This New Built Bethel Now Is Done – Hymn Lyric

Visit the newly built Bethel

This New Built Bethel Now Is Done – Hymn Lyric

Welcome to the newly built Bethel, a place dedicated to God where we can pray, sing, and find peace. This Bethel is a beacon of hope where sinners can find redemption and troubled souls can find healing. Let us dedicate this sacred space to God and spread His love and grace to all who enter its doors.


This New Built Bethel Now Is Done – Hymn Lyric

This new built Bethel now is done,
And here we’ve met today,
To dedicate this house to God,
To preach, to sing, to pray.

Here may the pray’r of faith prevail,
Here may the Gospel run;
And every true believer feel,
The bliss of heav’n begun.

May sinners here their sins renounce
And yield their all to God;
From sin and hell redemption find,
By faith in Jesus’ blood.

Within these walls let holy peace,
And love and concord dwell;
Here give the troubled conscience ease,
The wounded spirit heal.

And when before thee we appear,
In our eternal home;
May growing numbers worship here,
And praise Thee in our room.


Meaning of This New Built Bethel Now Is Done

Welcome, friends! Today we gather in this newly built Bethel, a place dedicated to God where we can come together to pray, sing, and listen to the word of God. Just like the hymn says, this Bethel is a place where the power of prayer and the message of the Gospel can shine brightly. It’s a place where believers can feel the joy of heaven right here on earth.

As we stand in this sacred space, let us remember the purpose of this Bethel. It is a place where sinners can come to renounce their sins and surrender their lives to God. It is a place where redemption can be found through faith in Jesus’ blood. It is a place where troubled hearts can find peace, wounded spirits can find healing, and troubled consciences can find ease.

Just imagine the impact this Bethel can have on our community and beyond. As more and more people come through these doors, may they find refuge in the love and harmony that dwells within these walls. May they find encouragement to grow in their faith and to praise God with all their hearts.

Let us remember the vision of this Bethel as a beacon of hope and light in a world that can often feel dark and uncertain. Let us be inspired to spread that hope and light to all those around us, sharing the message of God’s love and grace with everyone we meet.

As we dedicate this Bethel to God, let us pray that it will be a place where all are welcome, where all are loved, and where all can experience the presence of the Almighty. May this Bethel be a place where God’s kingdom is known and felt, where His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

So let us rejoice in this new beginning, in this new chapter for our community and for all who come seeking God’s grace. Let us go forth from this Bethel with joy in our hearts and a renewed commitment to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.

This new built Bethel now is done, but the work of spreading God’s love and grace is just beginning. Let us go forth with faith and courage, knowing that God is with us every step of the way. Let this Bethel be a shining light for all to see, a place where God’s love is felt, and His presence is known. Amen.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Visit the newly built Bethel, a sacred place dedicated to God where prayers are heard, hearts are healed, and souls are redeemed. Experience the power of faith and love in this welcoming community.


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