The Early Morn With Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Embrace the solitude and worship of the early morning with Jesus. Find solace

The Early Morn With Jesus – Hymn Lyric

“The Early Morn With Jesus: Embracing Solitude and Worship” is a hymn that captures the beauty and significance of spending quiet mornings in the presence of Jesus. It encourages us to offer our first thoughts and dedicate the best of ourselves to him, finding solace and peace in his company. Through worship, prayer, and listening, we can gain strength, guidance, and victory over challenges, all while anticipating the joy of Jesus’ possible return.


The Early Morn With Jesus – Hymn Lyric

The early morn with Jesus-
His happy, welcome guest!
The first glad thoughts for Jesus,
The brightest and the best!

Alone, alone with Jesus-
No other may intrude;
The secret of Jehovah
Is told in solitude.

This is the time for worship,
This is the time for prayer;
The sweetest time for laying
The heart’s petitions bare;

The time for holy wrestling,
The time to intercede,
The time to win from Jesus
The help and strength we need.

This is the time to listen
To what the Lord will say;
This is the time to gather
The manna for the day:

New enemies to conquer,
New victories to win;
Come, gain a march on Satan-
Come, again a march on sin!

Oh, ye who sigh and languish,
And mourn your “lack of power,”
Heed ye this gentle whisper-
“Could ye not watch one hour?”

For fruitfulness and blessing
There is no “royal road”;
The power for holy service
Is intercourse with God!

Or e’er a word or action
Hath stained its snowy scroll,
Bring the new day to Jesus,
And consecrate the whole;

Then fear not for the record
He surely will indite;
Whatever may betide thee,
It shall be, must be right!

Soon the last golden sunrise
Shall deck the Eastern sky;
Soon the last “Watch” be ended,-
“Redemption draweth night!”

Then may this bright incentive
Within our spirits burn;
“It may be that this morning
The Bridegroom may return!”


Meaning of The Early Morn With Jesus

The Early Morn With Jesus: Embracing Solitude and Worship

In the quiet stillness of the early morning, when the sun begins to rise and paint the sky with hues of gold and orange, there is a special opportunity to be in the presence of Jesus. It is a time when we can be his happy and welcome guests, offering him our first glad thoughts and dedicating the brightest and best of ourselves to him. This hymn beautifully captures the essence of this precious time with its heartfelt verses.

Alone, alone with Jesus, we find solace and peace. No other may intrude upon this sacred moment, for it is a secret communion between us and Jehovah. It is in these moments of solitude that the true depth of our relationship with God is revealed. The hymn suggests that it is in these quiet moments that the secrets of God are whispered to us, and we have the privilege of listening attentively.

This time in the early morn is not only for worship but also for prayer. It is a time to pour out our hearts and lay bare our petitions before the Lord. It is the sweetest time to express our deepest longings, fears, and hopes, knowing that Jesus is there to receive and understand. It is a time of holy wrestling, a time to intercede not only for ourselves but also for others. In this time, we can seek from Jesus the help and strength we need to navigate the challenges of life.

Listening to what the Lord will say is another crucial aspect of these early morning moments. It is in the stillness that we can hear his gentle whispers and receive divine guidance. The hymn encourages us to gather the manna for the day during this time, suggesting that these early morning moments provide sustenance for our spiritual journey. We can gain a new perspective, conquer new enemies, and win new victories over the battles we face. It is during these moments that we can gain a march on Satan and sin, finding strength and fortitude to resist their temptations.

To those who feel powerless and discouraged, the hymn offers a gentle reminder. It asks, “Could ye not watch one hour?” reminding us that even a short amount of time spent with Jesus can bring forth fruitfulness and blessings. There is no “royal road” to spiritual power; instead, it is found through intimate fellowship with God. The hymn beautifully describes this as “intercourse with God,” emphasizing the depth and closeness of this relationship.

Before a word is spoken or an action taken, we are encouraged to bring the new day to Jesus and consecrate it to him. By doing so, we entrust our every thought, word, and deed to his guidance and direction. The hymn assures us that Jesus will take hold of our lives and ensure that our record is pure and righteous. Regardless of what may come our way, we can trust that through our connection with Jesus, everything will fall into place and be as it should.

The hymn also reminds us of the imminent return of the Bridegroom, referring to Jesus. As the last golden sunrise adorns the Eastern sky, we are reminded that redemption draws near. This realization ignites a burning desire within us to live each day fully dedicated to Jesus. It serves as a powerful incentive to make the most of our time with him, knowing that each morning might be the one when the Bridegroom returns.

In conclusion, the hymn “The Early Morn With Jesus” encapsulates the beauty and significance of spending time with Jesus in the early hours of the day. It encourages us to embrace solitude, engage in worship, and offer our prayers and petitions to the Lord. It reminds us of the power and blessings that come from listening to God’s voice and gathering spiritual sustenance for the day. This hymn motivates us to engage in holy wrestling, seeking victory over sin and finding strength through our connection with Jesus. Ultimately, it inspires us to live each day with anticipation and joy, knowing that the Bridegroom may return at any moment.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace the solitude and worship of the early morning with Jesus. Find solace, offer prayers, and listen to God's voice. Conquer battles and anticipate the Bridegroom's return.


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