Twixt Jesus And The Chosen Race – Hymn Lyric

Discover the unbreakable bond between Jesus and the chosen ones. Experience the divine grace that connects heaven and earth

Twixt Jesus And The Chosen Race – Hymn Lyric

The bond between Jesus and the chosen ones is a divine bond of grace that cannot be broken. This bond, founded on sovereign grace, stands strong despite any trials or challenges that may arise. We can find assurance and comfort in the knowledge that God Himself has promised His holiness as a guarantee of this unbreakable bond.


Twixt Jesus And The Chosen Race – Hymn Lyric

‘Twixt Jesus and the Chosen Race
Subsists a bond of sov’reign grace,
That hell, with its infernal train,
Shall ne’er dissolve, or rend in twain.

This sacred bond shall never break,
Though earth should to her center shake;
Rest, doubting saint, assured of this,
For God has pledged His holiness.

He swore but once the deed was done;
‘Twas settled by the great Three One;
Christ was appointed to redeem
All that the Father loved in Him.

Hail, sacred union, firm and strong
How great thy grace, how sweet the song,
That rebel worms should ever be
One with incarnate Deity!

One in the tomb, one when He rose,
One when he triumphed o’er His foes
One when in heav’n He took His seat,
While seraphs sung at hell’s defeat.

Blessed by the wisdom and the grace,
Th’ eternal love and faithfulness,
That’s in the gospel scheme revealed,
And is by God the Spirit sealed.


Meaning of Twixt Jesus And The Chosen Race

Twixt Jesus and the Chosen Race: A Divine Bond of Grace

In the realm of spirituality, there exists a bond so powerful, so unbreakable, that not even the depths of hell can unravel it. It is a bond founded on sovereign grace, connecting Jesus and the chosen ones with an everlasting thread. This sacred bond, decreed by God Himself, stands strong despite the tumultuous trials that may shake the very foundations of the earth.

For those who may doubt, who may question the strength of this bond, take solace in the assurance that it shall never break. Rest, doubting saint, for God has solemnly promised His holiness as a guarantee. With His character as unassailable as the heavens themselves, He swore but once, and it was enough. The three divine personas, united as one, settled this covenant with unwavering resolve.

In this symphony of divine love and purpose, we witness Jesus, in His appointed role, redeeming all whom the Father cherishes. Every soul beloved by the Father finds their ultimate restoration and reconciliation through the sacrificial acts of the Son. It is through Jesus’ selfless sacrifice on the cross that we, rebellious and humble worms, are granted the privilege of joining with the incarnate Deity.

This sacred union, firm and unyielding, is a testament to the boundless grace bestowed upon humanity. How marvelous the grace, how sweet the song, that we, unworthy and lost, should forever be united with the all-powerful and compassionate Creator! Such unity transcends human comprehension, astonishing in its depth and significance.

This bond of grace is not limited to a moment in time. It stretches beyond the confines of mortal existence, expanding into eternity. In the tomb, Jesus and the chosen ones were one. United in His suffering and death, redemption was secured, and hope dawned. Rising triumphant, Jesus shattered the chains of sin and death, paving the way for humanity’s redemption. Through His resurrection, the bond remained unbroken, solidifying the everlasting connection between the chosen and their Savior.

Ascending to the heavenly realms, Jesus took His rightful place, seated at the right hand of God. As demons trembled and hell quivered, seraphs erupted into harmonious songs of victory. The defeat of hell, the triumph of light over darkness, marked yet another milestone in this eternal bond. United in heaven, Jesus and the chosen ones find eternal joy and fulfillment, their union and victory celebrated eternally by angelic choirs.

Blessed be the wisdom and grace of the divine, ever-present in the gospel scheme. From its inception, this plan of redemption exudes divine love, faithfulness, and eternal truth. It is a plan that has been revealed to humanity, unlocking the mysteries of salvation and sealing hearts with the Holy Spirit. Such a union, fortified by the Spirit’s presence, leaves an indelible mark on those who embrace it, grounding them in the truth and promises of God.

As the words of this hymn swell within our hearts and echo through our minds, let us embrace the profound significance of the bond between Jesus and the chosen ones. Let us recognize the power and beauty of this bond, which surpasses all earthly understanding. May it inspire us to seek a deeper connection with our Savior and to live out our lives in the shadow of this unbreakable union.

Twixt Jesus and the chosen race, a divine bond of grace prevails. Let us cherish this truth, hold it close to our hearts, and rejoice in the eternal love of our Heavenly Father.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the unbreakable bond between Jesus and the chosen ones. Experience the divine grace that connects heaven and earth, providing assurance amidst life's trials. Embrace the eternal love of God.KEYWORD : divine bond of grace.


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