There Are Mansions Full Of Glory – Hymn Lyric

Discover the beauty and joy of heavenly mansions in "There Are Mansions Full Of Glory." Experience a place free from sorrow and care

There Are Mansions Full Of Glory – Hymn Lyric



There Are Mansions Full Of Glory – Hymn Lyric

There are mansions full of glory
Free from sorrow and from care;
And our Saviour’s gone before us
That our home he might prepare.

And we have the precious promise
That when he shall come again,
We shall dwell forever with him,
Far beyond the reach of pain.

It is not a tent or cottage
He has promised shall be ours,
But an everlasting “mansion”
Built among the fadeless flow’rs.

Mansions here are always changing
Ever turning to decay;
But the mansion Christ will give us,
It shall never pass away.

There within those peaceful mansions,
Will be rest for all his own;
And the promise speaks of “many”
Lack of room there will be none.

There’ll be room for little children,
Homeless and unwelcomed here
For the outcast and the aged,
When those mansions shall appear.

When within that home in glory,
Safely housed we’ll fear no harm;
For we then shall be forever
Neath our Father’s mighty arm.

I am glad that Jesus told us
Of that wondrous home so fair,
And I hope with all his loved ones,
I shall safely enter there.


Meaning of There Are Mansions Full Of Glory

There Are Mansions Full Of Glory: A Glimpse into our Heavenly Home

Have you ever wondered what our eternal home in heaven will be like? According to the beautiful hymn “There Are Mansions Full Of Glory,” written by Cenni-McNair, we have been given a glimpse of the incredible place that awaits us beyond this earthly life. In this hymn, the lyrics paint a picture of a heavenly abode filled with peace, beauty, and everlasting joy. Let’s delve deeper into the ideas conveyed in this song and explore the concept of these heavenly mansions.

The hymn speaks of a home that is free from sorrow and care, a place where all our worries and troubles will cease to exist. It reassures us that our Savior, Jesus Christ, has gone ahead of us to prepare this glorious dwelling for us. How comforting it is to know that our future home is not just a temporary shelter but an everlasting mansion, built to stand the test of time.

In this world, everything is transient, constantly changing and decaying. However, the hymn emphasizes that the mansions Christ will give us are eternal, never to fade or crumble away. Can you imagine a home that will never lose its grandeur and beauty? A home where we can find solace and rest for all eternity? It truly is a remarkable promise.

One of the most touching aspects of the hymn is the notion that there will be room for everyone in these heavenly mansions. It assures us that there will be space even for those who have been neglected and marginalized in this earthly life. Little children, the homeless, the outcast, and the aged will all find a loving embrace in our heavenly home. No one will be left behind or left out. It is a place of inclusivity and belonging that surpasses any worldly limitations or prejudices.

The hymn also highlights the security we will experience within these peaceful mansions. It reassures us that once we enter our heavenly abode, we will be protected under our Father’s mighty arm. There will be no fear, no harm, only everlasting love and shelter. It is a powerful image that instills hope and comfort in our hearts.

Reflecting on the words of this hymn, one cannot help but feel immense gratitude towards our Lord Jesus. We are reminded of His promise to prepare a place for us, a place filled with unimaginable beauty and everlasting joy. It is a promise that we eagerly anticipate and hope to fulfill alongside our loved ones.

As we eagerly await our heavenly home, it is essential to live our lives in a way that aligns with the values and teachings of Jesus. We should strive to embody kindness, love, and compassion towards one another, just as Christ exemplified throughout His earthly ministry. By doing so, we not only prepare ourselves for our future dwelling but also contribute to creating a reflection of heaven here on Earth.

In conclusion, the hymn “There Are Mansions Full Of Glory” provides us with a glimpse into our heavenly home. It portrays a place full of everlasting beauty and joy, free from sorrow and care. Its comforting words remind us that Jesus has gone before us to prepare this celestial abode, a promise that instills hope within our hearts. Let us live our lives in a way that aligns with these heavenly values, eagerly anticipating the day when we will safely enter our eternal home alongside our loved ones.


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