To His Service Jesus Calls – Hymn Lyric

Marching forward in faith

To His Service Jesus Calls – Hymn Lyric

To His Service Jesus Calls: Marching Forward in Faith Learn about the call to service that Jesus extends to all believers in this powerful hymn. Discover the importance of actively engaging in the battle against sin and placing our trust in Jesus as our leader. As 7th graders, let us march forward with confidence and perseverance, knowing that victory is within our grasp as we fulfill our purpose to serve Jesus.


To His Service Jesus Calls – Hymn Lyric

To His service Jesus calls us,
And with banners all unfurled,
In His Name we will go forward
Till for Him we win the world.

We will fight each battle bravely,
For the right we’ll take our stand,
Ever forward! Forward!
At our King’s command.

Forward, forward!
This shall our watchword be,
Forward, forward!
Forward we march to victory,
Our Captain leads us,
True then to His command,
Forward, forward go, His faithful band.

There are foes which we must conquer,
If the battle we would win,
Ev’ry one must join the conflict
‘Gainst the mighty host of sin.

While our mighty Captain leads us,
We can never know defeat,
Ever forward, forward,
Never more retreat.


Then go forward valiant soldiers,
Join the ranks and face the foe,
Christ our Captain leads to vict’ry,
You shall conquer as you go.

Never doubt your mighty Leader,
Never falter in the fray,
Ever forward, forward!
You shall win the day.


Meaning of To His Service Jesus Calls

To His Service Jesus Calls: Marching Forward in Faith

In this hymn, we are reminded of the call to service that Jesus extends to all of His followers. The imagery of banners unfurled and a mission to win the world for Him creates a sense of purpose and urgency within us. We are called to go forward, bravely fighting each battle, standing up for what is right, and following our King’s command.

The idea of moving forward is a powerful one, as it signifies progress and growth. But what does it mean to march forward in our faith? How can we apply these words of encouragement to our own lives as 7th graders?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the battles we face in our lives are not physical conflicts with others, but rather internal struggles against the temptations of sin. Just as soldiers must join the conflict against a mighty host, we too must actively engage in the battle against the forces of evil. It is not enough to simply be on the sidelines, observing passively. We must take an active role in standing up for what is right, making choices that align with our values and beliefs.

Our “mighty Captain,” Jesus, is there to lead us in this battle. He is our guide, our source of strength, and our ultimate example. With Him by our side, we can never know defeat. We must trust in His guidance and follow His commandments, knowing that He will never lead us astray. Just as a soldier never doubts their leader, we must place our faith in Jesus and rely on His wisdom and love.

While it may seem intimidating to face the challenges of life head-on, we are encouraged to go forward as valiant soldiers. We are called to join the ranks, facing the foe with confidence and determination. We must remember that Christ is our Captain, and He promises to lead us to victory. There is no room for doubt or fear in our hearts as we march into battle.

One aspect of this hymn that stands out is the repeated emphasis on moving forward. We are urged to never retreat or falter in the face of opposition. This speaks to the idea of perseverance and resilience, qualities that are essential in our Christian journey. There will be times when we stumble or face setbacks, but we must never lose sight of the goal. As long as we keep moving forward, we are making progress.

Victory is the ultimate destination, and it is not a matter of if we will achieve it, but when. Jesus assures us that we shall win the day, and this promise should fill our hearts with hope and motivation. Each step we take, each battle we fight, brings us closer to the victory that awaits us. We are not alone in this journey, for our faithful band of fellow believers is marching alongside us. Together, we can encourage and support one another, united in our mission to serve Jesus.

So, as we reflect on these words and the call to service that Jesus extends to us, let us remember our watchword: Forward, forward! Let this be our anthem as we navigate the challenges of life, determined to live out our faith each day. We may face foes and obstacles along the way, but with Jesus as our Captain, we can be confident that we will overcome. Let us be bold in our actions, strong in our conviction, and unwavering in our commitment to follow Him.

In conclusion, the hymn “To His Service Jesus Calls” serves as a powerful reminder of our call to service and the need to march forward in faith. As 7th graders, we can apply these words to our own lives by actively engaging in the battle against sin, trusting in Jesus as our leader, and moving forward with confidence and perseverance. May we always remember that victory is within our grasp as we fulfill our purpose to serve Jesus.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Marching forward in faith, To His Service Jesus Calls. Join the ranks, face the foe, and follow our Captain to victory. Let us go forward as His faithful band.


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