Theres A Love That Cannot Fade – Hymn Lyric

Discover the everlasting love of Jesus in "There's a Love That Cannot Fade." Explore the depth

Theres A Love That Cannot Fade – Hymn Lyric

“There’s a Love That Cannot Fade: Exploring the Unconditional Love of Jesus” is a hymn that delves into the unwavering, universal, and eternal love of Jesus. It emphasizes that this love is accessible to all and offers comfort, strength, and a sense of belonging. Ultimately, it reminds us that Jesus’ love is true and worth embracing.


Theres A Love That Cannot Fade – Hymn Lyric

There’s a love that can not fade,
Nor thro’ sunshine nor thro’ shade,
But remains the same tho’ kingdoms rise and fall;
It is given free of cost,
That no soul neede’er be lost;
‘Tis the love of Jesus-’tis the best of all.

His love is always true,
His skies are always blue,
Flow’rs are blooming in His sunshine,
Made for me and you;
His love is always true,
Shining the long days thro’,
Jesus is a friend worth having,
His love is true.

There’s a love that knows no fear,
For the ones His heart holds dear;
And He watches o’er and keeps them in His care;
‘Round them His protecting arm,
Where they’re safe and free from harm;
‘Tis the love that ev’ry one may freely share. [Refrain]

There’s a love that never dies,
And it reaches to the skies;
It will shine forever Heav’n’s unsetting sun;
To us all ’tis given free
Now, and thro’ eternity;
‘Tis the love of Jesus-true and only One. [Refrain]    

Meaning of Theres A Love That Cannot Fade

There’s a Love That Cannot Fade: Exploring the Unconditional Love of Jesus


Love is a universal concept that resonates with people from all walks of life. It is what binds relationships, brings joy, and offers support in times of need. In this hymn, “There’s a Love That Cannot Fade,” we are reminded of a special kind of love that remains steadfast and unwavering. Let’s dive deeper into the lyrics of this beautiful hymn and explore the ideas of love and friendship through the lens of Jesus.

Unwavering Love:

The first verse of the hymn lays the foundation for understanding the nature of this unique love. No matter the circumstances or the changing tides of life, Jesus’ love stays constant. It does not fade away like a fleeting emotion or depend on external factors. This love is depicted as a beacon of hope, shining through the darkest storms and the brightest sunshine. It is a love that knows no boundaries or limitations.

Universal Accessibility:

The second verse emphasizes that Jesus’ love is accessible to all. It doesn’t discriminate or play favorites. Rather, it encompasses each and every individual, offering protection and care to those who seek it. This love acts as a shelter, shielding us from harm and providing a sense of security. It is a love that transcends fear, making us feel accepted and cherished.

Eternal Love:

The final verse explores the eternal nature of Jesus’ love. It is described as a love that reaches to the skies, shining like an unsetting sun. This imagery conveys the magnitude of His love, which stretches beyond our earthly existence. It is a love that continues to shine even after we depart from this world, extending into eternity. This love is not bound by time or limited to a single moment; it is timeless and everlasting.

Implications of Jesus’ Love:

Understanding the depth and breadth of Jesus’ love has profound implications for our lives. It offers solace and comfort in times of difficulty, reminding us that we are never alone. His love serves as a constant source of strength, enabling us to navigate the challenges that come our way. Moreover, it fosters a sense of belonging and community, creating a network of individuals who share in this bond of love.

A Friend Worth Having:

The refrain of the hymn reinforces the notion that Jesus is a friend worth having. His love is true, and through it, we can find peace and joy. He is described as the one whose skies are always blue, offering a sense of tranquility and serenity. Additionally, the hymn emphasizes that Jesus’ love is not just for ourselves but extends to others as well. It is a love that includes and serves all.


In a world often characterized by change and uncertainty, the idea of a love that cannot fade holds immense power and significance. This hymn beautifully captures the essence of Jesus’ love – a love that remains steadfast, accessible, and eternal. It serves as a reminder that we are valued and cherished, regardless of our circumstances. Let us embrace this love, share it with others, and find solace in the friendship of Jesus, for His love is true.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the everlasting love of Jesus in There's a Love That Cannot Fade. Explore the depth, accessibility, and eternal nature of this unwavering love. Embrace a friend worth having with His true love.


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