The Sun Will Pale Before Him – Hymn Lyric

Experience the breathtaking vision of Christ's second coming in "The Sun Will Pale Before Him" hymn. Find hope

The Sun Will Pale Before Him – Hymn Lyric

“The Sun Will Pale Before Him” is a hymn that beautifully paints a picture of Christ’s second coming. It portrays a future filled with joy and freedom from pain and sorrow. Through its powerful imagery and uplifting message, this hymn reminds us to embrace hope and eagerly await the triumphant return of Jesus Christ.


The Sun Will Pale Before Him – Hymn Lyric

The sun will pale before Him,
The moon forget to shine,
When Christ, with hosts of angels,
Shall come in light divine.

O hail Him King of glory,
Who bringeth joy to men;
O earth, pour out hosannas
When Jesus comes again,
When Jesus comes again.

All grief shall turn to singing,
And pain forever flee,
The strife with sin be over,
And Satan’s captives free. [Refrain]

He’ll wipe all tears of sadness
With His own loving hand,
And take His waiting children
To sweet Immanuel’s land. [Refrain]    

Meaning of The Sun Will Pale Before Him

The Sun Will Pale Before Him: A Glorious Vision of Christ’s Second Coming

In the depths of our souls, there exists a longing for a better world, a world free from pain, sadness, and strife. As we navigate through life’s trials and tribulations, we often find solace in the thought of a future where all our tears will be wiped away, and our hearts will overflow with joy. This beautiful hymn, titled “The Sun Will Pale Before Him,” paints a vibrant picture of this future reality, highlighting the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ.

The lyrics of this hymn remind us that one day, the sun itself will pale in comparison to the radiant light of Christ. Just as the sun fades away at night, unable to withstand the brilliance of dawn, so will it be when Christ descends from heaven surrounded by a multitude of angels. This awe-inspiring image captivates our imagination, filling our hearts with hope and anticipation.

As the refrain exclaims, we are called to hail Him as the King of glory, the one who brings immense joy to humanity. In a world often plagued by sorrow and despair, the promise of Jesus’ return sparks an overwhelming sense of happiness. It’s a reminder that despite our current struggles, a day will come when all grief will transform into songs of praise, and pain will be banished forever.

The hymn continues to paint a vivid picture of this future utopia. It tells us that the strife with sin will be over, and Satan’s captives will finally be set free. The idea of liberation resonates deeply within our souls, as we yearn for release from the clutches of temptation and sin. We long to be free from the burdens that weigh us down, and this vision of redemption fills us with anticipation and hope.

In the tenderest of moments, Jesus, the loving Savior, will wipe away all tears of sadness with His own gentle and compassionate hand. The thought of being comforted by the Lord Himself brings a sense of warmth and reassurance. We can find solace in knowing that our tears are not in vain, and that one day, every tear shed will be replaced by an everlasting joy.

Moreover, this hymn offers us a glimpse into the celestial kingdom awaiting those who have placed their faith in Christ. It speaks of Immanuel’s land, a land where His children will be led, a land of eternal bliss and unimaginable beauty. Just the thought of dwelling in Immanuel’s land fills us with a sense of peace and tranquility. It lifts our spirits and reminds us that our struggles in this world are only temporary, and a glorious eternal destination awaits us.

The imagery evoked throughout this hymn is not only inspiring but also incredibly reassuring. It reminds us that our present circumstances do not define our future, and that a day is coming when Jesus will return to restore all things to their intended perfection. It invites us to embrace the hope and joy that come from knowing that our ultimate destiny lies in the hands of a loving and powerful God.

As we sing the words of this hymn with reverence and anticipation, let us hold onto the promise it conveys. Let us remember that the sun may pale before Him, but our hope in Christ shines brighter than any fleeting earthly light. Let us pour out our hosannas, our heartfelt praises, for the King of glory who brings joy to all humanity. And let us eagerly await the triumphant return of Jesus Christ when He comes again.

In conclusion, “The Sun Will Pale Before Him” is more than just a beautiful hymn. It is a profound reminder of the glorious future that awaits us when Christ returns. It fills our hearts with hope, joy, and anticipation. So let us hold onto this vision and live each day with the knowledge that a brighter tomorrow is coming, where all our pain, sadness, and strife will be transformed into everlasting peace and happiness.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the breathtaking vision of Christ's second coming in The Sun Will Pale Before Him hymn. Find hope, joy, and anticipation for a better future filled with everlasting peace and happiness when Jesus comes again.


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