Jesus Christ’s unwavering love for us. No matter how far we’ve strayed, His love remains steadfast. So won’t you come back home to the one who loves you unconditionally?


Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe – Hymn Lyric

Soul astray in darkness, bowed by sin and woe,
One still dearly loves you, tho’ you downward go;
Tenderly He calls you in the gath’ring gloom,
Hear Him sweetly pleading “Won’t you come back home?”

Won’t you come to Jesus, won’t come back home?
Still He dearly loves you and is pleading, “Come;”
Grieve His heart no longer, cease from Him to roam,
All shall be forgiven, “Won’t you come back home?”

Tho’ from Him you wander, under sin’s control,
Ever He is yearning for your wayward soul;
Arms of love are open, why despairing roam
From the one that loves you, “Won’t you come back home?”[Refrain]

Think how He has suffered just to prove His love,
Even now a mansion He prepares above;
Even while you wander on to endless doom;
Won’t you try to love Him? “Won’t you come back home?” [Refrain]

Swift the day is speeding; night is coming on;
Turn, while Jesus calls you, hope will soon be gone;
In the path before you lies the yawning tomb;
Won’t you love the Savior? “Won’t you come back home?” [Refrain]    

Meaning of Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe

Are you feeling lost, my friend? Are you weighed down by the burdens of sin and sorrow? Well, let me tell you that there is someone who loves you deeply, even in your darkest moments. He is calling out to you, reaching out with arms of love, pleading for you to come back home.

In this hymn called “Soul Astray In Darkness Bowed By Sin And Woe,” we are reminded of the unwavering love and compassion that our Savior, Jesus Christ, has for each one of us. No matter how far we may have wandered, no matter how deep we may have fallen, His love for us remains steadfast.

Imagine yourself walking in darkness, not knowing which direction to turn. Your soul is burdened with the weight of your mistakes, your regrets, and your sins. Yet, even in this state, Jesus loves you. Can you feel His tender voice calling out to you, even amidst the gloom? He wants nothing more than for you to find your way back home, to find solace and peace in His embrace.

So I ask you, my dear friend, won’t you come to Jesus? Won’t you return to the loving arms that long to hold you? He is pleading with you, waiting for you to respond. Don’t grieve His heart any longer, don’t continue to wander away from His love. Instead, open your heart and listen to His sweet invitation. All shall be forgiven if you choose to come back home.

Even though you may feel controlled by sin, remember that Jesus yearns for your wayward soul. He understands your struggles, and He longs to help you overcome them. His love is unconditional, His forgiveness knows no bounds. He is always ready to meet you with open arms, no matter how far you may have strayed.

Just think about how much He has suffered to prove His love for you. He willingly endured pain and sacrifice, all so that you could experience His eternal love. As you go through your journey in life, remember that He is preparing a place for you, a heavenly mansion where you can find eternal peace and joy. All He asks in return is for you to try to love Him and to come back home to Him.

The day is swiftly passing, my friend. Time is running out. Don’t let the opportunity slip away. While Jesus is calling out to you, holding onto hope, make the decision to turn back towards Him. Don’t let despair lead you astray. Instead, choose the path of righteousness and love. Remember that in the end, the alternative is an endless doom.

Let the words of this hymn resonate with you. Let them remind you of the love and compassion that Jesus has for you, even in your darkest moments. His love is the light that can guide you out of the darkness and into a place of peace and serenity. So won’t you love the Savior? Won’t you come back home?

In conclusion, my friend, I hope that these words have touched your heart and reminded you of the love that Jesus has for you. No matter how lost or burdened you may feel, always remember that there is a way back home. Open your heart to His sweet invitation and allow His love to guide you. Trust in His forgiveness, and let Him lead you on the path of righteousness. Come back home to the one who loves you unconditionally.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Feeling lost and burdened by sin? Jesus loves you, even in the darkest moments. Let His unwavering love guide you back home. Come back to the Savior who longs for your return.


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