Suppliant, Lo! – Hymn Lyric


Suppliant, Lo! – Hymn Lyric



Suppliant, Lo! – Hymn Lyric

Suppliant, lo! Thy children bend,
Father, for Thy blessing now;
Thou canst teach us, guide, defend;
We are weak, almighty Thou!

With the peace Thy Word imparts,
Be the taught and teacher blessed;
In our lives and in our hearts,
Father, be Thy laws impressed.

Pour into each longing mind
Light and knowledge from above,
Charity for all mankind,
Trusting faith, enduring love.


Meaning of Suppliant, Lo!

Thy Children Bend: A Hymn of Trust and Guidance

In this beautiful hymn titled “Suppliant, Lo! Thy children bend,” we find a heartfelt plea to our Heavenly Father for his blessing, guidance, and protection. The words of this hymn remind us of our dependence on God’s strength and wisdom in our daily lives. Let’s explore the meaning behind each verse and uncover the significance of this powerful hymn.

The first verse starts with the word “suppliant,” which means one who humbly asks for something. The hymn opens with an acknowledgment of our need for God’s blessing. We recognize that, as His children, we are weak and in need of His almighty power to sustain us. This verse establishes the tone of humility and reliance on God’s mercy that is carried throughout the hymn.

As we move into the second verse, we see a desire for the peace that God’s Word can bring. The hymn expresses a hope for both the teacher and the taught to be blessed with this peace. It highlights the importance of the teachings found in God’s Word in shaping our lives and impacting our hearts. By imploring God to impress His laws on our hearts and lives, we demonstrate a recognition of the transformative power of His truth.

In the third verse, the hymn takes on a more expansive focus. It asks for God to pour light and knowledge from above into every longing mind. This plea highlights the universal nature of our prayers. We recognize that all people, regardless of their circumstances or background, are in need of God’s divine guidance and understanding. The hymn’s words emphasize the importance of seeking knowledge and understanding in order to grow in our relationship with both God and our fellow human beings.

Additionally, the hymn emphasizes the values of charity, trusting faith, and enduring love. Charity, or love for all mankind, is a central theme throughout many religious teachings. We are reminded to embrace a selfless love and a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Trusting faith reminds us to have confidence in God’s plans for our lives and to rely on His wisdom, even when we face uncertainty. Enduring love encourages us to persevere in loving and caring for others, even in the face of difficulties or challenges.

The hymn concludes with three powerful words: light, knowledge, and love. These three concepts capture the essence of the hymn’s message – the importance of seeking enlightenment, understanding, and compassion in our journey of faith. By using these words, the hymn creates a memorable and impactful ending, leaving a lasting impression on those who sing or listen to its melody.

Overall, “Suppliant, Lo! Thy children bend” is a hymn that humbly seeks God’s blessing, guidance, and protection. Its beautiful words remind us of our dependence on our Heavenly Father and the transformative power of His Word. This hymn encourages us to seek knowledge, embrace charity, and trust in God’s plans. As we sing or meditate on these words, may they inspire us to live lives that reflect the values of love, faith, and understanding.

In conclusion, “Suppliant, Lo! Thy children bend” is a powerful and meaningful hymn that resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. Its message of trust, guidance, and love touches the hearts of those who hear it. As we continue to seek the blessings and teachings of our Heavenly Father, may this hymn serve as a reminder of the deep connection we have with God and our shared responsibility to love and care for one another.


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