The New Jerusalem – Hymn Lyric

Discover the wonders of The New Jerusalem: a promise of hope

The New Jerusalem – Hymn Lyric

“The New Jerusalem: A Glorious Promise of Hope and Joy” is a hymn that paints a vivid picture of the incredible future event where Christ arrives on Earth and establishes the New Jerusalem. This hymn invokes wonder and anticipation, inviting us to imagine a world where Christians rejoice in the presence of our Savior. It describes a place of eternal light, flowing crystal-clear water that brings new life, and a tree of abundance where no thirst or hunger exists. The New Jerusalem represents a state of perfect fellowship with God, where all chains of sin are broken and love, joy, and peace reign supreme.


The New Jerusalem – Hymn Lyric

I’ll see the new Jerusalem
when Christ to earth does come. I’ll see Him then,
will hear His voice, all Christians will rejoice.

Of sun and moon there is no sign,
God’s light o’er all will shine. And then,
when He has come with might, it never will be night.

A stream of water, crystal clear,
from His throne will appear. An end to struggle
and all strife, that water brings new life.

The tree of life brings forth its fruits,
on ever growing shoots. With praise and music
in the air, no thirst or hunger there.

And all who served Him, with Him reign,
now free from sin and stain. How fathomless,
dear Lord, the love, come to us from above.

That caught in bondage, fraught with strife,
You bring eternal life! One day, on Your
eternal shore, we’ll praise You evermore.


Meaning of The New Jerusalem

The New Jerusalem: A Glorious Promise of Hope and Joy

Within the verses of this beautiful hymn, we find a vivid depiction of an incredible future event — the arrival of Christ to Earth and the establishment of the New Jerusalem. These words evoke a sense of wonder and anticipation, inviting us to imagine a world where all Christians will rejoice in the presence of our Savior. It is a vision of a place where there are no signs of sun and moon, for God’s light will shine over all creation. In this majestic city, there will be no night, only everlasting day.

As we delve deeper into the hymn, we encounter one of the most captivating images that can be imagined — a crystal-clear stream of water flowing from the throne of Christ. This stream is no ordinary water. It has the power to put an end to struggle and strife, and it brings forth new life. Its purity quenches every thirst and satisfies every hunger, leaving no one in want or need. This living water offers a continuous source of refreshment, nourishing both body and soul.

The hymn also speaks of the tree of life, a symbol of fertility and abundance. This tree bears fruits on ever-growing shoots, showcasing the infinite provision found in the New Jerusalem. One cannot help but marvel at the bountiful harvest that awaits, offering sustenance and sustenance for all eternity. It is a place where hunger and thirst are forever banished, replaced by praise and music that fills the air.

But the promise of the New Jerusalem extends beyond its physical manifestations. It promises a reign alongside Christ for all those who have faithfully served Him. In this eternal kingdom, the chains of sin are broken, and every stain is washed away. The love that emanates from the Lord is described as fathomless, an incomprehensible depth that reaches down to save us from our bondage and strife. It is through this immeasurable love that we receive the gift of eternal life.

Reflecting on these verses, it becomes evident that the New Jerusalem is not merely a physical place, but a state of being. It represents a life of perfect fellowship with God, devoid of pain, suffering, and sin. It is a place where love, joy, and peace reign supreme. And while it may seem difficult to fully grasp such a magnificent promise, we are assured that one day, we will find ourselves on the shores of this eternal city, forever praising our Savior.

The New Jerusalem serves as both a beacon of hope and a reminder of God’s incredible love for His creation. It encourages us to focus on the eternal perspective, keeping our hearts and minds fixed on the promise of a glorious future. It reminds us that, despite the struggles and trials of this present world, there is a day coming when all sorrow will be turned to joy.

So let us treasure these words and allow their meaning to sink deep within our souls. Let us live each day with the hope of the New Jerusalem in our hearts, knowing that we are loved beyond measure and destined for an eternity in the presence of our Savior. May this hymn be a constant reminder of the immense joy and beauty that awaits us, as we eagerly anticipate the day when we will see the new Jerusalem and experience the fullness of God’s everlasting love.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the wonders of The New Jerusalem: a promise of hope, joy, and eternal life. Imagine a city where light never fades, water brings new life, and all hunger and thirst are satisfied. Join the reign of Christ and experience the fathomless love that sets us free. Experience the beauty of The New Jerusalem and God's everlasting love.


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