Unto Thy Temple God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Explore the hymn "Unto Thy Temple God Of Love" and experience the beauty of seeking blessings

Unto Thy Temple God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

In the hymn “Unto Thy Temple God of Love,” we gather with joyful hearts to seek blessings from the divine. In this sacred place, we feel the presence of a warm embrace, washing away our worries and fears. As we kneel with humility, we aspire to be bound to God’s love and let it guide us through life’s challenges.


Unto Thy Temple God Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Unto Thy temple, God of love,
Once more we come with willing feet,
To raise our thoughts this world above,
And Thy paternal blessing meet.

May all Thy purest presence feel,
And silent keep each vain desire;
With humble hearts before Thee kneel,
And unto holier strength aspire.

May all be bound in bonds more true
To Thee, who art our life and light,
That through each path which we pursue,
We still may keep Thy love in sight.

And may we, when the day shall close,
Review its course without a fear;
And, nearer heaven than when it rose,
Feel it is good to have been here.


Meaning of Unto Thy Temple God Of Love

Unto Thy temple, God of love, we gather once again with joyful hearts and willing feet. Like a gentle stream flowing towards its destination, we come to raise our thoughts above the noise of this world and seek Your paternal blessings.

In this sacred place, may we feel Your purest presence, as if a warm embrace soothing our souls. May it wash away all our worries and fears, leaving only stillness in our hearts. Help us to quiet the clamor of our minds and focus solely on You, O God of love.

With humble hearts, we kneel before You, recognizing our own imperfections and weaknesses. Yet, in this moment, we also acknowledge the strength that lies within us. For it is in Your love that we find the power to rise above our doubts and struggles. It is in Your holiness that we aspire to be holier ourselves.

May we be bound to You in bonds more true than any earthly tie. Help us, O God, to cling to You as our life source and our guiding light. As we navigate the winding paths of life, may we never lose sight of Your love. Let it be a compass that constantly points us in the right direction, illuminating our way.

And when the day draws to a close, may we look back on its journey without a single trace of fear. May we remember the moments of joy, the lessons learned, and the strength gained through challenges. For with You by our side, we can face any obstacle, knowing that Your love carries us through.

As we reflect on this day that has passed, may we feel a sense of gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us. Let our hearts be filled with the realization that we have been touched by something greater than ourselves. We have been wrapped in the embrace of Your love, and it is good to have been here.

Unto Your temple, O God of love, we bring our hopes and dreams, our joys and sorrows. We trust that You will hear our prayers and guide us on this journey of life. For in this place of worship, we find solace and strength, knowing that we are never alone.

So, as we conclude this hymn, let us carry the spirit of love and gratitude within us. Let us spread kindness and compassion wherever we go, knowing that Your love dwells in our hearts. With each step we take, may we be reminded of this sacred gathering and the blessings we have received. And may we always find it good to have been here, in Your presence.


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