The Love Of My Soul Has To Jesus Been Given – Hymn Lyric

Discover the love of Jesus that grows dearer each day. Trust

The Love Of My Soul Has To Jesus Been Given – Hymn Lyric

“The Love of My Soul Has to Jesus Been Given: A Journey of Faith and Trust” is a heartfelt hymn that explores the deep love and connection the author has with Jesus. Through the ups and downs of life, Jesus’ love becomes a guiding light, offering forgiveness, comfort, and a path to redemption. The hymn encourages readers to embrace Jesus’ love and trust in His divine plan for their lives.


The Love Of My Soul Has To Jesus Been Given – Hymn Lyric

The love of my soul
has to Jesus been giv’n;
I’m happy on life’s upward way.
He granteth me daily
a foretaste of heav’n,
And dearer He grows each day.

He’s dearer each day,
yes, dearer each day;
His light shall illumine my way.
While looking above
I am lost in His love,
And Jesus grows dearer each day.

No longer I mourn
o’er the sins of the past,
No longer in darkness I stray;
For since ev’ry burden
on Jesus I cast,
His love is my trust and stay.


Each moment I cling
to His almighty hand,
While learning to trust and obey.
My sorrows all flee
at the Master’s command;
I sing on my homeward way.


The Saviour will pardon
the penitent’s sin;
His mercy invites thee today.
Oh, come to the Fountain
and wash ev’ry stain,
For why dost thou still delay?


Meaning of The Love Of My Soul Has To Jesus Been Given

The Love of My Soul Has to Jesus Been Given: A Journey of Faith and Trust

In the depths of my heart, there resides a love so pure and enduring that it can only be compared to the radiance of the sun. This love, dear friends, is the love I have for Jesus. It is a love that has grown steadily over time, like a lush garden nurtured by His divine grace. Each passing day, I find myself more captivated by His love, finding solace in His presence and guidance.

As I embark on the upward journey of life, I can’t help but feel a profound happiness coursing through my veins. It is as if Jesus, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, has placed a piece of Heaven within my very soul. This divine gift, this foretaste of eternal bliss, fills me with hope and joy as I navigate the challenges and blessings of each new day.

With every step I take, Jesus, my steadfast companion, illuminates my path. His light guides me through the darkest of times, reminding me that I am never alone. It is in those moments of looking up to Him, of surrendering my worries and fears, that I become enveloped in the warmth of His love. In His mighty embrace, I find peace and comfort, a sanctuary for my weary heart.

Gone are the days of mourning over the mistakes and sins of the past. No longer do I wander aimlessly in the shadows of guilt and despair. For I have discovered the power of Jesus’ love, the transformative force that washes away my transgressions and sets me free. It is through His unconditional love and forgiveness that I am able to find healing and redemption, leaving behind the weight of my past indiscretions.

Every burden that threatens to weigh me down, I cast upon the shoulders of Jesus. In His gentle embrace, He supports me, providing solace and relief. His love becomes my anchor, a steadfast presence in the stormy seas of life. With each burden surrendered, I feel lighter, knowing that Jesus is there to bear my troubles and offer His unwavering support.

At every moment, I hold tight to His almighty hand, trusting in His divine plan. Through trials and triumphs, I am learning the invaluable lesson of trusting and obeying Him completely. It is in this surrender that I find true strength and resilience, my sorrows dissipating like morning mist at the command of their Master. With a heart full of gratitude and a spirit filled with song, I journey homeward, basking in the glory of Jesus’ love.

In the presence of the Savior, there is no sin too great to be forgiven. No matter the mistakes we have made or the regrets that weigh heavily upon our souls, Jesus’ mercy invites us to come as we are. He extends His loving hand, urging us to approach His divine fountain of forgiveness and compassion. It is here, dear friends, that we can wash away every stain, every blemish that tarnishes our spirits. So why do we delay? Why do we hesitate to embrace the all-encompassing love that Jesus so freely offers? Let us cast aside our doubts and fears, and with a repentant heart, approach the Fountain of Salvation.

As I conclude this heartfelt hymn, remember that the love of Jesus is not a distant concept or an abstract idea. It is a love that is within reach, a love that grows dearer with each passing day. Embrace His love, my dear friends, and let it guide you on your own journey of faith and trust. For in the love of Jesus, we find the very essence of our being – a love that offers redemption, hope, and an everlasting home.


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