Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Express gratitude to Jesus with "Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus

Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“Ten Thousand Thanks to Jesus: A Hymn of Gratitude and Praise” is a powerful hymn that expresses gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice and the blessings we receive from Him. With its universal message of thankfulness, the hymn encourages us to adore Jesus with all our hearts and praises Him for the love and redemption He offers. It serves as a reminder to continuously express gratitude and live a life that reflects Jesus’ love and sacrifice.


Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Whose life our ransom paid,
Whose blood a full atonement
For all the world has made.

Let every heart adore Him;
Let every creature sing
Ten thousand thanks to Jesus,
Our Savior and our King.

Ten thousand thanks, Ten thousand thanks,
We’ll praise Him o’er and o’er;
And for the life with Him to live,
Ten thousand thousand more!

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus;
How gladly would we give
Ten thousand lives to Jesus,
Had we so long to live.

Ten thousand tongues shall praise Him,
Ten thousand songs ascend
To Him, our blest Redeemer,
To Him, our dearest Friend!

Ten thousand thanks to Jesus
For blessings every hour;
Ten thousand times ten thousand,
For love’s redeeming power;

And when we hear His welcome
Beyond the rolling sea,
His love thro’ endless ages
Our sweetest song shall be!


Meaning of Ten Thousand Thanks To Jesus

Ten Thousand Thanks to Jesus: A Hymn of Gratitude and Praise

In a world filled with turmoil and challenges, it is essential to take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings we have and the source of those blessings. “Ten Thousand Thanks to Jesus” is a hymn that beautifully captures the sentiments of gratitude, acknowledging Jesus as the one who paid our ransom and offered a full atonement for the entire world.

The hymn opens with the verse, “Ten thousand thanks to Jesus, whose life our ransom paid.” This line sets the tone for the entire hymn by highlighting the immense gratitude we feel towards Jesus, who selflessly sacrificed himself for our sake. The words “Our Savior and our King” remind us of Jesus’ divine nature and the immense role he plays in our lives.

As we reflect on the lyrics, we are reminded of our desire to not only express thanks but to adore Jesus with all our hearts. The line “Let every heart adore Him; let every creature sing” underscores the universal nature of our gratitude. It transcends personal boundaries and extends to every living being. No matter our differences, we can all find common ground in expressing appreciation for Jesus’ sacrifice.

The hymn then repeats the phrase “Ten thousand thanks” to emphasize the magnitude of our gratitude. It emphasizes that we will continue to praise Jesus, over and over again, for the rest of our lives. This repetition serves as a reminder that our gratitude is not momentary but ongoing. And for the life we have with Jesus, we would gladly offer ten thousand more thanks.

The second verse of the hymn delves deeper into our willingness to give ourselves completely to Jesus. It suggests that if we were given the opportunity, we would gladly give ten thousand lives to Jesus in exchange for His love and guidance. This verse expresses our desire for a long-lasting connection with Jesus, even if it meant sacrificing multiple lives. It portrays a sense of devotion and commitment.

Furthermore, as the hymn progresses, it highlights the importance of communication and sharing our gratitude with others. The phrase “Ten thousand tongues shall praise Him; ten thousand songs ascend” emphasizes the power of spoken words and music. It encourages us not only to feel grateful but to express it through praise and worship. By doing so, we join a chorus of voices united in gratitude towards the one who redeemed us.

The hymn acknowledges the multitude of blessings we receive from Jesus on a daily basis. It speaks of “blessings every hour” and “love’s redeeming power” as reasons for more significant gratitude. These lines remind us that gratitude is not reserved for extraordinary moments but should be present in our everyday lives. Every breath we take, every smile we receive, and every act of kindness are constant reminders of Jesus’ love and grace.

The final verse of the hymn looks towards the future, beyond our earthly existence. It speaks of hearing Jesus’ welcome “beyond the rolling sea” and envisions endless ages of love and devotion. This verse provides a glimpse of the eternal connection we will have with Jesus, where our gratitude will find its fullest expression. It acknowledges that even in eternity, Jesus’ love will be our sweetest song.

In conclusion, “Ten Thousand Thanks to Jesus” is a hymn that beautifully encapsulates gratitude and praise for the life-saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Its words resonate with believers across different backgrounds and emphasize the universal nature of gratitude. It invites us to not only feel grateful but to vocalize our appreciation through worship and praise. Let us remember the lyrics of this hymn as a reminder to express gratitude continually and to live a life that reflects the immense love and sacrifice of Jesus.


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