Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures – Hymn Lyric

Discover the true meaning of earthly pleasures with the hymn "Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures". Shift your focus to heavenly treasures and find lasting fulfillment in Jesus. Prepare for His return with faith and love.

Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures – Hymn Lyric



Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures – Hymn Lyric

Vain are all terrestrial pleasures,
Mixed with dross the purest gold:
Seek we, then, for heavenly treasures,
Treasures never waxing old.

Let our best affections center
On the things around the throne:
There no thief can ever enter;
Moth and rust are there unknown.

Earthly joys no longer please us;
Here would we renounce them all;
Seek our only rest in Jesus,
Him our Lord and Master call.

Faith, our languid spirits cheering,
Points to brighter worlds above;
Bids us look for His appearing;
Bids us triumph in His love.

May our light be always burning,
And our loins be girded round,
Waiting for our Lord’s returning,
Longing for the welcome sound.

Thus the Christian life adorning,
Never need we be afraid,
Should He come at night or morning
Early dawn, or evening shade.


Meaning of Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures

In our busy and often chaotic lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of earthly pleasures. We are bombarded with advertisements and messages telling us that happiness can be found in material possessions, in having the latest gadgets or the trendiest clothes. But as the hymn reminds us, all these terrestrial pleasures are in vain. They may bring temporary satisfaction, but they are like dross, impurities mixed with the purest gold.

Instead of chasing after superficial joys, we are encouraged to seek heavenly treasures – treasures that never fade or lose their value. These are the things that truly matter, the things that bring lasting contentment and fulfillment. And where do we find these heavenly treasures? The hymn tells us to center our best affections on the things around the throne.

What does it mean to center our affections on the things around the throne? It means shifting our focus from the transient things of this world to the eternal things of the spiritual realm. It means making God and His kingdom our top priority, setting our hearts on things above rather than on things below.

In this pursuit of heavenly treasures, we find security and protection. The hymn reminds us that in the celestial realm, no thief can ever enter, and moth and rust are unknown. Unlike the earthly possessions that can be stolen or destroyed, the treasures we gain from seeking God are untouchable and everlasting. They are the only true riches that will never fade away.

As we turn our backs on earthly joys, we choose to renounce them all. It’s not that we can’t enjoy the blessings that come our way, but rather, we recognize that they are not the source of our ultimate satisfaction. Our only rest, true rest, is found in Jesus. He is the one who can truly fulfill our deepest longings and desires. When we make Him our Lord and Master, we surrender control of our lives to Him, trusting that He knows what is best for us.

In our journey of faith, there will be times when our spirits feel weak and weary. But even in those moments, our faith can be a source of encouragement and strength. The hymn tells us that faith cheers our languid spirits, reminding us of the greater hope that lies ahead. It points us to brighter worlds above and urges us to look for the appearing of Jesus.

This anticipation of Christ’s return fills us with joy and empowers us to triumph in His love. The love of Christ is like a beacon of light that guides us through the darkest valleys and gives us the courage to face whatever challenges may come our way. We are called to let our light shine brightly, to let our faith be a testament to the transforming power of God’s love working in and through us.

As we wait for our Lord’s returning, we are encouraged to be prepared and ready. Our loins should be girded, a symbol of being alert and ready to take action. We should live in a way that reflects our longing for the welcome sound of His arrival. This doesn’t mean living in fear or anxiety, but rather living with a sense of expectancy and anticipation of the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Living a Christian life means adorning ourselves with the virtues and characteristics that reflect God’s nature. It means living in a way that honors Him and brings glory to His name. And when we live in this manner, we have no need to be afraid of Christ’s return, whether it be at night or in the morning, in the early dawn or the evening shade. We can rest assured that our faith and our hope in Him will sustain us in every season of life.

So, let us remember the timeless wisdom found in this beautiful hymn. Let us not be entangled in the pursuit of the fleeting pleasures of this world, but instead, let us seek the heavenly treasures that never fade. Let us center our affections on the things around the throne and find our rest in Jesus. May our faith be a source of encouragement and strength, and may we always be prepared and ready for our Lord’s returning. In living a life that adorns the Christian values, we need not fear the uncertainties that lie ahead. Whether Christ comes in the morning or at night, may we always be found faithful, eagerly awaiting the sound that welcomes Him back.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the true meaning of earthly pleasures with the hymn Vain Are All Terrestrial Pleasures. Shift your focus to heavenly treasures and find lasting fulfillment in Jesus. Prepare for His return with faith and love.


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