Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Universal Presence of Love - "Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere" reveals how love fills every aspect of our lives

Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere – Hymn Lyric

“Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere”: Exploring the Universal Presence of Love Love, a concept that resonates deeply with us, is beautifully expressed in the hymn “Thou, Lord, art Love.” From the presence of love everywhere to its embodiment in Jesus Christ, this hymn celebrates the all-encompassing nature of love. Whether in nature, the gospel, or moments of difficulties, God’s love surrounds us, reminding us of its boundless and comforting presence.


Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere – Hymn Lyric

Thou, Lord, art Love; and everywhere
Thy Name is brightly shown,
Beneath, on earth, Thy footstool fair,
Above, in heaven, Thy throne.

Thy word is love; in lines of gold
There mercy prints its trace;
In nature we Thy steps behold,
The gospel shows Thy face.

Thy ways are love; though they transcend
Our feeble range of sight,
They wind, in darkness, to their end
In everlasting light.

Thy thoughts are love; and Jesus is
The living voice they find:
His love lights up the vast abyss
Of the eternal Mind.

Thy chastisements are love; more deep
They stamp the seal Divine,
And by a sweet compulsion keep
Our spirits nearer Thine.

Thy heaven is the abode of Love:
O blessed Lord, that we
May there, when time’s deep shades remove,
Be gathered home to Thee.

There with Thy resting saints to fall
Adoring round Thy throne’
Where all shall love Thee, Lord, and all
Shall in Thy love be one.


Meaning of Thou Lord Art Love And Everywhere

Thou Lord Art Love: Embracing the Universal Presence of Love

Love is a concept that is often discussed and explored in various aspects of our lives. From movies and books to conversations with friends and family, love is a theme that resonates deeply with us. In the hymn “Thou, Lord, art Love,” the idea of love being present everywhere is beautifully expressed. Let us delve deeper into this idea of love and how it manifests in different areas of our lives.

The hymn starts by proclaiming that God is love and that His name shines brightly everywhere. This serves as a powerful reminder that love is not confined to one particular place or person. It is a force that permeates all aspects of our world. Whether we look beneath our feet or up to the heavens above, we can see evidence of God’s love. It is a comforting thought to know that love is not limited or scarce. It is abundant and available to all.

The following verse asserts that God’s word is love. The lines of gold in which His mercy is printed remind us that love is not just an emotion but a guiding principle and a way of life. Love is evident in the intricate details of nature, reflecting God’s handiwork. In the beauty of a flower, the majesty of a mountain, or the serenity of a sunset, we witness the love and care that went into creating our world.

As we turn to the gospel, we are invited to witness the face of love in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus embodies God’s thoughts and emotions. His love illuminates the vast abyss of the eternal Mind, bringing us closer to understanding the divine nature of love. Through His teachings and actions, Jesus exemplifies the limitless and unconditional love that we should strive to emulate in our own lives.

But what about the times when life feels challenging or painful? The hymn acknowledges that even in moments of chastisement or discipline, God’s love is present. Sometimes, it is through adversity that we grow and learn the most. In these moments, God’s love compels us to grow closer to Him, to trust in His plan, and to mature in our faith. It is through the difficulties that we become more intimately connected to His love and find comfort in His presence.

Looking beyond this life, the hymn reminds us that God’s heaven is the ultimate abode of love. It is a place where all are gathered and united in love for Him. The imagery of resting saints falling adoringly around His throne evokes a sense of peace and contentment. In this heavenly realm, love flows freely, and all are one in their love for the Lord. It is a destination that we long for, where we can experience the fullness of God’s love in its purest form.

The hymn concludes with a plea to be gathered home to God’s love when the shadows of time are lifted. It is a desire to be in a place where love reigns supreme, where there is no separation or division. In the embrace of God’s love, we find true fulfillment and belonging.

In conclusion, the hymn “Thou, Lord, art Love” beautifully captures the essence of love in its various forms. From the omnipresence of love in every corner of our world to the embodiment of love in the person of Jesus Christ, this hymn celebrates the universal nature of love. It teaches us that love is not limited, but rather boundless and all-encompassing. In moments of joy or sorrow, God’s love surrounds us. As we strive to reflect His love in our lives, may we be ever aware of the profound truth in the words of this hymn: “Thou, Lord, art Love and everywhere.”


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