The Winged Herald Of The Day – Hymn Lyric

Embrace the Light and Rise: The Winged Herald of the Day Invites to Endless Life. Awaken from Slumber

The Winged Herald Of The Day – Hymn Lyric



The Winged Herald Of The Day – Hymn Lyric

The winged herald of the day
proclaims the morn’s approaching ray:
and Christ the Lord our souls excites,
and so to endless life invites.

Take up thy bed, to each he cries,
who sick or wrapped in slumber lies;
and chaste and just and sober stand
and watch: my coming is at hand.

With earnest cry, with tearful care,
call we the Lord to hear our prayer;
while supplication, pure and deep,
forbids each chastened heart to sleep.

Do thou, O Christ, our slumber wake:
do thou the chains of darkness break;
purge thou our former sins away,
and in our souls new light display.

All laud to God the Father be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee;
all glory, as is ever meet,
to God the holy Paraclete.


Meaning of The Winged Herald Of The Day

The Winged Herald Of The Day: Embracing the Light and Inviting Endless Life

In the realm of nature, as the first light of the new day breaks, a melodious herald announces the arrival of dawn. Just like this joyful messenger, Christ the Lord awakens our souls and beckons us towards the promise of eternal life. This hymn reminds us of the profound invitation extended by Christ, urging us to rise from our slumber, both physical and spiritual, and embrace the light that he brings.

“Take up thy bed,” Christ calls out to each one of us. In these simple words, he implores those who are sick or engrossed in the depths of slumber to awaken and arise. It is a summons to shake off the shackles of weariness and to embrace the chaste, just, and sober path that will lead us towards his divine presence. As we hear his voice, it is a gentle reminder that his coming is at hand, and that our readiness to receive him is of utmost importance.

With heartfelt cries and a deep sense of urgency, we call upon the Lord to hear our prayers. We approach him with tears in our eyes, knowing that our supplications should come from a place of pure and genuine emotion. In such moments, our chastened hearts deny us the comfort of sleep, for we recognize the sacredness of this connection with our Creator. We understand that it is through prayer, offered in sincerity and vulnerability, that the transformative power of Christ’s love is fully unleashed within us.

O Christ, the slumber that veils our souls is one that needs to be awakened. With your compassionate touch, you can break the chains of darkness and set us free. We come before you in humility, acknowledging our sins and seeking your forgiveness. In your mercy, purge away our past transgressions, no longer allowing them to hold us captive. Shine your light into the depths of our being, illuminating the path towards righteousness and truth.

All glory and praise be to God the Father, who lovingly created the universe and everything within it. We recognize his sovereign power and infinite wisdom, and we offer our gratitude for his constant care and guidance. Eternal Son, we acclaim you, for you willingly took on human form to redeem us from our sins. Your sacrificial love knows no bounds, and we honor and adore you for the salvation you have brought to mankind. Finally, we acknowledge the Holy Paraclete, God’s divine presence within us, who guides and empowers us on our spiritual journey.

In sharing these words, we hope to embody the essence of this hymn, embracing the light of Christ and inviting others to do the same. The image of the “winged herald of the day” serves as a beautiful metaphor for the transformative power of Christ’s message. Just as the herald joyfully proclaims the new day, Christ invites us to shed the darkness we find ourselves in and discover the radiant light of his love.

As we navigate through life’s challenges, let us remember the importance of awakening from our spiritual slumber and actively pursuing the path that leads us closer to Christ. May we heed his call to rise from our beds of weariness, setting aside laziness and indifference. Let us stand strong in our commitment to be chaste, just, and sober, embracing the virtues that reflect his teachings.

With unwavering faith and a resolute desire to draw nearer to God, may our prayers be heartfelt and sincere. In times of desperation and in moments of joy, let us remember to turn to the Lord, knowing that he hears our cries and responds to our needs. As we pour out our supplications before him, may our hearts be purified, and our connections with the divine strengthened.

As we lift our voices, reaching out to the One who never slumbers nor sleeps, we recognize the power of Christ’s resurrection. Through his sacrifice on the cross, he conquered sin and death, bringing us new life. Let us invite him into our slumbering souls, allowing him to awaken us to a life of purpose, meaning, and endless possibilities.

In conclusion, we give praise and honor to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, represented here as the winged herald, the eternal Son, and the holy Paraclete. We recognize their indivisible unity and their everlasting presence in our lives. Just as the winged herald announces the arrivals of the dawn, may we too become beacons of Christ’s light, spreading his message of love, hope, and redemption to all those who cross our paths.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Embrace the Light and Rise: The Winged Herald of the Day Invites to Endless Life. Awaken from Slumber, Stand Just and Sober. Pour Out Your Heart, Cleanse Your Soul, and Invite Christ's Light to Shine Within You. Praise to the Holy Trinity.


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