Truly My Waiting Soul Relies – Hymn Lyric

Find hope and strength in God's salvation. Trust in His unwavering presence and find solace in His love. Rest assured that your waiting soul can rely on Him.

Truly My Waiting Soul Relies – Hymn Lyric

Engaging “Truly My Waiting Soul Relies: Finding Hope and Strength in God’s Salvation” is a comforting hymn that reminds us to rely on God during times of uncertainty. It emphasizes His steadfastness, protection, and unwavering presence in our lives. By trusting in Him and pouring out our hearts before Him, we can find solace, hope, and strength in His unfailing love.


Truly My Waiting Soul Relies – Hymn Lyric

Truly my waiting soul relies
In silence God upon:
Because from him there doth arise
All my salvation.

He only is my rock, and he
Salvation is to me;
And he is my defence that I
Mov’d greatly shall not be.

How long against a man will ye
Plot mischief? you shall fall;
And as a tottering fence you be,
And like a bowing wall.

His excellence yet to suppress
They counsel do impart,
They lies do love, with mouth they bless,
But curse within their heart. Selah.

My soul wait thou on God, and let
My hopes on him abide,
My rock and safety he alone,
My tow’r, I shall not slide.

On God doth my salvation
And glory make abode.
The rock of my munition,
My refuge is in God.

Ye people upon him, O see
You put our trust alway:
Pour out your hearts before him ye;
God is your hopeful stay.

Sure base men’s sons are vanity,
And high men’s sons a lie;
When joyntly they in balance lie;
More light than vanity.

In robb’ry be not vain, nor yet
Trust in oppression;
If wealth increase, yet do not set
Your hearts delight thereon.

Once spoken hath the God of might
This word once and again
I plainly heard, that powerful might
Doth unto God pertain.

Also to thee benignity
O Lord doth appertain:
For even as his work shall be
Thou rendrest man again.


Meaning of Truly My Waiting Soul Relies

Truly My Waiting Soul Relies: Finding Hope and Strength in God’s Salvation

In our journey through life, we often encounter moments of uncertainty, fear, and doubt. We may find ourselves questioning our abilities and searching for something or someone to anchor our souls. In times like these, we can turn to the reassuring words of this hymn as a source of comfort and inspiration.

The first verse reminds us that our waiting soul relies on God. We find solace and peace in the silence of His presence. It is from Him that all our salvation arises. Just like a rock, He is steadfast and immovable, always there to protect and guide us. In His embrace, we need not fear because His defense is unwavering. Regardless of the challenges that arise, we can trust that we will not be moved greatly, for God’s strength is our refuge.

The hymn then poses a question to those who plot mischief against others. It warns them that their plans will ultimately lead to their own downfall. Like a tottering fence or a bowing wall, their deceitful schemes will crumble under the weight of their own actions. It is a reminder that ill intentions and falsehoods will never prevail in the face of righteousness.

Turning inward, the hymn acknowledges the deceit of those who profess love and blessings with their mouths but harbor curses within their hearts. Such people exist in every corner of the world, but we must not be disheartened. Instead, we are encouraged to wait on God. We are reminded to place our hopes in Him alone, for He is our rock and safety. With Him as our firm foundation, we can navigate through life’s challenges without sliding or falling.

The hymn emphasizes the importance of trusting in God, highlighting His role as the source of our salvation and glory. He is the rock of our munition, providing stability and protection in times of trouble. Regardless of the trials we may face, we can take comfort in knowing that our refuge is in God. His unwavering presence is our stronghold and our place of safety.

The hymn invites all people to put their trust in God. No matter who we are or where we come from, we can find hope and solace in Him. It encourages us to pour out our hearts before Him, to lay our burdens and worries at His feet. We are reminded that God is our hopeful stay, a constant source of support and strength.

In this hymn, we also learn about the futility of trusting in worldly things. The sons of base men and high men alike are described as vanity and lies. When placed on the balance scale, they hold no weight compared to the power and steadfastness of God. We are cautioned against putting our trust in robbery or oppression, for these things offer no true fulfillment or lasting happiness. Instead, we are urged to find contentment in the simple joys of life and to focus on what truly matters.

The hymn concludes with a reminder of the power and might of God. His word is spoken once and again, emphasizing His authority and sovereignty. His benevolence is also emphasized, as He restores and renews mankind. Just as His works are a reflection of His goodness, we too are called to embody kindness and compassion in our interactions with others.

In times of uncertainty and doubt, let us remember the words of this hymn and find solace in the assurance that our waiting souls can rely on God. His salvation and strength are unwavering, providing us with a solid foundation to face life’s challenges. Let us trust in Him, pour out our hearts before Him, and find hope and strength in His unfailing love. Truly, our waiting souls can rest in the safety and security of God’s salvation.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Find hope and strength in God's salvation. Trust in His unwavering presence and find solace in His love. Rest assured that your waiting soul can rely on Him.


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