Thee Lord My Strength Ill Dearly Love – Hymn Lyric

Experience the unwavering strength and protection of the Lord in this powerful hymn. Trust in God as your fortress and Savior

Thee Lord My Strength Ill Dearly Love – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “Thee Lord My Strength Ill Dearly Love” beautifully captures the unwavering strength and protection that God provides. From being our rock and fortress to delivering us from enemies, God is always there for us. Through imagery of thunder, fire, and mighty acts of deliverance, the hymn reminds us of God’s power and mercy, inspiring us to trust in Him and sing His praises.


Thee Lord My Strength Ill Dearly Love – Hymn Lyric

Thee, Lord, my strength, I’ll dearly love.
The Lord’s my rock, to which I fly;
My fortress strong, where safe I prove;
My Savior from mine enemy:

My God, my powerful aid, from whence
My steady trust securely flows:
My guarding shield, my sure defense,
My tower, above the reach of foes.

Depending on thy wonted grace,
O Lord, my prayer I’ll make to thee;
(Who worthy art of all our praise,)
So, from my foes, I saved shall be.

Amazing sorrows seized my soul,
While death it’s terrors round me spread;
As when impetuous torrents rowl,
Ungodly men made me afraid.

The cords of hell, a dreadful net,
Entangling me encompassed round;
Death’s snares, about me close beset,
And how to escape no way I found.

In my distress, to God my prayer,
With mournful voice, I then proffered;
Who, from his throne, bowed down his ear,
And my request, in mercy, heard.

Second Part

The solid earth then shook with fear,
And dreadful trembling on it seized:
The hills foundations moved were,
And shook, for God was sore displeased.

From his enraged nostrils rose
Thick clouds of smoke; his mouth out-threw
Devouring fire; in midst of those,
Hot thunder bolts around him flew.

He bowed the heavens, and came down,
In solemn pomp marched from his seat;
Darkness, from his imperial throne,
Was spread beneath his royal feet.

He on a fiery cherub rode,
That clave with speed the yielding air;
The winds, obsequious to their God,
Him, swift, on strongest pinions, bear.

His glory, darkness hid from view;
For his pavilion, mists arise;
He, for a covering, round him threw,
His thick clouds from the nether skies.

Before him, brightness he sent out,
His thick clouds, then, in haste retire;
They fell, dissolved, a dismal rout,
In showers of hail, and storms of fire.

The Lord, with roaring thunder’s noise,
From heaven, the enemy struck with dread;
Th’ Almighty spoke with angry voice,
And hail, and fire, the terrors spread.

He cast his arrows from the sky,
Which broke the forces of the foe;
His pointed lightnings swiftly fly,
And soon complete their overthrow.

Then did the floods new channels wear,
The torn world it’s foundations showed;
For, Lord, thy vengeance did appear,
Fierce blasts from thy hot nostrils flowed.

Third Part

From high he sent, he seized on me.
He drew me from the waters great.
From my strong foe he set me free;
Too strong for me, who me did hate.

In my dark day they had o’ercome.
But God sustained me by his might.
Changed my close siege for larger room,
Saved me, in whom he took delight.

The Lord did my clean hands repay;
And recompense my upright heart.
I did not leave thy righteous way;
Nor wickedly from God depart.

His judgments all were in my sight;
None of his laws my soul disdained.
My heart before him was upright;
And from my darling sin refrained.

Therefore the Lord rewarded me
According to my righteousness;
And as he saw my hands were free
From wrong, my griefs did soon redress.

“Kind to the kind thou, Lord, wilt prove;
And just to them that justice love.
The pure thy purity shall see;
To froward just returns shall be.

“Thou wilt the meek afflicted raises;
But haughty looks in dust debase.
The Lord will make my lamp shine bright;
And turn my darkness into light.”

Thus aided, I have broken through,
My numerous foes, an armed host:
Thus, guarded by my God, I flew,
And scaled their walls, their greatest boast.

O God, thy ways are perfect found.
Thy word, O Lord, is thoroughly tried;
Thou, as a shield, wilt them surround,
Whose steadfast hopes on thee abide.

