Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near – Hymn Lyric

Discover the comfort and joy of having Jesus as a constant friend. Find solace

Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near – Hymn Lyric

Finding Comfort and Joy in the Presence of Jesus: Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near Life can be tough, but we have a constant friend who is always there for us – Jesus. His love and guidance can brighten our darkest days and give us hope. Through the storms of life and even in our final moments, Jesus is our steadfast companion, bringing us comfort and assurance. Let's never forget the immense comfort and joy we can find in the presence of our dear friend, Jesus.


Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near – Hymn Lyric

There's a friend we love who is ever near,
And who guides us on our way;
When our hearts are sad He can make us glad,
And He turns all our nights to day.

O Jesus, our Jesus, Friend ever dear;
We can hear Thy voice and our hearts rejoice,
For we know that our Lord is near.

Thro' the storms may come and the tempests beat,
And their strength we must endure;
We are not afraid, for our Lord has said,
“Fear ye not for thy rest is sure.”


When at last we stand by the Jordan's wave,
And our time to leave has come;
We will say goodbye with a tear-dried eye
And our Saviour will take us home.


Meaning of Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near

Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near: Finding Comfort and Joy in the Presence of Jesus

Life can sometimes be a challenging journey, filled with ups and downs, storms and tempests that threaten to overwhelm us. However, amidst all the hardships and uncertainty, there is one constant that we can always rely on – a friend who is ever near. This friend is none other than Jesus, whose love and guidance can light up even our darkest nights and turn them into days filled with happiness and hope.

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it is easy to forget about the presence of Jesus and the immense comfort that His friendship brings. But when our hearts are heavy and sadness envelops our souls, it is then that we can truly feel His , comforting us like a warm embrace. His love reaches deep within our spirits, soothing our pain and reminding us that we are never alone in our struggles.

When we find ourselves facing storms of life, it is in Jesus that we can find solace and strength. Like a mighty lighthouse guiding ships safely through treacherous waters, He accompanies us through life's tempests, helping us endure and overcome. He assures us in His words, “Fear ye not for thy rest is sure,” reminding us to have faith in Him, for He is our steadfast anchor in times of trouble.

Even as we journey through life, there comes a time when we must face the crossing of the Jordan's wave – a metaphor for our final earthly departure. This can be a daunting moment, filled with sadness and farewells. However, with Jesus by our side, we can face this transition with a tear-dried eye, knowing that He will take us home. Our Savior’s promise of eternal life brings comfort and reassurance that even as we bid goodbye to our earthly existence, a glorious reunion awaits us in His heavenly embrace.

In a world that often feels disconnected and lonely, Jesus is the constant friend who never leaves our side. He speaks to us in words that resonate within our hearts, bringing joy and gladness to our souls. It is through His voice that we find solace, guidance, and hope, no matter the circumstances that surround us. The knowledge of His presence reminds us that we are cherished, loved, and protected.

As we face the challenges and uncertainties of life, it is essential to remember the profound love and friendship of Jesus, our dear friend. His unending grace and compassion bring light to the darkest corners of our hearts, helping us navigate through life with faith, courage, and assurance. No matter what we may encounter along our journey, we can always find comfort and joy in the presence of Jesus – our ever faithful and beloved friend.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the comfort and joy of having Jesus as a constant friend. Find solace, guidance, and hope in the presence of Theres A Friend We Love Who Is Ever Near.


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