To Thee All-clement God I Constant Cry – Hymn Lyric

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To Thee All-clement God I Constant Cry – Hymn Lyric



To Thee All-clement God I Constant Cry – Hymn Lyric

To thee, all-clement God, I constant cry;
O hear me, and immediate aid supply:
‘Fore thee in pray’r when thy griev’d servant falls,
And on thy name with hands uplifted calls;

Hear him, as when with incense he adores,
And the pure off’ring on thy altar pours.
By thy dread fear be still my tongue restrain’d,
Guard close my lips, that I not thee offend:

Preserve me steady in the perfect road,
That I with sinners ne’er blaspheme my God;
Never with them in horrid guilt combine,
But in their impious off’rings scorn to join.

Me rather smite the righteous and reprove;
I’ll count it all the kind result of love;
More welcome this, than when in flatt’ring guise,
With soothing speech, deceitful men entice.

When fall the wicked from their high estate,
And mourn their sad vicissitude of fate;
May they reflect, how friendly I advis’d,
The wholesome warnings that they late despis’d.

For me, thro’ terror of impending death,
Hang loose my shatter’d bones, and faint I breathe;
My bones are shatter’d like the tumbling oak,
That mourns it’s honours fall’n, it’s branches broke.

But thou, almighty God, that rul’st on high,
Thou art my hope; I on thy aid rely:
Defend my life from each insidious shhare,
From all the toils my cruel foes prepare:
Let me escape, while I, enraptur’d, see
Those foes destroy’d thro’ their own perfidy.


Meaning of To Thee All-clement God I Constant Cry


In the hymn “To Thee, All-Clement God, I Constantly Cry,” the author expresses their unwavering belief in God’s mercy and love. The hymn serves as a reminder of the power of prayer and the importance of seeking God’s assistance in times of need. This article will explore the themes of trust, repentance, and divine protection depicted in the hymn and explain how they resonate with believers today.

Verse 1: Calling upon God’s Mercy

The first verse of the hymn emphasizes the author’s desperate cry for God’s immediate assistance. They acknowledge God’s role as the listener and responder to their prayers. Like the author, many individuals turn to God when faced with difficult situations, seeking comfort and guidance. Whether it be during times of personal struggles or global crises, we can find solace in knowing that God hears our cries and is ready to aid us.

Verse 2: Guarding Our Tongues and Leading a Righteous Life

In the second verse, the author prays for God’s help in guarding their tongue against offensive words or blasphemous thoughts. This verse promotes the importance of self-control and righteous living. It teaches us to be mindful of our words and actions to ensure that they reflect our devotion to God. In our daily lives, practicing restraint and integrity can positively impact not only our relationship with God but also our relationships with others.

Verse 3: Rejecting Evil Influences

The third verse of the hymn highlights the author’s determination to distance themselves from sinful behavior and to refuse to join in the impious offerings of others. It encourages believers to resist societal pressures and stand firm in their faith. Today, this verse speaks to the challenge of peer pressure and the importance of making choices based on our values and beliefs. By rejecting evil influences, we can maintain our moral compass and uphold our commitment to God.

Verse 4: Accepting Constructive Criticism

In verse four, the author recognizes the value of receiving constructive criticism. They understand that reproach from the righteous is an act of love, helping them grow and avoid detrimental paths. This verse emphasizes the importance of humility and the willingness to accept guidance from others. It teaches us to value the wisdom and insights shared by those who genuinely care about our well-being.

Verse 5: Seeking God’s Protection

The fifth verse of the hymn portrays the author’s vulnerability and plea for God’s protection in the face of impending danger. They liken their situation to shattering bones and describe their desperate need for divine intervention. A modern-day interpretation of this verse can be found in the prayers of individuals facing physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges. It reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles and that God is our ultimate protector.


The hymn “To Thee, All-Clement God, I Constantly Cry” captures essential aspects of the human experience and reflects the core tenets of faith. It encourages believers to seek God’s guidance and mercy, to live a righteous life, and to reject sinful influences. The hymn resonates with individuals facing various challenges, offering comfort and hope through its call for divine protection. By understanding and embracing the messages conveyed in this hymn, believers can find strength, inspiration, and guidance in their journey of faith.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image In this hymn, the author expresses their unwavering belief in God's mercy and love. They seek divine guidance, guard against sinful influences, and plea for God's protection in times of need. This article explores the themes of trust, repentance, and divine protection depicted in the hymn and how they resonate with believers today.


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