“Whom, save Jehovah then alone,
Shall we, as God, adoring own?
What rock of strength shall us defend,
But God? who is our constant friend.”

‘Tis God that girds me with his might;
And brings to pass my just intent.
Makes my feet swift, as hinds, in flight,
And strong to climb the steep ascent.

My hands he well instructed how
To manage war, with dexterous skill;
My strengthened arm can break the bow,
That’s made of well wrought tempered steel.

Thou gav’st me the protecting shield
Of thy salvation, in my strait;
Thy right-hand still hath me upheld.
Thy gentleness hath made me great.

My straitened steps thou hast enlarged;
My feet ne’er slipped, nor were destroyed.
My foes I hot pursued, o’ercharged,
And turned not till they were destroyed.

I gave them such a total rout,
Their vanquished force no more made head;
They prostrate fell, all round about,
And, slain, beneath my Feet were spread.

For thou hast girded me with strength,
The heat of battle to sustain;
Thou hast subdued my foes at length,
And made them stoop to my just reign.

To me, mine enemy’s necks, he gave,
To stay my haters on the spot.
They cried for help, but none did save;
Yes, to the Lord, who answered not.

Then small as dust, before the wind,
Their mighty numerous troops I beat,
Their corpse, with great contempt designed,
I cast, as mire, in the open street.

Fifth Part

Fierce strifes, and factions, thou hast laid;
And made the rebels own my sway;
O’er neighboring heathen placed me head,
And realms unknown shall me obey.

Soon as they hear, they’ll homage pay:
Strangers submiss shall prostrate lie.
They that resist shall melt away;
And frightened from their coverts fly.

The Lord lives; let my Rock be blessed;
Exalted be my Savior God.
God’s vengeance does my foes arrest,
Subjects whole nations to my rod.

Thou sav’dst me from mine enemies,
Raised me, and wast my sure defense,
From all that up against me rise;
E’en from the man of violence.

Therefore, O Lord, my grateful heart
And voice shall celebrate thy fame:
To heathen lands thy acts impart,
And praises sing unto thy name.

God great deliverance gives his king;
Shows his anointed signal grace;
Which evermore afresh shall spring.
To David and his promised race.


Meaning of Thee Lord My Strength Ill Dearly Love

In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of the unwavering strength and protection that the Lord provides us with. Just like a rock that we can always rely on, God is our fortress and Savior, shielding us from our enemies and dangers. He is our powerful aid, our guarding shield, our sure defense – always there for us, no matter what.

When we feel overwhelmed by sorrows and fears, when death’s terrors surround us, we can turn to God in prayer. He listens to our cries and saves us from our foes. Even in our darkest moments, God’s grace and mercy shine through, bringing us comfort and peace.

The imagery in the hymn paints a vivid picture of God’s power and might. From the trembling earth to the thunder and fire that accompany His presence, we see the awe-inspiring nature of our Creator. He rides on the cherubim, commands the winds, and casts down his enemies with lightning and hail. In times of trouble, we can trust in God’s strength to deliver us from evil.

As the hymn continues, we see the personal relationship between the speaker and God. When the speaker calls out in distress, God answers, rescuing them from the waters of trouble and setting them free from their enemies. God rewards those who remain faithful and upright, shining His light on those who seek justice and mercy.

The speaker sings of breaking through their foes, scaling walls with God’s help, and facing battles with confidence. With God as their shield and strength, they are able to overcome any obstacle. The imagery of climbing mountains, breaking bows, and pursuing enemies highlights the courage and determination that come from trusting in God.

In the end, the speaker praises God for His unfailing protection and deliverance. Nations bow before Him, enemies are defeated, and the speaker’s reign is established. Through it all, God’s faithfulness and power are proclaimed, inspiring others to sing His praises and share His acts of deliverance with the world.

As we reflect on this hymn, let us remember the love and strength that God provides us with each day. Let us trust in His guidance, seek His protection, and praise Him for His mighty deeds. Just as the speaker in the hymn found comfort and victory in God’s presence, may we also find peace and confidence in His everlasting love. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Experience the unwavering strength and protection of the Lord in this powerful hymn. Trust in God as your fortress and Savior, shielding you from enemies. Find comfort and victory in His love.


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