Stand Up, My Soul – Hymn Lyric

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Stand Up, My Soul – Hymn Lyric

“Stand Up, My Soul” is a hymn that encourages us to overcome our fears and challenges by equipping ourselves with the Gospel armor. We are reminded that Jesus has already triumphed over sin and darkness, giving us the strength to boldly march towards eternal joy. With His victorious grace, we can overcome any obstacle and be crowned with glory.


Stand Up, My Soul – Hymn Lyric

Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears,
And gird the Gospel armor on,
March to the gates of endless joy,
Where thy great Captain-Savior’s gone.

Hell and thy sins resist thy course,
But hell and sin are vanquished foes;
Thy Jesus nailed them to the cross,
And sung the triumph when He rose.

What though the prince of darkness rage,
And waste the fury of his spite,
Eternal chains confine him down
To fiery deeps and endless night.

What though thine inward lusts rebel,
‘Tis but a struggling gasp for life;
The weapons of victorious grace
Shall slay thy sins, and end the strife.

Then let my soul march boldly on,
Press forward to the heav’nly gate;
There peace and joy eternal reign,
And glitt’ring robes for conquerors wait.

There shall I wear a starry crown,
And triumph in almighty grace,
While all the armies of the skies
Join in my glorious Leader’s praise.


Meaning of Stand Up, My Soul

Stand Up, My Soul: Stepping into Victory with Faith

In our journey through life, we often face fears and challenges that seem insurmountable. Like a soldier preparing for battle, we must equip ourselves with the Gospel armor, standing strong in the face of adversity. The hymn “Stand Up, My Soul” encourages us to shake off our fears and march towards the gates of endless joy, following in the footsteps of our great Captain-Savior.

The world around us can often feel like a battleground, filled with temptations and trials that seek to hinder our progress. Hell and sin may resist our course, but we can find comfort in the fact that they are vanquished foes. Jesus, in His ultimate act of love, nailed our sins to the cross and triumphantly rose from the grave. His victory over darkness gives us the assurance that we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

The prince of darkness, also known as Satan, may rage and try to bring chaos into our lives. However, his power is limited, and he is confined to fiery deeps and endless night. We must remember that his power is nothing compared to the power of God. With faith as our shield, we can withstand his attacks and continue on our journey towards eternal joy.

Yet, the battle doesn’t just take place in external circumstances. There are times when our own inward lusts rebel, causing us to stumble and stray from the path of righteousness. We may feel overwhelmed by our human weaknesses and shortcomings. However, these struggles are merely a struggling gasp for life. The weapons of victorious grace, bestowed upon us by God, have the power to slay our sins and bring an end to the strife within us.

With this assurance, we can march boldly on, pressing forward to the heavenly gate. Our ultimate destination is a place where peace and joy eternal reign. It is a place where conquerors are adorned with glitt’ring robes, basking in the light of God’s love and grace. Just as a victor wears a starry crown, we too shall wear a celestial crown, symbolizing our triumph in the face of adversity.

Our victory is not achieved through our own strength or abilities, but through the almighty grace of God. It is through His power that we can overcome the challenges we face and emerge as conquerors. As we press forward on our journey, we are not alone. All the armies of the skies join in the praise and adoration of our glorious Leader, Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, “Stand Up, My Soul” serves as a powerful reminder that we are called to stand firm in our faith, equipped with the Gospel armor. Though we may face challenges and temptations, we can take solace in the fact that Jesus has already conquered sin and darkness. With His victorious grace, we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way. So, let us march boldly on, towards the heavenly gate, where peace and joy await, and where we shall be crowned with glory.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Stand Up, My Soul: Stepping into Victory with Faith. Shake off fears, equip with Gospel armor, triumph over sin and darkness. Press forward towards gates of endless joy. March boldly towards victory.


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