Tis Not In The Glare Of The Sunlight – Hymn Lyric

Discover the profound message of 'Tis Not In The Glare Of The Sunlight hymn. Find comfort in God's presence

Tis Not In The Glare Of The Sunlight – Hymn Lyric



Tis Not In The Glare Of The Sunlight – Hymn Lyric

‘Tis not in the glare of the sunlight,
‘Tis not in the noonday so fair,
The Comforter seems to be nearest
Diffusing His radiance rare.

More oft in the shadowy even,
Or deep in the stillness of night
His presence doth seem to enfold me
Illuming my soul with its light.

I would not have it all sunshine;
The shadow, too, hath a place,
For oft the gloom and the darkness
But cover God's loving face.

‘Tis not in the midst of life's pleasures,
Nor yet when good fortune doth smile,
My Master's voice come to me clearest
And bids me to tarry awhile.

More often in sad disappointment
When friends and advisers seem few,
The comforting balm of His presence
Baptizeth my spirit anew.

Meaning of Tis Not In The Glare Of The Sunlight

In reflecting on the hymn, ‘Tis Not In The Glare of the Sunlight, one cannot help but feel a deep connection to the lyrical depiction of God's presence. This hymn takes us on a journey through a variety of life's experiences, from joyous highs to heartbreaking lows, always reminding us that God's comforting presence is ever-present.

In the opening verse, the author tells us that it is not always in the obvious brightness of the day—that is, during our happiest and most successful moments—that we feel the presence of the Comforter, or God, the most. Instead, we often feel His presence during our darkest hours—the shadowy evening and the stillness of the night.

Then we are introduced to the refrain. A beautiful assertion that sunshine is not everything. Shadows, moments of darkness, or difficult times also have a place in our lives. These times of gloom and darkness often lead us towards intense experiences of God's love.

The hymn continues to tell us that during life's pleasures and moments of good fortune, we often become engrossed in our happiness and forget to appreciate the . But, more often than not, when faced with sadness or disappointment, or even when we feel isolated with negligible support, the soothing balm of His presence rejuvenates our spirit.

‘Tis Not In The Glare of the Sunlight speaks volumes about how often in our darkest moments, we become acutely aware of God's presence in our lives. To get the reassurance during difficult times that we are not alone and that God is with us even when we don't see the obvious signs of His presence is a comforting thought.

We need to understand the significance behind the shadows and the sunlight. Shadows are cast only when there is sunlight. They exist because of light, and it's that light that defines their shape and intensity. Similarly, life's difficulties and struggles shape us, providing opportunities for us to seek God's support, to pause, and to realize His presence in our lives.

The hymn clearly brings out the notion that through each fluctuation of our life, God's comforting, inspiring and transforming presence remains. While we may often forget Him in our happiest moments, taking His blessings for granted, He never forgets us. Even in the depths of our despair, He is always there to envelop us with His love and guidance.

Caught up in the whirlwind of our daily lives, we sometimes struggle to see or recognise God's workings, especially during great moments of success or happiness. Nevertheless, in our dark times, His presence illuminates our soul just like night's silence intensifies the whisper of a gentle breeze.

The lyrics also remind us of the adage that God speaks to us in the silence of our hearts. In today's fast-paced, technology-driven world, we seldom find time to pause, reflect, and listen to the silence within us. But if we did, we might find clarity and peace we never thought possible. This hymn encourages us to find the balance between the sunlight and the shadows, to recognize the importance of both and to embrace the presence of God in each.

In conclusion, ‘Tis Not In The Glare of the Sunlight, in its rich lyricism and profound message, motivates every heart to search for God not just in life’s highs but also in its lows. This hymn is a gentle reminder that the Comforter is always near, shining His light onto our lives, regardless of where we might find ourselves at any given moment. It invites us to accept and cherish both the sunlight and the darkness, understanding that in both, God's comforting presence dwells.


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