Thy Soul O Jesus Hallow Me – Hymn Lyric

Discover the healing and strength found in Jesus' presence with the hymn "Thy Soul O Jesus

Thy Soul O Jesus Hallow Me – Hymn Lyric

“Thy Soul O Jesus, Hallow Me: Finding Healing and Strength in Christ” is a heartfelt hymn expressing a deep longing for sanctification and purification by Jesus. Through powerful imagery and metaphors, it conveys a sense of brokenness and a desire to find solace, healing, and strength in the arms of the Savior. This hymn reminds us of our need for Jesus and the hope and comfort that can be found in His presence.


Thy Soul O Jesus Hallow Me – Hymn Lyric

Thy soul, O Jesus, hallow me,
Thy Spirit steep me all in Thee,
Thy body, pierc’d by ruthless steel,
My wretched soul and body heal.

The water from Thy side that poured,
For me a cleansing bath afford,
And all Thy blood, with life divine,
Revive this weakened heart of mine.

The sweat of death upon Thy face
Deliver me from death’s embrace,
And all Thy Passion, cross, and pain,
With strength my feebleness sustain.

O Christ, turn not away from me,
Receive and hide me all in Thee,
Within Thy holy wounds enclose,
And keep me safe from all my foes.

In death’s dark hour with me abide
And place me, Savior, at Thy side,
Where with Thy saints I shall adore
And praise Thee, Lord, forevermore.


Meaning of Thy Soul O Jesus Hallow Me

Thy Soul O Jesus, Hallow Me: Finding Healing and Strength in Christ

In this beautiful hymn, we find a deep longing and surrender to Jesus Christ. The lyricist expresses a desire to be sanctified and purified by the presence of Jesus in their life. The words paint a picture of someone broken and in need of healing, seeking solace in the arms of their Savior.

The hymn opens with the plea, “Thy soul, O Jesus, hallow me, thy Spirit steep me all in Thee.” Here, the singer acknowledges their need for Jesus to sanctify them, recognizing that true healing and wholeness can only come from Him. They long for their soul to be filled with His presence, understanding that only by being deeply connected to Jesus can they find true peace and restoration.

The following verse speaks of Jesus’ body being pierced by a ruthless steel, referencing His crucifixion. The writer understands that it was through Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice on the cross that their own soul and body can be healed. They plead for the water that poured from His side to serve as a cleansing bath, washing away their sins and impurities. They also ask for the power of Jesus’ blood to bring life to their weakened heart. The imagery here is powerful and poignant, invoking a sense of hope and renewal.

Moving on, the hymn acknowledges the sweat of death upon Jesus’ face and asks to be delivered from death’s embrace. It acknowledges the immense pain and suffering that Jesus experienced during His Passion, but also recognizes that His strength can sustain the singer’s own feebleness. In this verse, we see a faith that seeks comfort and strength in Jesus’ suffering, knowing that He can carry us through our own trials and challenges.

As the hymn progresses, the focus shifts to an intimate plea to Christ. The writer asks Jesus to not turn away but instead receive and hide them in Him. They desire to be enclosed within His holy wounds, finding safety and protection from their enemies. This section demonstrates a deep trust and dependency on Jesus, recognizing that only He can offer the security and refuge needed in a world filled with adversaries.

In the final verse, the hymn takes a turn towards the hope of eternal life. The writer asks Jesus to abide with them in death’s dark hour and to place them at His side. They envision a future of worship and praise alongside other believers in the presence of the Lord. This verse offers a comforting assurance of God’s everlasting love and care, reminding us that even in death, we are not alone.

Overall, “Thy Soul O Jesus, Hallow Me” is a heartfelt expression of faith and surrender. Its words paint a picture of a soul in need, seeking healing and strength from Jesus. It reminds us that true peace and wholeness can only come from being deeply connected to our Savior. Through beautiful imagery and powerful metaphors, the hymn speaks to the unending love and grace of Christ, offering hope and comfort to those who sing it.

In our own lives, we can find inspiration from this hymn. We all have moments of brokenness and weakness, where we long for healing and strength. The words of this hymn remind us that we can find solace in the presence of Jesus, just as the writer did. When we turn to Him in our times of need, He is faithful to receive and heal us. We can trust that He will never turn us away, but will instead welcome us into His embrace.

As we face the challenges and trials of life, let us remember the words of this hymn. Let us seek the hallowing of our souls in Jesus, allowing His Spirit to fully immerse us. Let us find healing and strength in His sacrifice on the cross, knowing that His suffering can sustain us in our own pain. And let us look forward to the day when we will join with the saints, praising and adoring Him forevermore.

In conclusion, “Thy Soul O Jesus, Hallow Me” is a beautiful hymn that speaks to the human condition of brokenness and the hope found in Christ. Its words remind us of our need for Jesus and the healing and strength that He alone can provide. As we ponder on the profound lyrics of this hymn, let us seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus and find comfort and peace in His presence.


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