Tis Wisdom Mercy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

Discover the divine trinity of wisdom

Tis Wisdom Mercy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

Embracing the Wisdom, Mercy, and Love Divine: Finding Gratitude and Trust in Life’s Journey The trinity of wisdom, mercy, and love intertwines blessings and burdens, shaping us into our true selves. In moments of unfulfilled prayers, doubts may cloud our hearts, but we must remember our limited perspective. If every wish were granted, it may not alleviate our cares, for hidden dangers could lurk. Instead, let us surrender our will, find solace in acceptance, and trust that the will of heaven is what is best. The divine guides us, molding us through struggles, unanswered prayers, and setbacks, for these are the moments that shape our character and strength. Let us embrace gratitude for the blessings and trials, knowing that greater forces are at play in the intricate dance of life.


Tis Wisdom Mercy Love Divine – Hymn Lyric

‘Tis wisdom, mercy, love divine,
Which mingles blessings with our cares;
And shall our thankless heart repine
That we obtain not all our prayers?

From diffidence our sorrows flow,
Short-sighted mortals, weak and blind,
Bend down their eyes to earth and wo,
And doubt if providence be kind.

Should heaven with every wish comply,
Say, would the grant relieve the care?
Perhaps the good for which we sigh,
Might change its name and prove a snare.

Were once our vain desires subdued,
The will resigned, the heart at rest;
In every scene we should conclude,
The will of heaven is right, is best.


Meaning of Tis Wisdom Mercy Love Divine

‘Tis Wisdom, Mercy, Love Divine: Embracing Gratitude and Trust

In the realm of life’s ups and downs, there exists a divine force—a guiding light that intertwines blessings with our burdens. This trinity of wisdom, mercy, and love weaves a tapestry of intricately designed circumstances, carefully tailored to mold us into the best versions of ourselves. At times, it may be difficult for our hearts to find solace in the face of unfulfilled prayers, yet such moments are vital for our growth.

Within the depths of our timid souls, doubts and sorrows often take root. Like unsteady branches swayed by the winds of uncertainty, we bend our eyes towards the ground, weighed down by the burden of woe. In these moments, we question the kindness of a benevolent providence. But let us not forget that we, as mortal beings, possess an inherently limited perspective—our sight is feeble, our understanding flawed.

Imagine if every wish we harbored within our hearts were granted beyond measure. Would such abundance truly alleviate our cares? Perhaps not. For hidden within the fabric of our deepest desires, potential pitfalls and snares may lie dormant. The good we seek, in its unadulterated manifestation, may unravel and become detrimental to our well-being. In the wisdom of divine providence, restraint and discernment may be deployed to protect us from our own fleeting desires.

The grace and the beauty of life lie not solely within the granting of our vain wishes but in the transformation that occurs when we humbly surrender our will. It is when we cease our desperate struggle against the currents of fate and rest our tired hearts in the embrace of acceptance that true solace is found. In every twist and turn, every joy and sorrow, in the tapestry of existence, we can discover the resolute truth: the will of heaven is right, it is what is best.

Wisdom, mercy, and love divine gently beckon us to let go of our selfish yearnings and open our minds to the grander design at play. Like a master sculptor molding clay, the divine crafts our lives with precision and purpose, chiseling away at our rough edges, confronting us with challenges that build resilience and virtues. It is through the crucible of suffering and unfulfilled desires that we forge the strength to withstand the storms of life and emerge as individuals of unwavering faith.

In the prism of an ever-changing world, our heartfelt prayers, though unfulfilled, do not go unnoticed by the divine. They are seeds, delicately sown with the intention of nurturing growth and resilience within us. As we navigate the labyrinthine path of life, we may stumble and falter, but it is through these struggles that we discover the true measure of our character and strength.

Let us embrace gratitude for all that has been bestowed upon us—both the joys and the sorrows. For even in our darkest moments, a thread of light weaves through the fabric of our existence. Each setback is an opportunity for growth, and every unanswered prayer is a chance for us to learn patience and trust in the divine plan.

As we embark on this journey called life, let us remember that wisdom, mercy, and love divine walk hand in hand with us. They guide us and shape us, molding our destinies with their gentle touch. So, let us turn our gaze away from the limitations of our mortal sight, and instead, fix our eyes upon the eternal wisdom and benevolence that resides within the heart of the universe.

In times of doubt, when our prayers seem unanswered and our hearts heavy with sorrow, may we find solace in the understanding that greater forces are at play, orchestrating a symphony of blessings and trials uniquely tailored for our growth. Let us surrender our will and trust the wisdom, mercy, and love divine, for they know what is truly best for us. Embrace gratitude, for in the intricate dance of life, every step carries us closer to becoming the individuals we are destined to be.


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