The Seven Words Spoken by the Lord Jesus on the Cross – Hymn Lyric

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The Seven Words Spoken by the Lord Jesus on the Cross – Hymn Lyric

The hymn we just read beautifully captures the significance of the seven words spoken by Jesus on the cross. These words teach us about forgiveness, love, compassion, and faith. Each word contains a powerful lesson that reminds us of God’s grace and the importance of following His will.


The Seven Words Spoken by the Lord Jesus on the Cross – Hymn Lyric

My heart! the seven words hear now
That Jesus Christ hath spoken,
When on the cross His heart through woe
And murder dire was broken;
Ope now the shrine, And lock them in,
As gifts all price excelling. In bitter grief, They’ll give relief,
‘Neath crosses joy instilling.

His first and chiefest care He made
Who hated Him to cover: God for the wicked men He pray’d,
That He’d their sin look over. “Forgive, forgive,” He said in love,
“Them every one, O Father! Not one doth see What doeth he,
In ignorance ’tis rather!”

How fair it is, let all learn here,
To love their foes who grieve them, And all their faults with hearts sincere
Aye freely to forgive them. He also shows, How grace o’erflows
His heart, how kind His mood is, That e’en his foe, Who’d work Him woe,
Doth in Him find what good is!

Then to His mother doth He speak,
Who stood near him He loveth, And as He can, though voice be weak,
With words of comfort sootheth: “Woman! there see Thy son, for me
Thou shalt by him be guarded. Disciple! see, Let her by thee
As mother be regarded.”

O faithful heart! thou car’st for all
Thine own who truly love Thee, When they in tribulation fall
Thou seest, the sight doth move Thee; A friend in need, In word and deed,
Thou at their side appearest, Dost by Thy grace Find them a place,
Them to good souls endearest.

The third thing that Thy lips have said
Thou spak’st to him beside Thee, When, “Think upon me then,” he pray’d,
“When God Himself shall guide Thee Up to Thy throne, Thy head shall crown
As Lord of earth and heaven:” “To walk with Me To-day shall thee
In Paradise be given.”

O blessèd word! O voice of joy!
Can aught affright us?-never! Let death who seeketh to destroy,
Now disappear for ever! Though he rage sore, What can he more
Than soul and body sever? And meanwhile I Mount up on high,
In joy to dwell for ever.

Christ’s word gives deepest peace and joy,
The robber’s trouble stilleth; But He cries from the agony
His holy breast that filleth, “Eli, my God, What heavy load
Am I, Thy Son, now bearing? I call, and Thou Art silent now,
Though I sink, seem’st not caring.”

This lesson learn, thou child of faith,
When God His count’nance veileth, Lest thou be cast down in the path
When trouble thee assaileths; Firm to Him cleave, Though He may leave,
He’ll comfort soon, and cheer thee; True do thou be, Cry mightily,
Until He turn and hear thee.

The Lord His voice now clear doth raise
Through thirst that paineth sorely; “I thirst,” the Spring eternal says,
The Lord of life and glory. What meaneth He? He showeth thee
How He thy load sinks under, That thou did’st pile For Him, the while
In sin’s ways thou did’st wander.

Thereby He also telleth thee
How much He longs that ever His cross in each may fruitful be,
Fail of its end may never. Mark this all ye, Now carefully,
Who’re in soul tribulation: Th’ eternal Sun Refuseth none
The soul’s part and salvation.

And as the gloomy night of death
Upon the Lord descended, “‘Tis finish’d,” He with dying breath
Said, “now my work is ended; What was foretold In days of old,
By seers who went before me, Doth now betide; I’m crucified,
And men now triumph o’er me.”

“‘Tis finish’d!”-why then toilest thou?
In vain thy labour ever! As if aught human strength can do,
Could e’er from guilt deliver! ‘Tis done! beware, And never dare
To add aught to it ever; Do thou believe, In faith aye cleave
To Him, forsake Him never.

His voice at length the Lord doth raise,
High over all ’tis swelling: “My spirit, Father! to the place
Take where Thou’rt ever dwelling, My soul receive, That now doth leave
This body sorely riven.” And at the word, To the great Lord
Release from pain was given.

Oh! would to God, that I might end
My life as His was ended, My spirit unto God commend
As His was then commended. O Christ, my Lord! May Thy last word
The last be by me spoken; So happily I’ll go to Thee,
When life’s last thread is broken.


Meaning of The Seven Words Spoken by the Lord Jesus on the Cross

The hymn we just read is all about the seven words that Jesus spoke while He was on the cross. These words are important because they teach us so much about love, forgiveness, and grace. Let’s break down each of these words and see what lessons we can learn from them.

The first word that Jesus spoke was a prayer to God, asking Him to forgive the people who were crucifying Him. This teaches us the importance of forgiveness and loving our enemies, even when they treat us badly. Jesus showed us that even in the midst of suffering, we should still have a heart full of love and forgiveness.

The second word was spoken to His mother and one of His disciples, showing us the importance of caring for those we love. Jesus cared for His mother even in His last moments, making sure she would be taken care of. This teaches us to always look out for our loved ones and to show them kindness and compassion.

The third word was spoken to one of the criminals who was being crucified next to Jesus. He promised him a place in Paradise, showing us that it’s never too late to turn to God and receive His grace. This teaches us that no matter what mistakes we’ve made, we can always turn to God and find forgiveness and hope.

The fourth word was a cry of thirst, showing us Jesus’ humanity and the physical pain He was experiencing. This teaches us that it’s okay to show our weaknesses and ask for help when we need it. Jesus was not ashamed to express His needs, and neither should we be.

The fifth word, “It is finished,” shows us that Jesus completed the work that God sent Him to do. This teaches us the importance of finishing what we start and staying faithful to God’s plan for our lives. Jesus set an example for us to follow, reminding us to stay committed and focused on God’s purpose for us.

The sixth word was a cry of agony, expressing the weight of the sins of the world that Jesus was carrying. This teaches us the importance of acknowledging our sins and the price that was paid for our redemption. Jesus took on our sins so that we could be free, reminding us of the depth of God’s love for us.

The seventh word was a surrender of His spirit to God, showing us Jesus’ trust and faith in God’s plan. This teaches us to trust in God’s timing and to surrender ourselves fully to His will. Jesus showed us the ultimate example of faith and obedience, paving the way for us to follow in His footsteps.

As we reflect on these seven words spoken by Jesus on the cross, may we be inspired to love, forgive, trust, and follow Him wholeheartedly. Just as Jesus finished His work on the cross, may we also finish the race set before us, knowing that God’s grace and love will sustain us every step of the way.


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