Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go – Hymn Lyric

Explore the heartfelt hymn "Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go" that captures the emotions of parting from loved ones

Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go,” the author candidly explores the difficulty and emotions that come with saying goodbye to loved ones. The fear of what lies beyond and the comfort found in Jesus’ presence are poignantly expressed. This heartfelt hymn resonates with anyone who has experienced loss and separation.


Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go – Hymn Lyric

‘Tis hard from those we love, to go,
Who weep beside our bed;
Whose tears bedew our burning brow,
Whose arm supports our head:
When fading from the dizzy view,
I sought their forms in vain;
The bitterness of death I knew,
And groan’d to live again.

‘Tis dreadful when th’accuser’s pow’r
Assails the sinking heart,
Recalling ev’ry wasted hour,
And each unworthy part.
Yet, Jesus, in that mortal fray,
Thy blessed comfort stole,
Like sunshine in an autumn day,
Across my darken’d soul.

When soon, or late, this feeble breath
No more to thee can pray,
Support me thro’ the vale of death,
And in the darksome way.
When cloth’d in fleshly weeds again,
I wait thy dread decree;
Judge of the world, remember then
That thou hast died for me.


Meaning of Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go

In the hymn “Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go,” the author poignantly expresses the sorrow and difficulty of parting with loved ones. The emotions of saying goodbye and the fear of what awaits in the afterlife are explored, but ultimately, the comfort and solace found in Jesus’ presence shines through. This heartfelt sentiment resonates with many people who have experienced loss and separation.

When a loved one is by our side, supporting us through thick and thin, it is indeed challenging to imagine a world without them. Their presence brings solace, their tears comfort us, and their arms provide a sense of security. We become accustomed to their familiar faces at our bedside, offering much-needed emotional support and care. Yet, there inevitably comes a time when we must face the cruel reality of mortality. As our health deteriorates and our vision grows hazy, we search for those beloved figures, only to find emptiness and despair.

The experience of nearing death is accentuated by the accusing voice within, reminding us of wasted time and actions that we may view as unworthy. It is an internal struggle, a grappling with the shortcomings of our lives and the ultimate judgement that awaits us. In these moments, the author finds solace in Jesus’ comforting presence. Like sunshine breaking through the clouds on an autumn day, Jesus’ blessed comfort permeates the darkness of the soul, providing reassurance and peace.

Regardless of whether our last moments come swiftly or are prolonged, the hymn pleads for Jesus’ support as we traverse the daunting path of death. When we reach a point where we can no longer offer prayers in our feeble state, we implore Jesus to be our strength and guide. Walking hand in hand with Him, we hope to find solace and strength as we face the unknown.

The hymn also offers a plea for remembrance when the soul is once again clothed in a physical body. It is a somber reflection on the inevitability of judgement and the hope that Jesus, as the Judge of the world, will remember His sacrifice for humanity. This serves as a reminder that even in the face of death, there is hope for redemption and salvation.

“Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go” captures the universal experience of loss and the inevitable journey towards death. It speaks to the emotional struggle of saying goodbye, the inner turmoil of self-reflection, and the hope for divine guidance and mercy. The lyrics resonate with individuals grappling with their mortality, seeking solace, and finding comfort in their faith.

In conclusion, the hymn “Tis Hard From Those We Love To Go” beautifully depicts the bittersweet emotions that come with parting from loved ones. It earnestly expresses the fear and sorrow associated with death, but ultimately finds solace in the presence and comfort of Jesus. Through these heartfelt words, readers are reminded of the universal experience of loss and the hope for redemption in the face of mortality.


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