To Jesus Our Victorious Lord – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful hymn "To Jesus Our Victorious Lord" that celebrates the triumph and love of our Savior

To Jesus Our Victorious Lord – Hymn Lyric

The hymn “To Jesus Our Victorious Lord” beautifully depicts the triumph and love of Jesus Christ and serves as a powerful reminder of the impact he has had on our lives. Filled with gratitude and reverence, this hymn resonates deeply within our souls as we acknowledge Jesus’ sacrifice, his eternal reign, and the ongoing battles we face with his support. Through this hymn, we express our unwavering devotion and gratitude to our victorious Lord, Jesus.


To Jesus Our Victorious Lord – Hymn Lyric

To Jesus, our victorious Lord,
The praises of our lives belong;
Forever be his name ador’d:
Sweet theme of ev’ry thankful song.

Lost in despair, beset with foes,
Undone, and perishing we lay;
His pity melted o’er our woes,
And sav’d the tremb’ling, dying prey.

He fought, he conquer’d tho’ he fell,
While with his last expiring breath,
He triumph’d o’er the pow’rs of hell,
And by his dying vanquish’d death.

Now on his Father’s throne he reigns,
And all the tuneful choir above
Resound in high immortal strains,
The praises of victorious love.

Tho’ still reviving foes arise,
Temptations, sins, and doubts appear,
And pain our hearts, and fill our eyes
with many a groan, and many a tear:

Still shall we fight, and still prevail,
In our almighty leader’s name;
His strength, whene’er our spirits fail,
Shall all our active pow’rs inflame.

Immortal honours wait above,
To crown the dying conqu’ror’s brow;
And endless peace, and joy, and love,
For the short war sustain’d below.

Exalted near their Saviour’s seat,
His saints shall dwell, their dangers o’er,
And cast their crowns beneath his feet,
And love, and wonder, and adore.


Meaning of To Jesus Our Victorious Lord

To Jesus Our Victorious Lord: A Hymn of Praise and Triumph

In times of celebration and thanksgiving, we often find ourselves searching for the perfect words to express our gratitude and admiration. It is during these moments that we turn to hymns, powerful melodies that have the ability to uplift our spirits and connect us to a higher power. One such hymn that encapsulates our awe and reverence is titled “To Jesus Our Victorious Lord.” This hymn beautifully portrays the triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ and the eternal love and salvation that he offers to all who believe.

As we delve into the verses of this hymn, we are reminded of the profound impact that Jesus has had on our lives. In the first verse, we joyfully acknowledge that all praises belong to our victorious Lord. His name is worthy of adoration and serves as a sweet and everlasting theme for our songs of thanksgiving. Our hearts overflow with gratitude for the victorious love that Jesus has bestowed upon us.

Reflecting on the second verse, our hearts are filled with awe as we remember the state we were in before encountering Jesus. Lost in despair and tormented by adversaries, we were helpless and on the brink of spiritual destruction. But Jesus, in his infinite mercy and compassion, came to our rescue. He looked upon our suffering and saved us from the clutches of impending doom. We were once trembling and dying, but through his intervention, we have been given a second chance at life.

The third verse is a poignant reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for our sake. In his battle against the forces of evil, Jesus fought valiantly, and even though he fell, he emerged victorious. With his last breath, he proclaimed triumph over the powers of hell, and in his death, he conquered death itself. Jesus’ sacrificial act of love and redemption has forever changed the course of human history.

Now, as we enter the fourth verse, we are reminded that Jesus reigns on his Father’s throne. He is exalted above all and is worshipped by the heavenly choir. Immortal beings resound in celestial song, forever extolling the praises of his victorious love. This eternal adulation emphasizes the magnitude of Jesus’ triumph, which reverberates in the heavens and echoes across all creation.

While we revel in the victory of Jesus, we are also acutely aware that there are still battles to be fought. The fifth verse speaks to the ongoing struggles we face in our daily lives. Temptations, sins, doubts, and pain may beset us, causing our hearts to be filled with groans and tears. However, we draw strength from the assurance that Jesus is by our side. With his support and guidance, we continue to fight and prevail in his name.

This resilience in the face of adversity is beautifully portrayed in the sixth verse. Our almighty leader, Jesus, empowers us with his strength when our spirits falter. He ignites within us a fire that fuels our determination and propels us forward. With Jesus as our guiding light, we are emboldened to overcome any obstacles that come our way.

The seventh verse paints a picture of the eternal rewards that await those who remain faithful until the end. Immortal honors will crown the conquering hero’s brow, symbolizing the everlasting glory and recognition that Jesus deserves. The war we endure in this earthly realm is but a fleeting moment compared to the endless peace, joy, and love that await us in the heavenly realms.

In the final verse, we are captivated by the imagery of believers dwelling near their Savior’s seat, forever freed from the dangers that once threatened them. We cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet, overwhelmed with love, wonder, and adoration. The realization of Jesus’ victorious love and salvation fills our hearts, and we stand in awe of his undying faithfulness.

“To Jesus Our Victorious Lord” is a hymn that resonates deeply with our souls. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the triumph of Jesus Christ and the profound impact he has had on our lives. As we sing these words, we are reminded of our eternal gratitude and devotion to our loving Savior. May the melodies of this hymn continue to uplift our spirits and draw us closer to our victorious Lord.


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