That City Shall Full Well Endure – Hymn Lyric

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That City Shall Full Well Endure – Hymn Lyric



That City Shall Full Well Endure – Hymn Lyric

That city shall full well endure,
Her ground-work still doth stay
Upon the holy hills full sure,
It can no time decay.

God loves the gates of Sion best,
His grace doth there abide,
He loves them more than all the rest
Of Jacob’s tents beside.

Full glorious things reported be
In Sion, and abroad;
Great things, I say, are said of thee,
Thou city of our God.

On Rahab I will cast an eye,
And bear in mind the same;
To Babylon also apply,
And them that know thy Name.

Lo, Palestine and Tyre also,
With Ethiope likewise,
A people old full long ago,
Were born and there did rise.

Of Sion they shall say abroad,
That divers men of fame
Have there sprung up, and the high God
Hath founded fast the same.

In their records to them it shall
By Him be made appear,
Of Sion, that the chief of all
Had his beginning there.

The trumpeters wit: such as sing,
Therein great plenty be;
My fountains and my pleasant springs
Are all contained in thee.


Meaning of That City Shall Full Well Endure

That City Shall Full Well Endure: The Timeless Beauty of Sion

In the hymn “That City Shall Full Well Endure,” we are reminded of the enduring nature of a special city called Sion. This city, built upon the holy hills, has stood the test of time and remains a symbol of strength and grace. It is a place that God holds dear, where His blessings reside.

Sion, also known as Zion, has a rich history filled with great achievements and divine providence. Throughout the ages, it has been celebrated for its glorious attributes and remarkable fame. This city is the pride of Jacob’s tents, surpassing all others in God’s eyes.

When we think of Sion, our thoughts can’t help but wander to the significant events and prominent figures associated with this exceptional place. The hymn references Rahab, Babylon, and other lands that have known the influence and power of Sion. It is a city that has touched the lives of many, leaving a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of those who encounter it.

Even in ancient times, great nations like Palestine, Tyre, and Ethiope recognized the significance of Sion. They acknowledged its age-old existence, tracing back to distant generations. This city, with its roots embedded deeply in history, has witnessed the rise of remarkable individuals and the unfolding of God’s divine plan.

As the hymn suggests, the greatness of Sion is not merely confined to rumors and idle chatter. It is a truth that is etched into the records of those who have come before us. The chief among all cities, Sion, has a legacy that can be traced back to its very foundation. Its prominence is not a fleeting fancy but a solid reality.

In the hymn’s verses, we are reminded of the abundance that Sion possesses. It is a place of plenty, teeming with trumpeters and singers. Its fountains and pleasant springs provide a refreshing source of life for all who dwell within its walls. Sion is a city that nurtures and sustains, meeting the needs of its inhabitants and inspiring them to greatness.

The enduring nature of Sion transcends physical boundaries. It is not merely the buildings or infrastructure that make this city exceptional. It is the spirit, the sense of belonging, that permeates its streets. It is the love of God that resides within its gates, illuminating the path for all who seek solace and guidance.

As we reflect on the hymn’s words, we are reminded that in the vastness of time, there are certain places that stand the test of time. Sion is one such place. Its fame and grace continue to resonate through the ages, inspiring awe and reverence.

In conclusion, Sion, the city that shall full well endure, is a testament to the timeless beauty and strength that can be found in certain places. It is a place where God’s love dwells, where greatness is born, and where history is made. Sion stands as a reminder that even in a world of constant change, there are foundations that remain steadfast and enduring. Let us cherish and honor the legacy of this extraordinary city, for it is a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come.


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