To Thee O God I Lift My Soul – Hymn Lyric

To Thee O God I Lift My Soul - A heartfelt plea to the Almighty for guidance

To Thee O God I Lift My Soul – Hymn Lyric

“To Thee, O God, I lift my soul” is a heartfelt hymn that expresses trust, dependence, and a plea for guidance to the Almighty. It reminds us to seek refuge in God’s protection, ask for His wisdom, and remember His grace and mercy. This hymn offers solace and hope in a world where many seek guidance and comfort.


To Thee O God I Lift My Soul – Hymn Lyric

To Thee, O God, I lift my soul;
In Thee my trust repose;
O let me not be put to shame,
Nor triumph let my foes.

Yea, Lord, let none that wait on thee,
Be with disgrace oppressed;
But pour contempt upon them all,
Who causeless have transgressed.

Lord, show thy ways, teach me thy paths;
Into thy truth lead me;
For thou art my salvation’s God;
All day I wait on thee.

Remember, Lord, thy tender grace,
Thy kindness manifold;
And let thy mercies freely flow;
They’ve ever been of old.

Remember not my youthful faults,
From riper crimes me free;
In mercy, for thy goodness sake,
O Lord, remember me.

The Lord is merciful, and just,
Instructs the souls that stray:
He’ll guide the meek in righteous paths,
The humble teach his way.

The dealings of the Lord are all
Exceeding kind, and true;
To such as keep his covenant,
And his commandments do.

Second Part

Forgive my sin, for it is great,
O Lord, for thy name’s sake.
The man that fears the Lord, he’ll teach
The way that he should take.

His soul serene shall dwell at ease;
His seed the earth possess.
His secrets God his saints will teach;
And show his covenant grace.

Mine eyes are ever to the Lord;
My feet from snares he’ll free.
Turn to me, for I’m sore distressed;
Have mercy, Lord, on me.

The troubles of my heart are great;
From all my soul retrieve.
View mine affliction, and my pain;
And all my sins forgive.

Observe my foes; they many are,
And cruelly me hate.
O save my soul, free me from shame;
On thee I hopeful wait.

Sincere, and upright, keep my soul;
I wait thy grace to see.
Redeem thine Israel, mighty God,
From all his troubles free.


Meaning of To Thee O God I Lift My Soul

To Thee, O God, I lift my soul. These words, found in the hymn, express a deep and heartfelt plea to the Almighty. It is a humble acknowledgment of our dependence on God and a recognition of His power and authority. In today’s world, where many seek guidance and comfort, these words resonate, offering solace and hope.

The first verse of the hymn emphasizes the trust we place in God. We turn to Him for protection and seek refuge from those who may wish us harm. It is a reminder that God is our ultimate source of strength and that He has the power to shield us from disgrace and triumph over our enemies.

As the hymn continues, we are reminded to seek God’s guidance and wisdom. We ask Him to show us His ways and teach us His paths. This is a plea for direction and a desire to align ourselves with God’s truth. By doing so, we hope to find salvation and redemption in Him.

In the following verses, the hymn takes a reflective tone. We are urged to remember God’s tender grace and His mercies, which have been shown to us throughout history. It is a call to cherish and appreciate the countless blessings we have been bestowed, acknowledging that they are the result of God’s steadfast love and kindness.

The hymn then invites God to remember us – not in a negative judgmental way, but with mercy and forgiveness. It acknowledges that we are flawed, that we have made mistakes and committed sins. Yet, it is a reminder that God’s goodness and compassion transcend our failings. It is a plea for forgiveness and a desire to continue growing in God’s grace.

The second part of the hymn focuses on the teachings of God. It reminds us that God instructs those who have strayed and guides the meek and humble. This offers comfort to those who feel lost or unsure, assuring them that God is there to provide direction and support.

The hymn also emphasizes the kindness and truthfulness of God’s dealings. It highlights the importance of keeping God’s covenant and obeying His commandments. This serves as a reminder that living a righteous life and following God’s guidance will bring forth blessings and a closer relationship with Him.

In the final verse, the hymn takes a personal turn. It speaks of the individual’s troubles and hardships, appealing to God for mercy and deliverance. It is a plea for God to look upon one’s afflictions, pain, and sins, asking for forgiveness and relief from the burdens that weigh them down.

The hymn concludes by asking God to observe the foes who seek to harm and oppress, and to save the soul from shame. It is a show of faith and trust in God’s power and a reminder of the hope we have in Him.

To Thee, O God, I lift my soul. This hymn encourages us to turn to God with our hopes, fears, and desires. It reminds us of the trust we can place in His guidance and protection. It is a call to remember God’s grace and mercy, and to seek His forgiveness and deliverance. May these words resonate in our hearts and lead us closer to the one who can truly lift our souls.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image To Thee O God I Lift My Soul - A heartfelt plea to the Almighty for guidance, protection, and forgiveness. This hymn offers solace and hope in times of trouble, reminding us of our dependence on God.


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