Take Our Gifts Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Take Our Gifts

Take Our Gifts Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“Take Our Gifts, Lord Jesus” is a hymn that reminds us to be grateful and generous towards the Lord. It emphasizes that everything we have is a gift from Him, and encourages us to offer our gifts, no matter how small, as an expression of our gratitude and willingness to serve. The hymn highlights the importance of surrendering our hearts, hands, and feet to the Lord, and reminds us to offer our praises and prayers as well. Overall, it teaches us the value of humility, gratitude, and the joy of giving.


Take Our Gifts Lord Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Take our gifts, Lord Jesus,
They are thine alone;
We can only bring thee
What was first thine own.

Take them, blessed Master,
Though so few and small,
Use the gifts, we pray thee,
We would bring our all.

When we have but pennies,
These we bring to Thee;
When our gifts are larger,
May they all be free.


Take the hearts we offer,
Take our willing hands;
May our feet be waiting
For thy blest commands.


Take our happy praises,
Hear our earnest prayer;
Take the gifts we bring thee,
Make our lives thy care.


Meaning of Take Our Gifts Lord Jesus

Take Our Gifts, Lord Jesus: A Reminder of Gratitude and Generosity

In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of the importance of giving thanks and offering our gifts to the Lord. It serves as a gentle reminder that everything we have is a gift from Him, and in return, we should give back what we can, no matter how big or small.

The verse begins by emphasizing that our gifts are ultimately the Lord’s. As we reflect on this line, we realize that everything we possess – our talents, resources, and blessings – are not truly ours to keep, but rather entrusted to us by God. This realization should lead us to a place of gratitude, where we acknowledge His generosity and respond with a heart of thanksgiving.

The chorus of the hymn further emphasizes this idea. It urges us to take our gifts, no matter how insignificant they may seem, and offer them to the Lord. It reminds us that it is not the size or grandeur of our gifts that matters, but the sincerity and willingness behind them. Whether it be the pennies we have or the larger gifts we can offer, we are called to bring our all to the Lord.

This notion of generosity expands beyond just material possessions. The hymn reminds us that we should also offer our hearts, hands, and feet to serve the Lord. It encourages us to surrender our hearts to Him, allowing Him to shape and guide us. Our willing hands signify our readiness to be of service to others, reflecting His love and compassion. And as our feet eagerly wait to follow His commands, we demonstrate our desire to walk in His ways and fulfill His purpose for our lives.

But it is not just in our actions that we are called to give. The hymn also highlights the importance of offering our praises and prayers to the Lord. As we lift our voices to sing His praises and earnestly pray, we offer Him the gift of our worship and adoration. We invite Him to dwell in our lives and make our humble gifts and offerings a reflection of His divine presence.

The hymn concludes by acknowledging our dependency on the Lord. It recognizes that it is not enough to merely offer our gifts, but that we should relinquish control of our lives and trust Him to care for us. By giving our gifts to the Lord, we are inviting Him to take charge of our lives, guide us, and ensure that our offerings are used for His glory and the betterment of others.

As we delve deeper into the message behind this hymn, we can see its relevance in our daily lives. It serves as a reminder that no matter how little we have, whether it be material possessions, skills, or time, we are still capable of making a difference. Our gifts, no matter how small, have the potential to bring joy and impact others’ lives, just as Jesus’ life and sacrifice continue to inspire and transform countless souls.

Furthermore, this hymn teaches us the importance of humility. It encourages us to recognize that everything we have comes from God and that we are mere stewards of His abundant blessings. When we approach our gifts with a humble heart, acknowledging that they are not truly ours, we create space for gratitude and generosity to flourish.

In a world that often encourages selfishness and accumulation of wealth, this hymn serves as a timely reminder that true fulfillment lies in giving rather than receiving. It challenges us to shift our perspective from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance and gratitude. Whether we have little or plenty, we can always find something to offer and be a channel of blessing to others.

So, let us embrace the message of this hymn and take our gifts, Lord Jesus. Let us offer them with a sincere heart, regardless of their size or scope. May our gifts be a reflection of our gratitude to God and our desire to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. And as we give, may we trust in His providence and guidance, knowing that He will use our gifts to bring about His purposes, both in our lives and in the world.


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