To God Let All The Earth Agree – Hymn Lyric

Discover the uplifting hymn "To God Let All The Earth Agree

To God Let All The Earth Agree – Hymn Lyric



To God Let All The Earth Agree – Hymn Lyric

To God, let all the earth agree,
with sacred mirth, in shouts rejoice.

Let all the earth with sacred mirth,
To God, in shouts, agree, rejoice.

With gladness serve the Lord,
And come, with one accord,
Before his presence, and rejoice.

Serve the Lord with gladness,
And come before him in one accord,
With joy in his presence, rejoice.

For this you can’t but own,
Jehovah’s God alone;
He life and breath, to all did give;

For this you can’t but own,
Jehovah’s God alone,
He gave life and breath to all;

His people us he chose,
The flock his folds enclose,
And we on his fat pastures live.

His chosen people, us he chose,
With his folds enclosing the flock,
And on his fat pastures we live.

Enter his gates with joy,
In thanks your hearts employ,
And make his courts resound his fame;

Enter his gates with joy,
Employ your hearts in thanks,
And let his courts resound his fame;

Strike up a grateful song,
From every heart, and tongue,
To bless his great, and holy name.

Strike up a song of gratitude,
To bless his great and holy name,
From every heart and tongue.

Because the Lord is kind,
His mercy, you shall find,
Is everlastingly secure;

Because the Lord is kind,
His mercy is everlastingly secure,
You shall find.

His truth, through ages past,
Has stood unshaken fast,
And shall, through every age, endure.

His truth has stood unshaken fast,
Through ages past and every age,
And shall endure.


Meaning of To God Let All The Earth Agree

To God Let All The Earth Agree: A Joyful Celebration of God’s Love and Faithfulness

In this uplifting hymn, we are reminded of the importance of coming together as one to praise and serve the Lord. As the title suggests, the hymn calls upon all the earth to agree in their expression of sacred joy. It encourages us to raise our voices in cheerful unity and serve the Lord with gladness.

The hymn begins by acknowledging that it is only right and fitting for all the earth to join in this celebration. In a world filled with diversity and differences, it is heartening to think that we can find common ground in our shared faith. No matter our background or circumstances, we can all come together in gratitude and rejoice in the presence of God.

The hymn then turns our attention to the undeniable truth that the Lord is our Creator. It reminds us that it is God who has given us life and breath, and it is through His grace that we exist. By asserting that Jehovah’s God alone provided life and breath to all, the hymn emphasizes the universal nature of God’s love. It is a love that encompasses every single person, regardless of race, nationality, or social standing.

Furthermore, the hymn goes on to describe how God has chosen us as His people. Like a shepherd tending to his flock, God lovingly watches over and protects us. We are the fortunate ones who dwell in His fold and enjoy the abundance of His provisions. This image of the shepherd and the flock conveys a sense of security and belonging. We can rest assured, knowing that we are under the care and guidance of our loving Heavenly Father.

With a spirit of joy and gratitude, we are encouraged to enter God’s gates. This act of entering symbolizes our desire to draw near to Him and to offer our thanks and praise. The hymn implores us to make the courts of the Lord resound with His fame. Our voices, united in a grateful song, become instruments through which we can honor and bless His great and holy name.

We are reminded of God’s kindness and unwavering mercy. The hymn assures us that His mercy is everlasting and secure. We can find comfort and solace in the knowledge that God’s love for us will never cease. His mercy is not dependent on our actions or worthiness but is instead a testament to His unchanging character.

The hymn then points to the enduring truth of God’s faithfulness throughout the ages. It highlights how His truth has stood firm and unshaken through countless generations. This truth is not a fleeting concept but a steadfast foundation upon which we can build our lives. It is a truth that gives us hope and assurance, knowing that God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In conclusion, “To God Let All The Earth Agree” is a beautiful hymn that calls upon us to join in joyful celebration of God’s love and faithfulness. It reminds us of our shared humanity and the universal nature of God’s grace. May it inspire us to come together as one, praising, serving, and rejoicing in the presence of our Heavenly Father.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the uplifting hymn To God Let All The Earth Agree, celebrating unity and praising God's love and faithfulness. Experience the joy of coming together in sacred mirth and serving the Lord with gladness. Rejoice in His kind and everlasting mercy, as we enter His gates and make His courts resound with grateful songs of blessing. Let this hymn remind us of God's unwavering truth and enduring presence throughout the ages. Join the celebration and let all the earth agree in praising our Heavenly Father.


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