Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless – Hymn Lyric

Discover the hymn "Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless" that expresses gratitude and praise to God. Learn how His mercy can lift us out of distress and fill our hearts with joy. Let's honor and glorify our Lord together.

Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless – Hymn Lyric

“Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless” is a hymn of gratitude and praise that reminds us of God’s power and mercy. It speaks of being lifted out of distress and finding comfort in God’s presence. This hymn urges us to express our thankfulness and devotion to God, recognizing Him as the source of strength and joy in our lives.


Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless – Hymn Lyric

Thee, Lord, my thankful soul would bless,
Thee all my pow’rs adore;
Thy hand has rais’d me from distress,
My foes rejoice no more.

O Lord, my God, oppress’d with grief,
To thee I breath’d my cry;
Thy mercy brought divine relief,
And wip’d my tearful eye.

Thy mercy chas’d the shades of death,
And snatch’d me from the grave;
O may thy praise employ that breath
Which mercy deigns to save.

Come, O ye saints, your voices raise
To God in grateful songs;
And let the mem’ry of his grace,
Inspire your hearts and tongues.

His frown, what mortal can sustain?
But soon his anger dies;
His life-restoring smile again
Returns, and sorrow flies.

Her deepest gloom when sorrow spreads,
And light and hope depart,
His smile celestial morning sheds,
And joy revives the heart.

Beneath thy kind protecting arm
How did my soul rejoice!
And fondly hop’d no future harm
Should ever shock my joys.

Lord,’twas thy favour fix’d my rest;
Thy shining face withdrew,
And troubles fill’d my anxious breast,
And pain’d my soul anew.

Again to thee, O gracious God,
I rais’d my mournful eyes;
To thee I spread my woes abroad,
With supplicating cries.

What glory can my death afford?
In the dark grave confin’d,
Shall senseless dust adore the Lord,
Or call thy truth to mind?

Hear, O my God, in mercy hear,
Attend my plaintive cry;
Be thou, my gracious helper, near,
And bid my sorrows fly.

Again I hear thy voice divine,
New joys exulting bound;
My robes of mourning I resign,
And gladness girds me round.

Then let my utmost glory be
To raise thy honours high;
Nor let my gratitude to thee
In guilty silence die.

To thee, my gracious God, I raise
My thankful heart and tongue;
O be thy goodness and thy praise
My everlasting song.


Meaning of Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless

“Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless”

In life, we often find ourselves facing challenges and difficulties. We may feel overwhelmed and lost, not knowing where to turn for help. But in those moments, we have a source of strength and comfort that never fails us – our Lord and Savior. The hymn, “Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless,” beautifully expresses the gratitude and praise that fills the heart of someone who has been lifted out of distress.

In the first verse, we are reminded of the power and majesty of God. The singer acknowledges their thankfulness and adoration for the Lord, recognizing that it is His hand that has lifted them out of their troubles. It is truly a joyous moment when we realize that our enemies can no longer rejoice over our downfall because God has come to our rescue.

The second verse speaks of a time when the singer was oppressed with grief. In their darkest hour, they cried out to God, and His mercy brought them divine relief. This image of God wiping away the singer’s tearful eyes is a beautiful reminder that God is always ready to comfort and console us in our times of need. When we turn to Him in prayer and seek His mercy, He is always there to provide solace and peace.

The third verse reflects on the power of God’s mercy to chase away the shadows of death. The singer acknowledges that it is God’s mercy that has snatched them from the grip of the grave. The lyrics urge us to use our voices to praise God for His grace and to let the memory of His mercy inspire our hearts and tongues. When we experience the saving power of God, it is only natural for us to share our gratitude and praise with others.

The fourth verse calls upon all the saints to raise their voices in grateful songs to God. It is a reminder that we are not alone in our praise and adoration for the Lord. As part of a community of believers, we can join together in worship and thanksgiving, celebrating the ways in which God has worked in our lives. The lyrics encourage us to let the memory of God’s grace inspire our hearts and tongues, so that we may continually give glory to His name.

The fifth verse highlights the consequences of angering God. While His frown may be unbearable, His anger is not everlasting. The lyrics emphasize that God’s life-restoring smile soon returns, and sorrow gives way to joy. This image reminds us that even in our darkest moments, God’s love and mercy are always there to bring light and hope back into our lives.

The sixth verse speaks of the transformative power of God’s smile. When sorrow spreads its deepest gloom and all hope seems lost, God’s smile shines like celestial morning, bringing revival and joy to our hearts. This image reinforces the idea that God’s presence can dispel darkness and bring new life and hope to even the most desperate situations.

In the seventh verse, the singer reflects upon a time when they rejoiced under the kind protection of God’s arm. They are filled with hope and find solace in the belief that no future harm could ever shake their joy. This speaks to the profound trust and faith that one can have in God’s care and protection. When we place our trust in Him, we can rest assured that He will always be there to shield us from harm.

But the eighth verse takes a different tone. The singer acknowledges that there are times when God’s favor seems absent, and troubles fill their anxious breast. This verse reminds us that even in our walk with God, there may be seasons of hardship and uncertainty. It is during these times that our faith is truly tested, and we must cling to the knowledge that God’s favor will return in His perfect timing.

In the ninth verse, the singer once again turns to God, raising their mournful eyes to Him and spreading their woes before Him. This illustrates the power of prayer and the importance of pouring out our hearts to God. We can approach Him with our deepest sorrows and find comfort in knowing that He hears our cries and is near to help us in our time of need.

The tenth verse raises thought-provoking questions about the purpose and meaning of death. The singer wonders what glory their death can offer if they are confined to the dark grave. Can senseless dust truly adore the Lord or remember His truth? These questions challenge us to consider the brevity of life and the importance of living each day with purpose and gratitude for the gift of existence.

In the eleventh verse, the singer cries out to God, asking Him to listen to their plaintive cry and be their gracious helper. This plea for God’s mercy and assistance is a reminder that we are never alone in our struggles. Even when we feel overwhelmed, we can call upon God, knowing that He is always ready to come to our aid and alleviate our sorrows.

The twelfth verse is a beautiful declaration of the singer’s renewed faith and joy. They hear God’s divine voice once again, and their heart is filled with new and exultant joy. The lyrics depict the singer casting off their robes of mourning, symbolizing a release from grief and an embrace of gladness. This verse reminds us that God’s presence can transform our sorrow into joy and fill us with renewed hope.

The thirteenth verse encourages us to make our utmost glory the raising of God’s honors high. We are urged not to let our gratitude to Him remain silent or unexpressed. When we experience God’s goodness and mercy, it is our responsibility to share it with the world. We are called to be a testament to His faithfulness and to proclaim His praises with all our might.

Finally, the fourteenth verse concludes the hymn with a heartfelt expression of gratitude and devotion to God. The singer raises their thankful heart and tongue to offer praise and thanksgiving. They long for God’s goodness and praise to be their everlasting song. This verse reminds us that our gratitude should not be fleeting or temporary. Instead, it should be a constant part of our lives, woven into the very fabric of our being.

“Thee Lord My Thankful Soul Would Bless” is a hymn that beautifully captures the essence of gratitude and praise. It reminds us of the power of God’s mercy to lift us out of distress and fill our hearts with joy. It speaks to the transformative nature of God’s presence and the importance of expressing our thankfulness and devotion to Him. May its powerful message resonate in our hearts and minds as we continually strive to honor and glorify our Lord.


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