The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea – Hymn Lyric

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The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea – Hymn Lyric

The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea As the sun sets and darkness begins to envelop the world, this hymn invites us to find solace and strength in the presence of our Lord. It encourages us to seek forgiveness for our wrongdoings and extend forgiveness to others, knowing that God’s mercy and love are always with us. In the peaceful eventide, we can rest secure under God’s wings, finding refuge and blessings for the night and the days to come. Amen.


The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea – Hymn Lyric

The sun declines; o’er land and sea
Creeps on the night;
The twinkling stars come one by one
To shed their light;

With Thee there is no darkness, Lord;
With us abide,
And ‘neath Thy wings we rest secure
This eventide.

Forgive the wrong this day we’ve done,
Or thought, or said;
Each moment with its good or ill
To Thee has fled;

O Father, in Thy mercy great
Will we confide;
Thy benediction now bestow
This eventide.



Meaning of The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea

The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea: Finding Strength and Forgiveness in the Evening

As the sun begins to set, casting its golden hues across the land and sea, we are reminded of the passage of time and the transition from day to night. It is during this twilight hour that we find solace in the twinkling stars that emerge, one by one, to illuminate the darkness.

In this hymn, we are invited to reflect on the presence of our Lord, who is with us even in the darkest of times. Just as the stars bring light to the night sky, so too does God’s presence bring comfort and assurance to our weary souls. With Him by our side, we are able to find peace and rest secure in His loving embrace.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the moments swiftly pass, each with its own share of good and ill. In our human imperfection, we may have unintentionally caused harm through our actions, thoughts, or words. It is in these moments of reflection that we seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

The hymn reminds us that our Heavenly Father is merciful and understanding. He knows our hearts and is ready to forgive us, if only we turn to Him with contrite spirits. The day’s transgressions, both big and small, can be laid before His feet, and through His infinite grace, we can find redemption and release from the burdens we carry.

As we approach the evening, we are reminded of the importance of not only asking for forgiveness but also extending forgiveness to others. Just as we wish to be forgiven for our wrongs, we must also extend that same mercy and understanding to those who have wronged us. It is through forgiveness that we are able to heal relationships and move forward in love and harmony.

In the quiet stillness of the eventide, we find solace in God’s presence. His wings symbolize the shelter and protection He offers us, allowing us to find refuge from the troubles and worries of the world. It is under these wings that we can rest assured, knowing that we are safe and loved unconditionally.

The hymn concludes with a beautiful plea for God’s benediction, a prayer seeking His blessings upon us as we enter into the night. We trust in His mercy and guidance, knowing that His blessings will sustain us through the night and into the dawn of a new day.

In summary, “The Sun Declines Oer Land And Sea” is a hymn that speaks to the human experience of the evening. It reminds us of God’s presence in our lives, even in the darkest of times. It urges us to seek forgiveness, both from God and from others, and to extend that same forgiveness to those who have wronged us. Finally, it encourages us to find peace and rest secure in the embrace of our Heavenly Father, trusting in His mercy and seeking His blessings. As we reflect on these themes, may we find strength, forgiveness, and a deep sense of peace in the evening hours. Amen.


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