Trusting In Jesus My Savior Divine – Hymn Lyric

Discover the happiness of trusting in Jesus

Trusting In Jesus My Savior Divine – Hymn Lyric

Trusting In Jesus My Savior Divine: Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine brings incredible happiness and blessings to my life. With Him by my side, there is no fear, only peace and a sense of being loved and cared for. As a redeemed child of His, I eagerly await the day when I will see my King in all His glory.


Trusting In Jesus My Savior Divine – Hymn Lyric

Trusting in Jesus, my Saviour divine,
I have the witness that still he is mine;
Great are the blessings he giveth to me:
Oh, I am happy as mortal can be.

I am redeemed, and I know it full well,
Saved by his grace, I with him shall dwell;
I am redeemed, and the child of his love,
Heir to a glorious crown above.

One I was far from my Saviour and King,
Now he has taught me his mercy to sing;
Peace in believing he giveth to me:
Oh, I am happy as mortal can be.


Trusting in Jesus, oh, what should I fear?
Nothing can harm me when he is so near!
Sweet is the promise he giveth to me:
Oh, I am happy as mortal can be.


If while a stranger I journey below
Filled with his fulness such rapture I know,
What will the bliss of eternity be,
When in his beauty the King I shall see?


Meaning of Trusting In Jesus My Savior Divine

Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine, what a wonderful feeling it is to know that He is mine! The blessings He pours into my life are so great, I can’t help but feel incredibly happy. It’s like a joy that fills every part of my being!

You know, sometimes it’s easy to feel distant from our Savior and King, but Jesus has a way of bringing us closer to Him. He teaches us about His mercy and grace, and that alone is reason enough to sing praises to Him. When we believe in Him and trust in His love, He gives us this incredible sense of peace. And let me tell you, that peace is like a warm blanket wrapped around my heart – it just makes me so happy!

What is there to fear when we have Jesus by our side? Nothing! Absolutely nothing can harm us when we know that Jesus is always near, watching over us and protecting us. He promises us so many wonderful things, and that promise alone fills my heart with joy. It’s like a constant reminder that I am loved and cared for by the most amazing Savior.

Even as we journey through this world as strangers, not fully understanding everything, Jesus fills us with His goodness and love. The joy and excitement we experience in His presence here on earth is just a taste of the incredible bliss that awaits us in eternity. Can you even imagine what it will be like to see our King in all His glory? It’s gonna be mind-blowingly incredible!

And that’s why I can confidently say, “I am redeemed!” I am saved by His grace, and I know it deep down in my soul. His love has made me a child of His, and I am already an heir to a glorious crown that’s waiting for me in heaven. It’s like a treasure beyond compare, and it brings me such happiness knowing that I am part of His family.

So, my friends, let’s keep trusting in Jesus, our Savior divine. Let’s hold on to His promises and allow His love to fill our hearts. No matter what struggles or challenges we face, we can have faith that He is always with us, guiding us and bringing us joy. And one day, oh what a day it will be when we see Him face to face!

In conclusion, let’s sing this hymn with all our hearts, proclaiming our faith and our joy in the Lord. Trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine – it’s the most beautiful way to live, and it brings us eternal happiness. Remember, we are redeemed, and we can know that with full confidence. So let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, our Savior, and let His love fill us with joy each and every day.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the happiness of trusting in Jesus, my Savior divine. Experience the blessings and peace He brings. Know that you are redeemed and loved by the amazing Savior. Find eternal happiness in His love.


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